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(Chapter 6)

(Meeting and a demon)

When Aki opened the door she saw the Elf Elders standing there "Elders what are you doing here?" she asked opening the door a little more to let them in "we are here because we have heard that you, Alleyne and Nowa brought someone into the village now where is he" one of the elders said demanding to know where the person was. They turn their heads towards the door of Kushina's room and saw Naruto standing there looking at them with a bored look "who are you and what do you want" Naruto ask not wanting to deal with a couple of old geezers.

"we are this village elders boy so you better show us some respect and answer our question" said the head elder "fine hurry up and ask me what you want to know so I can get back to looking after my mother" he said to them in an uninterested tone of voice "our main question would be where are you and your family from" the elder ask "originally we were from this world but do to circumstance we had to leave and set up home in another world for a few centuries we lived there then we were attacked leaving only a hand full of survivors, years later we find ourselves here" Naruto told them and saw their reaction to his story "you expect us to believe that you and your family came from another world" an elder said to him.

Naruto looked at the elder who said that and gave him a blank stare "I could care less about what you think now if you don't mind I would like to get back to looking after my mother and wait for her to wake up, I'll leave after that" he told the elders and went back into the room making the elders mad they turn their attention towards Alleyne and begun to ask her questions.

The eldest elder ask the first question "can he be trusted to stay in our village until his mother wakes up?" still looking towards the bedroom watching to make sure Naruto wasn't listening to their conversation. Alleyne look at the elder and said "maybe I don't know if he can be but I will follow any decision you make elder" bowing to him at the end.

The second Elder then ask his question "what do you know of that dark power I feel deep down in his being that vial aura" Aki answered this question "that power you felt was sealed into him, myself and our little brother when we were born. That power is part of a demon that attacked our homeland but all it's power couldn't be sealed in one child so it was divided into three parts, yin, yang and both mixed in one" she told them walking towards her mom's room.

The third Elder then ask his question before Aki walked into the room "which part was sealed into you and your brothers?" when this was asked Aki stop and answered "yin was sealed into me, yang into Naruto-nii well the remainder of both yin and yang were sealed into Nero our little brother" she told them what she knew from a letter she read that was from her mother before they were transported to this world.

The Elders nods their heads in satisfaction but the last Elder ask his question "can this beast power influence you or your brothers?" earning a few looks of wonder in that question and looked towards Aki wanting to know if she and her family can be trusted in the forest village.

"Aki or Nero can be influence by the Kyuubi because they don't hold the soul of the beast" Naruto answer from the doorway having everyone turn their heads towards them "but that also means they can't use all of its power but only up to three tails I'd say I'll have to ask it later" he told them but when he said he can talk to it Aki, Nowa and the Elders got worried while Alleyne got into a battle stance just to be safe.

Naruto looked at them and chuckled a little "don't worry it can't take over my body unless I use its powers beside the only time I use it is when I really need it" he said. Then before he could say anything else they all heard a moan come from the room he was standing in front of both Aki and Naruto quickly entered the room and saw their mom was stirring bringing a hand up to her face and rub her eyes removing the sleep from the corner of her eyes. Kushina open her eyes and saw she had blurry vision then heard "Kaa-san can you hear me, are you alright" a feminine voice said to her. She looked to her left and saw the same silver haired girl that had red and blond tips on them it took her a few minutes for a name to pass her thoughts "Aki-chan is that you" Kushina said bringing a hand up to her face getting a nod from her "hai Kaa-san it me" Aki said to her mother with tears coming down her face. When Kushina heard that she grabs her daughter and pulled her into a hug and the both of them cried for 10 minutes.

After they were done Aki looked towards Naruto making Kushina look at him and when she saw his face she want wide-eyed "m-Minato-koi" when she said that Naruto raised an eyebrow and said "sorry I'm not Minato Namikaze" Naruto told her when she heard he wasn't Minato another name came to mind "Naruto-kun my son" she quickly grab him as well and pulled both him and Aki into another hug and once again cried for another 5 minutes after she was done crying again she looked around looking for her youngest child "my children where's you little brother? Where's Angelo" she ask wanting to know why her youngest wasn't there with them

They looked at their mother then at each others worried about what to tell her when Kushina saw them look at each other and saw the worrieness in their eyes and became a little scared on what happen they then look at their mother with Aki speaking "Angelo isn't here, he left the village we're in a few months ago" they both looked at her to see what her reaction would be and they saw a little sadness in her eyes "don't worry mom, me and Naruto-nii well find him and bring him back" Aki said with a lot of determination in her voice making their mother look up at them.

