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(Konoha October 13)

Konoha, the village hidden in the leafs, located in the Fire Country, the biggest of all the elemental nations. Responsible for producing some of the most powerful and famous shinobis in history was having one of its worst days in all its history. That was because today it was been attack by the Kyuubi no Youko, the most powerful of all bijjus(A/N: not sure if thats how you spell it, correct me if im wrong), capable of leveling mountains and splitting oceans with one swipe of its tails.

"HOLD YOUR GROUND!" shouted a random jounin while dodging one of the beat's tails.

"We got to keep it out of Konoha until the Yondaime arrives!" shouted the former sandaime while launching a barrage of shurikens at the beast.

(At the Battlefield)

The Kyuubi keeps its advances until Gamabunta jumps in front of it. "Its the Yondaime!" shouted a jounin, "The Yondaime's here!" shouted a kunoichi, "We're saved!" stated a chunnin.

"Guess this is it."

"You're right, Chief, its time to end this."

"Minato...It was honor fighting along side you."

"Same here, Chief, same here." With that the Yondaime give the toad one of his grins, grabs the crib and jumps down his head. 'Kid, you're the only person I know that would smile at the face of his own death, thats one of the reasons that made you so special.' The Chief then goes and engages the Kyuubi. The Yondaime seen this starts preparing for the sealing.

"Son, I'm sorry for what I am about to do to you..." he then starts going through handsigns,"...I'm sorry that I won't be able to watch you grow..." he trys to hold back the tears that are threating to fall, "...and I'm sorry I'll never be there for you when you need me..." tears now falling freely from his eyes,"...but I always want you to remember that I loved you really much and no matter what I'll always love you and you mean the world to me, son..."

"I don't know if I'll be able to hold it much longer! Minato, if you're going to do anything, you better do it NOW!"

"Farewell, son. I'm sure you'll grow one day to surpass me." he then grins at his son,"make me proud." he ends at a ram seal, "Fuuinjutsu: Shiki Fuujin!"

When those words escaped the Hokage's mouth a blinding light engulphs the battlefield then silents.

When the light started to die down, the only one left standing is the Chief Toad, Gamabunta.

'You did it kid, you defeated the Kyuubi, but at what price?' he then looks directly at the baby, 'I hope I could stay a little longer to see how things turn out, but with my chakra almost depleated, that won't be possible.' with those words said, the Chief dessapiers in a puff of smoke.

(Later at the Hogake's office)

Jiraiya lands in the window behind the Hokage's desk, there he find his sensei Sarutobi sitting behind it with his pipe in his mouth, a crib next to him and a blond baby laying inside it.

"So, is that him?" the white hair sannin askes while glancing at the baby.

"Yes, that's him. That's Minato's son. His final words before he died were, that he wished for his son to be seen as a hero, but seeing as the wound from the Kyuubi attack is still fresh, I highly doubt that. I'm sure that they would use him as a scapegoat to all the sorrow rather that seen him as a hero." declared the old leader.

"As much that I hate to admit it, I think you are right Sarutobi-sensei. Anyway, does he have a name?"

"Minato said his name is Naruto."

"Naruto?" question Jiraiya.

"Hehe, leave it to Minato to name his son after a ramen topping." stated the Sandaime.

"Actually, now that I think about it, his name comes from the main character from the book I wrote before I started the Icha Icha series and it means maelstrom not fishcake. I remember Kushina and Minato mencioned to me once, about using that name for him, never thought they were really going to do it."

Naruto starts crying. Hiruzen got up, so he walks up to the crib, takes Naruto out of it and starts rocking him in his arms. "Its ok, don't cry. Everything will be fine, don't worry." he reassures him in a grandfatherly tone while waving his finger in front of him. Naruto, then stops crying and stares at the elderly man with his big, blue eyes, which were one of the characteristics that most contributed to his father fangirls' club. He then grabs his finger and smiles, which is supposed to be impossible for a baby that young. he then started to giggle the Hiruzen told him. "I'll always take care of you, Naruto." his voice soft and, filled with a warmth like if he was all he had left in the world. then he looks down with a frown.

'I hate to think what the Council would do to him.' not wanting to disrupt what was happening, the old leader decided to keep his toughs to himself.

Without speaking a word, everyone just decided to watch in state of awe the scene desenvolving in front of them. Hoping that, if even for one second, they could forget all the sadness and suffering they just when through.

Then Jiraiya remembered what his student ask of him and handed the sandaime the letters hiruzen looked confused then Jiraiya said "Minato wanted me to give you these and said that these two are from him and kushina he said to give these to him when he's 14 years old and this one is for when if something happens to him you have to read it".

Then the sandaime looks at the third letter then puts it inside his sleeve for safe keepings because he can't turst to leave it in his office because he suspects that if he did someone can use this for their own case but now wasn't the time for that because he has to think about what to do with the village and if he should say anything about naruto's burden or not then came to an anwser that he would but not his parents for fear of assassination attemps from the childs parents enemies he told the two that were there that they were not to speak of what happend on this night to anybody knowing right now of course they wanted to protest but didn't because what he said was true.

now they have to see what happens in the years to come.

(End Chapter)

If you all notice this prolouge is also part of my Asobi Ni Iku Yo/Naruto crossover I figuer I'd use this for all of my story's