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God he hated this place. The man took off his aviators and looked up at old his house. His mother begged him to come home for her birthday so he really had no choice. As if you could call Lima, Ohio home. He hated this place. Sure Noah "Puck" Puckerman had been the star of Vocal Adrenaline, his High School Glee Club, which is what got him discovered and made him into the star he was today. New York was his home now and he already booked his flight back. He didn't even notice the kid on a skateboard running into him.

"Watch it bro before I go Lima Heights on your ass!" A voice said from next to him. Puck looked down and the kid couldn't have been more than eight years old. His skin was tan and he was wearing sunglasses and had a skateboard in his hand. The kid had guts he would give him that, kind of like Puck was at that age.

"Noah!" A women's voice called and Puck automatically turned around, it was his name after all.

"Coming Mom!" The kid, Noah called.

"Watch where you are riding next time kid," Puck said and the kid glared.

"Watch where you are standing," Noah said back.

"Noah I am going to count to…" The women yelled again.

"I'm coming, hold your horse's woman!" Noah called out.

"Noah!" She shouted. Puck saw the kid tense. That must mean his Mom was really pissed. The kid dropped his skateboard down on the ground and rolled away.


"Why didn't you come with I called you," The women scolded her son.

"This douche crashed into me," Noah argued.

"You mean you crashed into him," Rachel said looking down at her son who nodded, "And watch your language or no more guitar lessons for you."

"Mom!" Noah said shocked she would even suggest such a thing.

"I am going to call Sam right now and tell him you can't anymore." Rachel said but smiled at her son's horrified face.

"Not funny," Noah mumbled.

"It's a little funny," Rachel said and ruffled her son's black hair, "Come on now baby I am going to drop you off at Quinn and Sam's place for a bit so Quinn and I can go shopping."

"Is Sarah going to be there?" Noah asked. Rachel rolled her eyes.

"Yes, and you leave the little girl alone," Rachel said and Noah just grinned.

Every time she pulled up to the Evans driveway a part of her died inside. For one thing their house was huge because Rachel's former enemy Quinn, now best friend, had married her high school sweetheart who happened to play quarterback for the Ohio state football team and make millions. Quinn then proceeded to breed little Evans and the happy family had two daughters already and Quinn was pregnant again. Apparently after ten years of marriage the sex was still amazing too; if Rachel did love them all so much she would hate them.

Rachel on the other hand was a single mother from the result of a one night stand, and no one would believe who it was with, so she didn't bother telling them the father. She didn't even let her son listen to his music. Noah was out of the car as soon as Rachel put the car in park. Sam must have seen them through the window because he opened the door and caught Noah and threw him in the air. Rachel was very grateful for Sam, he had been a father figure to Noah.

"Ready for your lesson, Bud?" Sam asked.

"Totally," Noah said grinning, "Let's rock!" Noah ran into the house

"Hey Rachel," Sam said and gave her a hug, "Quinn's inside with Sarah and Sharon." Looking behind him to make sure Quinn wasn't there and whispered, "Now she is at the "weepy, I am fat stage" in the pregnancy so you need to call her beautiful and tell her she looks great or she will burst into tears and refuse to come out of the bathroom."

"Got it," Rachel said and noticing the circle under his eyes, "You looked tired."

"Someone wanted ice cream at three in the morning," Sam said yawning. Rachel patted him on the shoulder before going inside.

Quinn was sitting in the living room playing with four year old Sharon's hair as they all sat on the couch watching a movie. She did look great, Quinn was probably the most beautiful girl she had even seen, even with a huge belly.

"Rachel," Quinn said smiling at got up taking her twice as long as a normal person.

"Quinn, you look great," Rachel said smiling and Quinn narrowed her eyes at Sam.

"You told her to say that didn't you?" Quinn said and Sam shook his head and went over to his daughters and Noah before she could say anything else.

"You really do look beautiful," Rachel said, "Your glowing."

"Thanks, Santana should be here soon and then we can go." Quinn said and then took a deep breath, "We wanted to be surprised but we couldn't help ourselves. We're having a boy!"

"Oh that's wonderful!" Rachel said and gave her a hug.

"A little lesbian action," A voice said from the door, "I want in." The two broke apart and rolled their eyes. Santana walked up to them hips swaying like she owned every room she walked into.