Kushina then wrapped her her arms around Naruto's and Aki's neck and pulled them close to her and hug them letting tears run down her cheeks and sob a little. When this happen both Naruto and Aki were stunned at first then Aki hug back also letting a few tears roll down her cheeks happy to be able to hug her mother.

While Naruto stood stun for a few more minutes feeling an unknown emotion bubbling up inside him he smiled and hug back because for the first time in his life he was hugging his mother.

So both he and his sister continued to hug her wanting to enjoy this feeling for a few minutes. 10 minutes later the three calmed down then Aki begun to tell Kushina about her's and Angelo's life since they first came to this world up until now "then I bump into nii-san here as he was fighting a big demon then Angelo showed up and ask nii-san if his name was Naruto then he left with the big armored demon, that was about an hour ago now" she said telling her mother on when she bumped into Naruto then Kushina turn her attention towards her son and saw him deep in thought "penny for your thoughts" Kushina said to her son.

Deep in thought Naruto heard someone talk but didn't heard what the said and look up to see it was his mother asking him something "huh what was that" he ask this got a light chuckle from her "I said what's on your mind Sochi?" she ask again looking at her eldest child "I was just thinking it's going to take some time for me to get use to the idea of having siblings and a mother but I think I can with time" Naruto said as he said that Aki felt a little sad that he said it felt odd having siblings but became happy what he said he'll try to get use to it while Kushina smiled at her eldest child for being understanding about the situation.

Then Kushina wanted to find out what has been happening back in Konoha since she left "so tell me Sochi what has happen in Konoha after I left" she ask.

Naruto then begun to explain on what has happen in Konoha (an: everything is canon I don't want to right it all down) after an hour of explaining on what's been going on in Konoha and when he got to this world and about his journey she then begun staring at Naruto for a few seconds then ask "so tell me Sochi have you found a girlfriend yet" giving him a look that said tell-me-now-or-I'll-hurt-you which made him stiff and nod franticly "so what's the girl's name?" she added wanting more details of her future daughter in-law.

"their names are Kurenai and Samui" he said and when he said two girls name she continued to stare at him at him with narrowed eyes"you have two girlfriends Sochi" she ask in a scary tone of voice getting another frantic nod from the scared blond

"so Sochi who is this woman you were traveling with before" Kushina ask narrowing her eyes at him making him shiver at that look "um huh w-what would y-you like to know kaa-san" he ask her a little nervous at seeing that look "what was her name" she ask.

"her name is Echidna" he said fast wanting to get this conversation over with

"how long did you travel with her" continuing to ask him another question

"we travel for a few hours" he answered still feeling scared

"did anything happen while you were travelling" she ask again this time seeing his cheeks tinge a little red and was looking away trying to find a way out of the room

"in any case you need to get your rest, your body still need to recover it's lost chakra" Naruto said trying to get out of the room keyword trying but Kushina grab his arm stopping him from leaving the room

"oh no you don't" she said jerking him back then they heard a


making everyone in the room to look at what made that sound. What they saw was a little red book when Naruto saw what it was he began to freak out at knowing what it was and once again started to look franticly around the room and saw a window on the other side of the bed then felt her hand let go of his arm. When that happen he reacted fast leap over the bed and out of the window leaving everyone with a confused expression on their face and sweatdrop at him.

Then Kushina grabbed the book and saw what it was the whole room then went very cold and a malice aura filled the room then with a mighty roar "NARUTO UZUMAKI-NAMIKAZE GET YOUR LITTLE ASS BACK HERE NOW" she screamed out jumping off her bed and leap out the same window Naruto jumped out of and begun to chase after her son.

Naruto was able to get a few miles out of the elf village before he felt something chasing after him but he already knew who it was he looked behind him and saw a red blur catching up to him fast. He tried to tap into the fox's chakra keyword once again is tried but didn't have enough time before the red blur appeared in front of him making him stop a branch away from the red shroud.

Watching as it turn he saw his mother standing there with a sweet smile but to him it was a little to sweet and started to sweat "Sochi would you mind telling me why you have an Icha-Icha book in your weapon pouch" Kushina ask in a sweetly tone but it didn't fool Naruto as he felt malice pouring off her in waves making any animal within a 3 mile radius piss/shit itself from the malice or dropped dead.

"well are you going to tell me why you have it" she ask again wanting an answer

"um w-we-well you s-see ummm" was all he could stuttered out before a voice spoke in his head 'blame Jiraiya it'll save your life' the voice said.

