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"I can't believe you dragged me here!" Rachel whisper shouted to her husband.

"A...Baby you don't drag people to the Grammys," Puck said trying to keep the smile on face as he smiled for the cameras.

"I can't see my feet," Rachel said through clenched teeth. Puck looked down at her stomach that was carrying their third child. Melody was two and Noah was now eleven. Noah wished for a brother now and he was getting his wish. In less than a month Nathan Jack Daniel Puckerman or Baby Puckerman 3.0 was going to come into the world. They wanted to go with "N" names now. Following in the footsteps of the Evans lot. Plus Rachel promised Puck he could name the baby this time. She couldn't really say anything considering she had chosen Melody Santana Evane Puckerman. So Nathan Jack Daniel Puckerman it was.

"You look hot baby," Puck said and Rachel rolled her eyes. Oh no here was another red-carpet interviewer who was going to talk about her baby.

"Wow, you are so big!" She said to Rachel and Puck winced inwardly.

"I am at a little over eight months," Rachel said managing to keep a smile on her face.

"So this is child number 3 for you?" She asked.

"Yes," Puck answered, "We are having another boy."

"Your other son is ten?" She said.

"Eleven actually." Rachel politely corrected her, "He is really excited to be a big brother again."

"Well congratulations," She said.

"So for your new album your wife did some back-up tracks correct?" She asked.

"Yes," Puck said, "Rachel is singing back-up on three of the songs and we did another duet. It should be out in another month." As they made their way into the award show Rachel grabbed Puck's arm stopping him.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"Well of course our kid would want to make an entrance," Rachel said and winced in pain.

"Holy crap, now?" Puck said with wide eyes.

"Only your kid Puck," Rachel said squeezing his hand, "Only your kid would decide he would want to be born the night when you are nominated for three awards!"

"Lets go Baby Puckerman," Puck said and got out his phone.

"Satan?" He said and then listened for a moment, "Yep, I know only my kid."


Rachel Puckerman sat on a bench in Central Park watching her kids play. Noah had even decided to join them and was pushing four year old Nate on the swings while Melody was swinging in the spot next to them. She knew someone had taken a picture of them. They were Noah Puckerman's kids, but Rachel woundn't think about that now. She wasn't going to let anything ruin this perfect moment.

"Mom watch how high I can go!" Nate called out and Rachel smiled.

"I am watching Sweetie," Rachel called back. Melody waved and Rachel waved back. She felt someone sit next to her and kiss her cheek.

"Hey Baby," Puck said.

"Dad I am going really high!" Nate yelled and Puck grinned.

"Just be carefully Buddy," Puck said. Melody jumped of the swing landing perfectly and just as graceful as her mother. Melody danced over to them. Because Mel didn't walk anywhere, she danced. She sat in between her parents as they watched her brothers play. A perfect moment. Rachel's life was now full of them.


Rachel had her hand to her heart as she looked at her son. He looked so handsome and just like his father had on this day. The same grin, the same light in his eyes. Rachel felt Puck put his arm around her and squeezed her shoulder. He handed her a tissue. The music started and everyone stood up. Quinn grabbed her hand and they watched as Sam walked Sarah Evans soon-to-be Puckerman down the aisle. Her baby boy was getting married. Sharon was standing as the maid of honor and Noah's friend Damon and ten year old Nathan were standing up there with him. Rachel wiped away a tear as Sam kissed Sarah's cheek and put her hand in Noah's.

"Take care of her," Sam said softly and Noah nodded. Sam couldn't help it and hugged Noah quickly before taking his place next to his wife.

"I can't believe our kids are getting married," Quinn whispered.

"They aren't surprised at all," Rachel said looking at her, "Some people just know at nine, right?" Quinn smiled.

Rachel was dancing with her oldest son at the reception. He was so much taller then her now. So grown up and married. Noah even had his first album coming out soon.

"Remember when it was just us?" Noah said and Rachel smiled.

"Feels like a lifetime ago," Rachel said.

"Yeah, then I got a Dad and two siblings all within five years," Noah said as he spun his Mom around. Rachel looked over at Mel who was dancing with Puck. Sam twirled Sarah around while Quinn danced with Sawyer. Santana was dancing with her husband Matt while their daughter Lucy (yes she did take Puck's suggestion) danced with Cory Hudson.

"Thanks," Noah said suddenly.

"For what?" Rachel asked.

"Being a good Mom," Noah replied, "I know it was hard doing it by yourself and I wasn't the easiest kid to handle. I know you had to give up a lot."

"I wouldn't have traded you for all the Tonys in the world Noah Puckerman," Rachel said putting her hand on his cheek, "You were worth every crazy moment." Noah smiled and Rachel held him tight.


"You okay Baby?" Puck asked his wife of ten years later that night. They had tearfully said goodbye as Noah and Sarah Puckerman left to go on their honeymoon. Noah was living in LA now and had been as soon as he graduated high school, but now he seemed even more far away.

"My Baby Boy just got married today," Rachel said talking more to herself. "I knew he was grown up, but married? When did he get that old? Seems only yesterday Noah was creating havoc on the playground."

"Time flys I guess," Puck said sitting down next to her.

"Pretty soon Melody will be gone and then Nate and then I am left with just you," Rachel said tearing up again.

"Thanks," Puck said slightly offended.

"Not what I meant," Rachel said, "I meant that they are my babies and are growing up so fast Melody even has a b..." Rachel stopped herself.

"Melody has a what?" Puck asked and Rachel kissed him before he could push the subject further. After today Rachel wasn't ready to drop that bomb on him.


"Mel," The boy said as a sixteen year old Melody Puckerman kissed his neck. "Your parents will be here soon."

"Soon doesn't mean now," Mel said smirking and the boy rolled his eyes.

"I would like to live and be your boyfriend and not be killed by your father," He said.

"Sawyer," Melody said sitting up, "My Dad loves you, you are his godson."

"I know," Sawyer said leaning up on his elbows, "That makes it worse, he trusts me and trusts that I won't violate his daughter." Melody was sitting on his lap facing him. "Do you know what he said to me when we started dating? He told me he loved me. Puck went on to say that I am his only godson and that he loves me. That is worse then telling me he would beat the crap out of me if I hurt or was corrupting you." Melody hid her laughter, that was worse.

"I am Puckerman if anything I am corrupting and violating you," Melody said smirking. "You are an Evans remember? You are all so sweet even looking at you can give someone a cavity."

"Thanks Mel," Sawyer said with a sigh, "Now I feel like a sissy."

"Oh yes the star quarterback is a big sissy," Melody said kissing his cheek, "It just makes the girls love you more. Hot body and a heart." But Sawyer had been hers from the moment she was born, and Puckerman's were pretty possessive. No chick was getting her hands on him. Or his glass cutting abs.

"I just don't want to get killed by your father or your brother," Sawyer said, "Your Dad is Noah Puckerman, and your brother is Noah Puckerman both big guys and Grammy winners. They are family and I love them, but they are both pretty intimidating."

"Can you please stop talking about my Dad now?" Mel said getting irritated, "You are kind of ruining the mood Baby."

"Fine you pulled my arm, lets make out more," Sawyer said grinning and Melody grabbed his face and kissed him while Sawyer leaned back so she was on top of him. After a couple moments they heard,

"What the hell!" Noah "Puck" Puckerman said as he was greeted with the sight of his little girl on top of her boyfriend.

"Holy crap," Melody Puckerman said.

The End

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