"Will you stop," Quinn said and nodded back to the kids.

"Please, they are wrapped up in that program about the show choir that is so hot right now." Santana said seeing as they kid's eyes were glued to the television. "Let's go spend Sam's money!"

"Hey!" Sam shouted but the girls only laughed.


Noah Puckerman looked around his room and saw that nothing had changed. It was as if he never left, except he had left. Once his team won Nationals and Puck got signed with a major record label he left this old life behind. Became a household name and was living the life in New York City. Different girl every night, and rolling in the dough. His mom had already been through the photo album with him tearing up about how he son was all grown up. The picture of himself at around seven or eight reminded Puck of that kid that ran into him today. "Watch it bro or I will go Lima Heights on your ass!" he had said. Puck didn't really like kids, but that one was funny. Looking around his room again Puck had to get out of here.

"I'm going out Ma!" Puck yelled over his shoulder as he walked out the door.

Walking down the street Puck stopped in front of a familiar bar. He had picked up many girls in there, but one he had to admit stood out. She had been nicer than the others, sweeter. She hadn't been a virgin or anything, but there was an innocence about her that Puck found refreshing. The memory of that night came back to him as he looking up at the bar sign.

Puck had been living in New York for five years when he came back home again for his sisters graduation. Of course the minute he was able to Puck got the hell out of his house. It was almost too small for him now, Puck felt trapped. So he made his way down the streets of Lima to the only bar in the whole town.

Puck admitted he had noticed the blond first. Puck began to walk over to her and ask to buy her a drink. She laughed at something her friend said and put her hand on her mouth showing off her large diamond and wedding ring. The Latina woman next to her was yelling at a bartender, so she was out. The last thing he needed was some chick to yell at him. The last girl was shorter than the others and not as pretty. She was beautiful, but not in the magazine cover way the other two were. Hell why not.

"Do you really have to go Quinn?" The woman asked the blond.

"Sam has practice in the morning and I'm not feeling so well, night Rachel" Quinn said and gave her friend a hug before leaving. A few minutes later Rachel looked up and sighed. Puck followed her line of vision and noticed the Latina woman was leaving with a man.

"Great, first she yells at the bartender then she goes home with him." Rachel whispered to herself.

"Talking to yourself?" Puck said walking over to her.

"Yes, as a matter of fact," Rachel said gathering her stuff and not looking at him yet, "My roommate just left with hot bartender which means I sure as hell don't want to go home and will have to spend the night at my Dad's."

"Sucks to be you," Puck said taking a sip of his beer.

"Hey…" Rachel said finally looking up and her mouth fell open when she finally saw who she was talking to, "Holy crap."

"It's Puck actually," Puck said grinning at the speechless girl.

"Nice to meet you," Rachel said recovering quite nicely.

"I have a place you could stay tonight," Puck said smirking, he did know where the nearest hotel was.

"You do huh?" Rachel said smirking right back. After only having been with one guy for the last three years, a little excitement from a hot superstar could be fun.

"Yep," Puck said a little surprised that she was going along with this. She didn't seem the type for one night stands.

"Let's see it then," Rachel put her purse over her shoulder and took his hand. This in itself was strange. Puck was used to the "put his hand on the small of her back and guide her out of the bar" move. No one ever held his hand though, not for years.


"Holy crap," Puck heard a woman say as he walked around the corner and stopped in front of a clothing store when he heard the familiar voice, "I am so jealous of you right now Quinn."

"You don't have to put up with the snoring," Quinn said and the other women laughed.

"That is one hot body though," The Latina said.

"I told you Santana, I don't like to talk about the fact that you walked in on my husband coming out of the shower," Quinn said, "You have no sense of privacy."

"Try living with her." The women laughed. They walked out of the store and Puck stood in the shadows. Yep that was the girl.

"I hope Noah is being good for Sam." Rachel said, "The teachers blame his bad attitude on his lack of father. So it is all my fault."

"You do the best you can Rach," Quinn said.

"I know, I know," Rachel started to say something else but they were out of earshot. Puck stared at them as the group walked away. He had never been good at math but he was calculating in his head. The kid looked just like him, he was around eight years old, and his name was fucking Noah.

"Shit." Was all Puck could say.

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