What ever the voice was he thanked it and thought of a time where they talked during his training trip "it was Jiraiya he told me if I didn't continue his book series he would stop training me" Naruto said shaking out of fear hoping his mom would believe him then a blast of more malice exploded out of Kushina and another mighty roar

"JIRAIYA HOW DARE YOU TRY AND CORRUPT MY SOCHI WHEN I GET UP THERE I'LL KILL YOU A SECOND TIME" she shouted to the heaven's everyone in the village heard her shouted again and felt petty for this Jiraiya person for having the wrath of a mother on him and went back to their daily lives.

(In Heaven)

We find Jiraiya looking down at the scene sweating at hearing Kushina's threat to kill him "DAMN YOU NARUTO" he shouted down. As he was shouting that a blond spiky haired man came up behind Jiraiya "what are you shouting about sensei?" ask his student getting Jiraiya to turn around and look at him

"Minato your son just sold me out to your wife and now she's going to kill me when she gets up here" he said to his student getting a confused look from the Yondaime Hokage

"what do you mean by that" he ask him wondering what he was talking about

"he just said if he didn't continued writing my stories I would stop training him" he told him getting a blank look from his student

"but you did say that don't forget a part of my soul was within the seal while you were training him" he said to his sensei getting a nervous chuckle from the perverted sage and a sweatdrop from the blond man shaking his head.

(Back with Naruto and Kushina)

We find our hero wrapped in chakra chains that was coming out of Kushina's hand being drag back to the elf village "mom why the hell am I wrapped up like this let me go" Naruto asked her struggling, trying to get out of the chains with no such luck but he has notice that the more he struggled the more the chains tighten

"nope not until you learn your lesson on writing those perverted books, now stop struggling and accept it" she said walking into the village when they got in everyone what looking at him most of them had an amused look on their face while some laughed at him

"mom come on I only wrote it so Jiraiya wouldn't stop training me" he said trying to convince her to release the chains. After a few minutes they came up to Aki's house and went inside Kushina look around and saw there wasn't anybody in the living room then heard a paper rattling in her room confused she begun to walk towards her bedroom dragging Naruto with her.

When they walked in they saw the four ladies three with blushes on their faces while the youngest had a look of confusing on her face.

As Kushina saw what the were reading she shouted "what do you think you four are doing" startling them making Aki drop the book with her blush darkening the same as the blond elf "w-w-we were j-just w-won-wondering why I-it was p-per-perver-ted" Aki stuttered out embarrassed at being caught reading the little red book.

While the two had blushes on their face a different color each 'I can't believe I was caught reading a book like that' Alleyna thought to herself trying to cover her face with her red beret. While Konan had a light blush on her face from liking the book since she likes reading it 'I'll ask him if I can read it later' she thought to herself wanting to get her hands on it. Lastly the young forest guardian with a confuse expression on her face tilting her head to the side 'what was that book about I couldn't understand it' she thought to herself.

Kushina stared at the four women in front of her with narrowed eyes then back at Naruto which to her surprise was free from her chains then look towards the four women again and saw him picking the book up then look back at her "sorry kaa-san but I promised ero-sennin that I would continue writing his books if he died but unlike his it's not mostly smut and at least now it has a plot" Naruto said holding the book out to her "read it if you don't believe me" he added challenging her to read it.

Kushina looked at the book for a few minutes thinking if she should read it or not she then grabs the book and flipped it open to the middle of the book and read it.

When she was done reading the chapter she only had a light blush on her face and looked back at her son with her eyes covered by her lovely red hair leaving Naruto very nervous on what she thought of his book then she raised her head looking at him sternly.

A minute later a big shit eating grin appeared on her face and shouted "my Sochi isn't a pervert Jiraiya never corrupted you hahaha take that you stupid perverted old hermit" happy her son isn't like his godfather and did a little happy dance making everyone in the room sweatdrop.

But then Kushina in middle dance begun to wobble and feel dizzy when everyone saw this both Naruto and Aki reacted fast and caught her before she fell on the ground "what going on? What happen to mom" Aki ask very worried about her mother "nothings wrong she just feeling a little exhausted from using what little chakra we gave her" Naruto told her then look back at the bed "come let's put her back on the bed" getting a nod from his sister carrying her to the bed and laid her down.

After laying her down everyone left the room and went into the living room "so how long well she be asleep for?" Aki ask wanting to know when she can talk to her mom and learn more about her family and about her father "she well need to rest for a few days since she used up most of the chakra we both gave her but she well be back on her feet so don't worry" Naruto said sitting down on one of the couches and closed his eyes to think of a new plan but didn't want to stop here without a supply of Kunai's or Shuriken's.

