(Chapter 7)

It's been two weeks since the demon attack and mostly everyone in the elven village warmed up to our blond hero for protecting their elders from the demon.

We find our blond friend finished packing a few supply's in his scroll, rolled it up and strapped it over his shoulder, looking around the room one last time and walked out the room. Naruto step into the living room and saw his mother, sister and Konan standing by the door with sad looks coming from Kushina's and Aki's faces. Kushina look up and turn towards him with worry in her voice "do you have to go right now Sochi?" she ask getting a nod in return from her son "yes I do Kaa-san, I need to get some more Kunai's and Shurikens, because I only have half a set each left and as well as restock a few other supplies" he explains to her again for the twentieth time in the past 24 hours.

Aki walked up to her brother with a sad smile on her face "take care of yourself Naruto-nii, don't get into any trouble while on your journey" Aki said giggling lightly at her own joke. She gave him a hug wanting to give him a good going away gift.

They hugged for a couple of minutes and backed away, he then looked at Konan and nod at her. "Shall we get going now Naruto-kun" she said with a light smile on her face "yeah let's get going now" walking up to her. He looks back at his mother and sister seeing the sad and worried expressions on their face Naruto just gave them a big smile and left saying "don't worry about me I'll be fine, after all I have Konan-chan alongside me" Konan nods her head at the two and followed behind her sensei's and friends' legacy.

Walking through the forest village both Naruto and Konan were surprised at seeing some of the elves' people standing along the border of their small village "what's going on here?" Naruto ask walking up to them wondering what was happening then saw Alleyne and Nowa stepping in front of the group. Before they could say what was going on Alleyne beat them to it "Nowa and everyone here wants to say goodbye before you left on your journey, and to say their thanks for showing them that, not all humans are bad" Alleyne answered getting a few nods and cheers of agreement from the group.

Naruto liked the feeling he was getting from the few villagers who open their hearts to him and hopefully any other humans that may come to their village. After everyone gave their thanks to the blond their left leaving only Alleyne, Nowa, himself and Konan "be safe while on your journey Naruto-kun" Nowa said with a small smile hoping her friend would be safe.

Naruto smiled back at the young half-elf "don't worry Nowa-chan, I'll be safe" he said patting her on the head then looks up to see Alleyne holding something in her hand and stepped up to him "have a safe trip to your destination Naruto, here you might need these while on your journey" said the combat master holding out a pouch made of leaves. Grabbing the pouch Naruto was wondering what was inside, upon opening it he saw a few rolled up leaves with what look like cream inside it looking back up at her with a bit of an confused expression "it's healing ointment I made for your journey, just in case you need it" Alleyne said in her usual tone, although if you were to look closely you would see her cheeks slightly tinted pink.

Nodding his head, he put the pouch into a seal on his wrist "well, we better get going! I need those supplies of Kunai's and Shuriken's" he said waving good-bye to them.

(Forest Edge)

The walk through the forest was relatively silent they didn't talk or anything just walk, Naruto then suddenly stop, this in turn made Konan stop as well and look back at him with a questioning glance "what's wrong Naruto-kun?" she ask tilting her head slightly to the side.

Looking up Naruto then came to a decision "Konan-chan, I want you to go to Hinomoto and join with Kurenai-chan and Samui-chan, before they leave for the mainland" he said wanting her to update Kurenai and Samui on the plan to get back to the Elemental Nations and as well as the situation on the upcoming Fourth Great Shinobi War. Konan didn't like the idea of him walking the land alone, but knew he could handle himself in any situation and reluctantly nods her head to him "hai, Naruto-kun" she said turning and begun to walk.

"Konan-chan" he called to her getting her attention "please take care of yourself out there alright" he added with a smile on his face, hearing the hint of concern in his voice and seeing the smile Konan blushed and nods her head "I will Naruto-kun" she said assuring him. Nodding his head Naruto then tossed her the map he was given weeks ago, saw her catch it and paper-shunshin towards the direction Naruto wanted her to go.

Watching her leave Naruto then turn his attention towards a tree to his right "you can step out from behind that tree now, Aki-chan" he said out loud with his sister stepping out from behind the tree. Aki looked surprised that her brother for noticing that she was following him "how long have you known I was following you nii-san?" she ask her brother wanting to know how she was following him.

"Before you decided to leave this village" he answered her with a smile on his face "your a lot like Tou-san from the story's the academy and ero-sennin told me about him" he added getting an interest expression from the devil girl "can you tell me more about our Tou-san while we walk" she ask with a bit of curiosity in her eyes.

Looking at her he tilts his head then shrugged her shoulders "if you want to know more about Tou-san then ask Kaa-san" he said to her then stopped making her stop as well "how far along are you in your training anyway?" he ask turning his head to her with a curious look on his face. Aki then gained a look of pride on her face, turns around and walks towards a tree, stopping in front of the tree she clamps her hands together and begins to concentrate.

A blue aura then forms around her feet and starts walking up the tree slowly. This earns a surprised expression from her brother which turn to a smile "It's only been two weeks since you started training and yet, you manage to get this far with your chakra control" he said aloud impressed with his sister's hard work. He then remembered how she got this good with her control "it's a good thing Kaa-san intensified your training huh" he added with a big shit eating grin from the training regimen their mother put her through which earn a groan from said girl.

"Please don't remind me nii-san" she pouted not wanting to remember those two weeks of hellish training. (AN: I won't be doing a flashback for her training not till later...maybe) "Well in any case we better get going, I really need to get those ninja tools right away" Naruto said quickly started to walk wanting to get going.

Still pouting Aki didn't notice Naruto walking away from her until he step on a branch bringing her out of her pouting "nii-san matte" she shouted quickly running after her brother trying to get him to stop.

Watching from her spot on a branch a few trees away, Kushina had a big happy smile on her face and got all giddy at seeing two of her children getting along so well 'I'm so happy their becoming the family I always wanted, now we need to get Angelo and we can be complete' she thought to herself. Turning her head towards the direction Konan left with a smile that only Naruto ever uses when he was planning a prank appeared on her face "Now to meet my future daughters-in-laws" and disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

(End Chapter)