Then a thought occured to him and bonks himself on the head "ahh how can I be so stupid" he said to himself having everyone in the room looking at him with a confused expression on their faces they saw him stand up bit his right thumb and did a couple of hand signs then slam his right hand down on the table and shouted "Kuchiyose no Jutsu".

When he did that they saw black symbol's appear around his hand and a puff of smoke appeared out of his hand.

When Naruto did the technique he felt that he used up more chakra then he would normally use to summon a toad when the smoke cleared they saw a small orange toad with a small blue vest "Naruto! it's about time you summon one of us what the hell kept you" the small orange toad shouted then notice how big Naruto was and looked at himself seeing how small he was "hey why did you summon me like this?" he shouted again not liking being small "sorry Gamakichi but I summon you like that so you wouldn't break the table" said Naruto rubbing the back of his head with a smile on his face then became serious "Gamakichi I want you to go back and tell Fukasaku that I'm going to summon him here alright" he said getting a nod from his summoning partner "alright" Gamakichi said but didn't go making Naruto tilt his head in confusing then saw Gamakichi held out his hands "well come on where's my sneak" he said doing the give me-give me-give me gesture Naruto then begun going through his his pockets and found a candy bar and tossed it at him.

When Gamakichi grabbed the bar he waved good-bye and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

He then looked up and saw the shock looks of his sister and two elves "oh right I guess you three haven't seen a summoning creature before huh" he said getting nods from them "how were you able to do that nii-san?" Aki ask wondering how he was able to summon a talking toad while Allynne and Nowa were having similar thoughts as well "I was able to do that through the toad summoning contract I signed when I was thirteen" he said remembering his early gennin years and his training trip with Jiraiya "can anyone sign this contract or is there a catch to it" Aki ask making her brother look at her "anyone can sign it but only if the contract holder says it's alright which just happens to be me now since my master died a few months back" Naruto said with a sad expression on his face having the sad memory of when he was told Jiraiya died fighting Nagato.

When Konan heard him say that she herself felt sad that Nagato killed their old sensei and seeing his body sink to the bottom of the lake in Ame while the others felt sad for him about hearing that "he was also our godfather Aki" he told her.

Before she can react to that Naruto felt a tug and did the Kuchiyose no Jutsu and out of the puff of smoke appeared a toad that had many winkles on it's face as well as a smile "Naruto-chan it's about time you summoned us" the old toad said with an old scratchy tone "it's great to see you as well Fuka-ji" Naruto said with a smile on his face as well "and sorry I didn't summon you earlier but I kind of forgot too" scratching the back of his head "that's alright but make sure to summon ma since she's been a little worried about you since you were sent to this world" Fukasaku said then look around.

His eyes landed on Konan and had a bit of an hated gleam in them making her look at the ground and feel guilty about what she done when Naruto saw this he stood up for her "Fuka-ji stop making Konan-chan feel uneasy" Naruto said to the old toad making him turn his attention back to the young sage "but she is a part of the Akatsuki's who are after you" he reason'd making Konan feel more sad "she was a part of them but now she is with me trying to write a wrong both her and Nagato did and is helping me find the answer ero-sennin wanted to know" Naruto said wanting Fukasaku to trust Konan "besides granny Tsunade sent her here to protect me from them if they cross to this world somehow" Naruto added hoping that would cheer up Konan looking her way and saw it did.

As Fukasaku heard Naruto say this he knew Naruto was right but he would still watch her just in case "so what is the reason you have summon me Naruto-chan" the old toad ask still curious of what he wanted "ah yes the reason I summon you here is to ask a favor" Naruto said getting a curious look from the old toad "a favor? sure what's the favor" he ask "the favor is, I was wondering if I can use a few toads to watch over a few places for me" Naruto ask hoping to have the priestess shrine and the Mikado in Hinomoto watched over and protected.

When Fukasaku heard this he only became more curious "why would you want to look over these places for Naruto-chan?" he ask wondering what was going on "the reason for that is because before I left this place the advisors of the Mikado, a country called Hinomoto's ruler are planning something and I feel it's going to be bad so I want to make sure that nothing happens to her, her country and her loyal warriors" Naruto explained his reason for wanting the toads to watch over her and the shrine warrior priestesses.

Fukasaku sat there for a few minutes thinking it over then look up back up at Naruto with a smile on his face "alright I'll have a few toads watch over these places but I need you to summon them from those location alright" he said getting a nod from the young sage "oh before I forget Fukasaku I would like to introduce you to these people" Naruto said gesturing his hand towards the three ladies sitting across from him and Konan.

When Fukasaku turn his attention towards the three and gave them a smile "hello my name is Fukasaku elder of the toad summons" he introduce himself "Nowa's name is Nowa" the cheerful elf said introducing herself to the small old toad shaking his han...fin "my name is Allynne" the blond elf said in a cool voice then he turn his attention toward the last "and what is your name young lady" he ask getting her to look at the toad "my name is Aki Uzumaki-Namikaze Sparda younger sister to Naruto-nii" Aki said introducing herself to him and when she said that Fukasaku gain a look of shock making him turn his head towards Naruto "is this true Naruto-chan" he ask shocked at hearing that getting a nod in return "yes it's true, my mom and two siblings were sent here the same way I was but they came here on the night Kyuubi attack the village by my father" Naruto said explaining how and when his family got there.

"Wait you said two siblings right" he ask wanting to conform what he heard "yeah our little brother went out on his own though from what I was told he's looking for a way to get back home to the leaf village" Naruto told him "a way back to the leaf? Why doesn't he just us the jutsu that got you, Kurenai and Samui here?" he ask confused on why he didn't just use that "the thing is they don't know how to use chakra since they got here and my mom was in a coma up until an hour ago" he told him getting a look of understanding "I see then how about we have a few toads come here as well and teach her how to use chakra" Fukasaku said.

When the elder toad said that Aki attention was put on him then looked towards her brother "yeah I think that's a good idea then after that have her sign the contract alright" Naruto said wanting her to learn how to use her chakra. Fukasaku then turn his attention towards the silver haired girl "so Aki-chan would you like to learn how to use chakra and sign the toad summoning contract just like your big brother and father have?" he ask her.

When she heard her father signed it as well she became shocked and excited "hai I would be honored if I can sign it" she answered in an instant wanting to feel closer to her father then Fukasaku look back at Naruto "I'll summon the toad that well be training Aki on her chakra tomorrow then I'll summon the others that well be looking after the Mikado and her warrior priestesses when I send a few clones there and can you give a toad a few chakra storage seals" Naruto said telling him the plan Fukasaku nod his head and waved good bye leaving in a puff of smoke but not before they heard "be sure to summon Ma next time".

Naruto then look up at Aki and smiled "I'll summon the toad at around 9 in the morning tomorrow alright" he said telling them when to be up by getting a nod in response "alright" Aki said with determination in her eyes and a confidant smile on her face then he look towards the two elves sitting on the couch "if you two want to watch your welcome to join us" he said offering them a chance to see what kind of training they would be doing "I wanna see you train Aki-chan" Nowa shouted happily then Allynne look at her "Nowa you must restrain yourself, you score a 5" she said cooly lecturing her student then look back at Naruto "I'll join as well maybe I might be able to teach something new to my students" she said getting up and going towards the door "me and Nowa will meet you here when you summon the toads" she told him walking out the door with Nowa right behind her waving good bye at them.

Naruto continued looking towards the door a few seconds after they left and only had one thing to say "she likes me" he said with a goofy grin on his face then got bonk on the head making him hiss in pain then look beside him and saw Konan with an innocent smile "what was that for" he ask her still rubbing his head "whatever do you mean Naruto-kun" she said in a low sweet tone. Naruto then look out the window and notice it was getting dark and yawn feeling tired "where well I be sleeping Aki" he ask his little sister wanting to sleep Aki then got up and walked towards the door next to their mothers bedroom "you will be sleeping in Angelo's room for now" she said opening the door for him.

Naruto nod his head stood up and went into the bedroom and sat down on the bed noticing how comfy it was then look towards her with a light smile on his face "thanks...imouto" he said laying down on the bed. When Naruto said that Aki felt really happy about being call imouto and had a small tear roll down "your welcome onii-san" she said closing the door with a smile on her face.

(next morning)

We find our blond friend standing in a small field waiting for his sister and her friends to arrive then he saw them walking out of the bushes and stood before him "alright I'm ready to train on how to use my chakra" Aki said determined.

Naruto nod his head and begun to do the summoning hand signs and slammed his palm on the ground shouting "Kuchiyose no Jutsu" and two puffs of smoke appeared when the smoke cleared they saw another small winkled old toad only this one have female and had purple on the top of it's head and make-up on while the other was a blue dog size toad then there was a loud smack on the side of Naruto's head by a stick "owww what was that for shiima-baa" Naruto said out loud hold his head in pain "that was for making an old toad worry about what has been going on" Shiima said with her arms crossed "now then where is the one who needs training" she ask looking around and saw the three women standing a little off to the side "Aki step forward and introduce yourself to Shiima-baa" Naruto said rubbing the side of his head.

Aki stood in front of the old sage and slightly bowed "my name is Aki Uzumaki-Namikaze Sparda, second child of Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze" she said introducing herself getting a smile on the old sage "it's a pleasure to meet you Aki-chan, my name is Shiima and I'm the other elder summoning toad of Mt. Myo" Shiima said then turn towards the blue toad "Mei-chan you can begin training Aki-chan now" she told the dog size toad getting a nod in response "hai Shiima-sama" the toad said hopping towards the young Sparda decedent "let us begin shall we" said the toad beginning to tell her how to use chakra and showing her examples of how to bring it out.

Shiima then turn her attention back at Naruto and dug into her cloak and pulled out four paper seals "here you go Naruto-chan, here's the chakra storage seals you wanted" she said handing them to him "thanks Shiima-baa now I can get my plans started" Naruto said.

He then begun to push chakra into the seals making Allynne and Nowa look his way and wondered what was going on while Aki was to busy listen to the blue toad to notice "what are you doing" Alleyna ask cooly wondering what he was doing with two pieces of paper in each hand and why he was glowing blue "I'm pushing my chakra into these seals so I can attach them to my clones when I'm done" Naruto said concentrating on his chakra getting a nod from the blond elf.

While Nowa kept looking at his cheeks and saw his whiskers got a little more define then raised her hand and started rubbing his cheeks startling him a little slightly leaning his head back and having Alleyna look at her "Nowa it's not nice to do that without his permission" Allynne said in an annoyed tone "you score 0 points" she added making Nowa feel a little bad "it's no problem it's just a little weird having someone rub my whisker marks" Naruto said not wanting Nowa in trouble.

Then he look back to the chakra seals and notice they were full he put his hand into a familiar cross "kage bunshin no jutsu" he shouted and two clones puff to life and attach one seal to each and handed the other ones "alright the one I attached to you two should be enough for the both of you to get to Hinomoto and you shouldn't pop from just one hit as well...I hope so anyway" Naruto said getting nods from the both of them then pointed to the one on the right "you well go to the capital of Hinomoto and sneak inside to inform the Mikado that I well be watching over her with my toads and her advisers so I can see what they are planning alright" he told that clone getting a smile "hai" it said and disappeared in a swirl of leaves then he pointed to the clone on the left "and I want you to go to the shrine and tell the head priestess about the plan as well and also tell Kurenai-chan and Samui-chan about the situation and if anything happens have the toads reverse summon me" he added telling it getting a nod as well and shunshin away to Hinomoto as well.

Naruto then heard someone approaching to the clearing and turn his head to the right and saw his mother appearing out of the tree line into the field looking around and when Shiima saw Kushina standing there she flipped "Kushina-chan you really are alive I can't believe it" she shouted out loud shocked at seeing Kushina making said woman smile at the old toad "it's good to see you as well Shiima-sama" Kushina said bowing slightly.

She then turn her attention to Naruto "so what are you and Aki-chan doing here Sochi" Kushina ask wondering if she can help "I'm having a toad teach Aki on how to use chakra since when we gave you ours she said she felt odd using it for the first time" Naruto said telling his mother what he was doing "hey mom I'm going to be leaving in a week so I was wondering if you can take care of her training" he added asking her to make sure Aki trained since he wasn't going to be there "how long will you be gone for Sochi" ask Kushina hoping it wouldn't be long "well I need to go to a town called Vosk and look for a blacksmith named Cattleya and ask her if she can make me some Kunai's and Shuriken's" Naruto said telling her what he was doing up till he gets there "until then I want to learn about the elves before I go" he added looking at both Alleyna and Nowa wondering if it would be alright "if you wish to learn about our culture then you will need to ask the elders but I doubt they would tell you our history" Alleyna told him knowing the elders wouldn't tell him about their peoples culture.

"I think I can convince them to tell me in exchange if I can tell them a little about me and people like me" Naruto said wondering if he told the elders about jinchuriki's would they tell him about themselves "what do you mean people like you Naruto-kun" Nowa ask wondering what he was talking about tilting her head to the side "Sochi you mean..." was all Kushina said knowing what he was talking about getting a nod in response this only confused the two elves "Alleyna can you bring me to the elders please" Naruto ask her kindly.

Alleyna look at him and closed her eyes to think after a few minutes she open her eyes and gave him a nod "alright but I highly doubt they will talk to you" she said turning around walking towards the village "follow me" she stated cooly with Naruto following "as you wish babe" he said with a goofy grin plastered on his face making her cheeks turn a light pink but unnoticeable.

As they left Kushina giggled a little hearing her son flirt with the blond elf then turn her attention to her daughter and saw she was trying to tap into her chakra but was failing at it "you need to feel your chakra first before bringing it out" Kushina said telling her daughter what to do while Nowa was still watching them for a few minutes then left to follow her teacher and new friend.

(with Naruto)

Naruto and Alleyna walk into the village looking around he saw all the villagers staring at him some with wonder, some with hate and a few with blushes on their faces as Naruto was looking at them a flashback of when he was a kid with Konoha villagers standing around him glaring at him.

While that thought was passing through his mind Alleyna saw the stares as well then took a glance at Naruto and saw his eyes had a look of reminisce and wondered what he was thinking then he look at her making her turn her head quickly then having enough of the silence he decided to start up a conversation "so huh Allyenna what do you do here?" wanting to know what she does in the village.

After a few minutes of silence she turn her attention to him and answered "I am a combat master, I train the warriors in this forest how to fight and defend themselves" with a hint of pride in her voice as well as a small smile on her face which made Naruto realize how beautiful she looks when she smiles and decided to tease her about it "so you can smile" he said with his foxy grin.

When she heard him say that her smile disappeared instantly leaving only a blush on her face then stared at him with narrowed eyes "and what does that suppose to mean" asking him in an annoyed tone "I mean you look beautiful when you smile! I'm not sure if anyone ever told you that" Naruto said continuing walking.

As he said that Alleyna stop in her tracks when he said she was beautiful it made her feel an emotion she never felt before because no man in her village never had the courage to say that to her cause of the fact she was the most fearful woman in the forest she then only had one thing to say to that "for a human you interest me" she said making him stop and walk past him leaving Naruto with only one thought 'damn it she won' watching her walk a steps ahead of him then his eyes wondered down to take a glance at her nicely shape rear as he stared he saw she was lightly swaying her hips then continued walking catching up to her.

They got to the elders treehouse a few minutes later and climb a series of stairs when they got to the top they saw the elders standing a few feet away from them waiting for them by the looks of it "Alleyna why have you brought this human here?" the first elder ask staring at the blond with a bit of hate along with a few other elders "he has ask me to bring him here so he can learn of our people and why there is a hatred for humans" Alleyna answered the elder getting a few shock looks from them "and why should we tell him of our history" ask another elder getting a few others to agree with him "because I'm curious about the elves of this forest but I wouldn't have ask if I didn't have something to trade for that information" Naruto said to them getting a few looks of interest about what he would trade for learning their history "oh and what would you give to learn of our history" one of them ask.

Naruto closed his eyes to think of what he can trade a few minutes later he open his eyes looking at the elders and said "how about I tell you the history of my homeland and a story" as the elders heard this they turn and talked amounts themselves discussing rather or not to accept this deal they then turn their attention towards Alleyna "can we trust him with our history Combat Master Alleyna?" they ask her.

She closed her eyes for a few seconds thinking back to yesterday she felt they can trust him but only to a point since they still don't know much about him "I believe he can be trusted with a little bit of our history" she said telling them of what she thinks of the blond and that made their decision and turn to the blond Sparda "alright we will tell you of our history as long as you tell us yours and that story" they said walking into the tree building with Alleyna following close behind "thanks Alleyna-chan" Naruto called out making her stop dead in her tracks turning her head slightly towards him then continued to walk inside "your welcome" was all she said to him before disappearing inside with Naruto following inside as well and saw the elders standing at their podiums with Alleyna standing in front of the elders waiting for him to stand in front of the elders.

(a few hours later)

We see our hero walking out of the elders chamber's after hearing their history he now understands why most of the elves in the forest gave him hated glares or look like they were afraid of him. It reminded him of his childhood being a jinchuriki it was the same for the elven people as humans hated them and treated them the same as him.

So they choose to live in the forest isolating themselves from the rest of the world living only in the forest then he notice someone walking up to him and stood next to him making him turn to see it was Alleyna standing behind him "you know, you remind me of my sensei Iruka" Naruto said peeking her interest.

"what was this Iruka person like" she ask wondering who this person was.

"Iruka-sensei was the first one to see me as a person and not a demon like the villagers of my home did, he was like a big brother to me" Naruto told her looking up at the afternoon sky.

As they were standing there a wind blow past them as it hit them Naruto felt something wrong 'something's not right I smell taint in the air' Naruto thought to himself then glance at Alleyna and saw she felt the the shift in the wind "you felt it as well huh" getting a nod from the blond haired woman.

Naruto looked around trying to scenes where the aura was coming from then looked up and saw a rift in the sky "what the hell is that" he said aloud getting Alleyna to look up and saw what he was talking about after a few minutes of staring at it they saw something shooting out of it and landed in front of the tree they were in showing it was a human size demon.

The demon had greyish blue skin, horns spiked up on top of it's head, claws on it's hands and feet and it had full black eyes.

The demon looked around then up staring at Naruto straight in the eyes "SPAR...DA" it said then jumped high in the air landing a few feet to his right making Naruto summoned Yamato into his hand as he did his blond hair turn silver and get into a stance with his other hand on the handle of the blade ready to cut down the demon but before he could fight it the elders came out of the building wondering what the noise was about making all three look at them.

Naruto slightly turn his head to the blond elf "Alleyna-chan you better get your elders away from here before this demon decides to attack them" Naruto told her getting ready to strike the demon while Alleyna looked at Naruto with a nod knowing it was a good idea then she turn her attention to them "hurry" she said getting the elders to walk ahead of her.

After Alleyna got the elders away from the area Naruto drew his sword and slashed at the demon only for it to dodge and swung it's claws grazing Naruto's right shoulder slightly Naruto took another swing but once again the demon dodge the strike and jump a few steps away 'damn this demon is fast how do I kill it' he thought thinking of a way to kill this demon.

Then all of the sudden a small white and orange blur crashed into it making the demon slid face first into the ground. Naruto stared at the demon then at the person standing on top of the demon "Nowa-chan what are you doing hurry up and get out of here now" Naruto shouted at her not wanting her to get hurt.

When Nowa heard him shouting at her to get away she was a little confused at first then turn her attention back to the demon she landed on and jumped off it landing next to Naruto holding her staff ready to combat the monster.

Naruto then glance at Nowa "Nowa-chan I want you to get out of here now" he said making Nowa turn her attention towards the now silver haired swordsman. As she looked at him she saw his arms and was shocked at seeing two demonic red arms "Nowa hurry up and leave I don't want you to see what I'm about to do" he said with half his face showing while the other half was covered by his hair.

When Nowa heard his voice it scared her a little as she can hear the blood lust in his word sounding just like a demon but also can hear the human tone in it as well.

She continued to stare at Naruto for a few seconds then nod her head "hai Naruto-san Nowa well go help the others" she said turning around and jumped to go find her master but not before looking back taking another glance at Naruto and hope he would be alright since he was the first male human friend she had.

As Nowa left Naruto once again drew his sword but before Yamato was completely drawn an idea pop into his head and re-sheath Yamato putting his hand into the all familiar cross "Kage Bunshin no jutsu" and 10 clones popped into existence then two jumped to another platform on the tree across from them.

"Alright you bastard you wanna play? Well then lets play" he said shouting the last part as one of his clones dashed towards the demon to hold it in place but the demon slid out of the way and got behind the clone then launched itself through said clone popping it out of existence then another two clones appeared behind it.

One clone was coming at it low while the other was in the air with a Rasengan in it's hand aiming it at the demon's head but again it slid out of the way and slashed them with it's claws destroying them then dash towards a group of clone and cut them down.

As this was happening Naruto received the memories from the clones that was and is being destroyed by the fast demon and begun to formulate a plan on how to slay the demon.

Naruto then felt natural chakra wash over him from one of the clones he had sent away earlier then smirked creating two more clones beside himself then raise his right hand up in-between the clone who had their hands around his pushing their chakra into a tight glowing ball then faded like blades began to form around the ball spinning so fast it began to give off a screeching sound "Senjutsu: Rasenshuriken" Naruto shouted holding it above his head with four clones appearing behind it and grabbing each of it's limbs bringing a smirk to his face.

Naruto then reared his arm back then threw his arm forward flinging the Rasenshuriken at the demon as it was struggling to get free from the clones tight grip but to no avail then it was hit the clones dispersed in a puff of smoke while the demon was being shredded apart then it expanded making the ball in the middle bigger and bigger until the chakra blades around it disappeared.

The ball then explodes sending shockwaves throughtout the forest village.

After four minutes the jutsu finally died down with only the head of the demon falling to the ground.

Naruto then fell down on one knee feeling a little exhausted "damn why am I feeling like this?" asking himself then heard people landing behind him making him turn his head to see Aki, Allynne, Nowa and Kushina standing there three of them with worried expressions on their faces while the last kept a straight face "it's dead now" then fall over.

(End Chapter)

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