A/N: When I refer to Conan I refer to the new remake starring Jason Momoa. I am sorry but he embodies Conan more than Arnold Schwarzenagger did. That is my opinion. Plus there are many original characters so please do not be alarmed by that. I am really attempting to NOT make them Mary Sues. Conan does not belong to me. He belongs to his respectful creator. Please no flaming. Constructive criticism is welcome. Thank you.

Chapter 1: Intrusion

It was 2 am. All was quiet in the small dwelling. The only sounds were the tap tap tapping of keys on a keyboard and the occasional car or two that passed by the complex. No lights were present save for the computer screen in the corner; however it was mostly blocked by a hunched frame typing away madly at an analysis that was due that next afternoon. The figure kept the lights off- it was how she preferred to work late at night – her silhouette appeared larger due to the blanket she kept wrapped around her slender frame. A large cup of coffee sat next to her. It proved to be her best friend on late night like these and fueled her brain to keep on functioning. She was an insomniac by nature so the coffee truly had little to no effect on her. It just tasted marvelous at two in the morning. The figure sipped from the mug before setting it down with a sigh.

"Just the conclusion Lore. You can get this done." She would give herself a pep talk to keep her focused and motivate her to continue working. Her eyes began to hurt from staring at the screen so long; never the less she remained vigilant. The words flowed out of her like a waterfall spilling into a river below. Whether it was for academic reasons or purely for entertainment, writing came naturally to Lore. She drained her cup of coffee but nearly choked when she heard a loud smashing noise come from the entryway of the dwelling. Followed by the smash came a series of shuffling sounds combined with a series of grunts.

'Oh no!' she thought freezing at the keyboard, 'Someone's robbing us!'

Silent but swiftly she crept over to the kitchen to grab something, anything, to use as a weapon to defend herself against the intruder. What she ended up grabbing was the dirty frying pan in the sink; however Lore didn't care. She was going to protect herself and her roommates even if it hurt her.

"Khalar!" Bellowed a rather deep and gruff voice.

'Khalar? What the fuck is this Khalar? This brutes gonna wake up the whole complex if he hasn't already woken up the rest of my building!' Lore shook her head getting the thought out of her mind as she raised the pan over her head like a baseball bat listening for the intruder to come closer to her. The footsteps came closer but there was the slight rustle of clothing as the figure neared her spot. Lore's heart pounded in her chest as she valiantly attempted to remain quiet. Soon the figure paused in front of her hiding spot releasing a slight growl.

"Where are you, bastard." It growled.

Now was the time to strike; within two movements Lore flicked on the light, released a guttural yell, and swung the pan at his face striking him to the ground. The figure had little to no time to react as it was clouted to the cold tile floor. It, rather he, release a low groan followed by a growl as he rose to his feet. Lore raised the pan again glaring at the figure, her grey eyes angry and fierce. They had met his feral green ones. He looked just a smidge disoriented as he took a step towards her, a hand on his sword ready to unleash it.

"Where's Khalar." He growled.

She glared even more at him.

"I don't know and I don't care! Get the fuck out of my apartment!" She screamed.

Lore swung the pan at him again but this time he had time to dodge. When he did, he grabbed her by the wrists easily lifting the small woman off the ground. Lore squirmed and struggled to get out of his grip but glared at him when he pulled her close, his face only inches from hers.

"I will only ask one more time. Where. Is. Khalar." His voice was low and held a hint of anger in it. Lore wasn't scared. Not much had really scared her as of late.

"I don't know what you're talking about asshole!" She spat in his face and squirmed even more. Growling he wiped his face nearly crushing hers when he grasped her chin between his fingers.

"I would watch my mouth if I were you!"

"Fuck you! Let me go!" She squirmed even more. This caused him to squeeze her face a bit making his firm grip painful. Lore winced nearly crying out in pain.

"If you do not give me what I want then-"

"Ouch! Let go! I don't know anything about this Khalar okay?" She growled a bit trying to turn her head in a vain attempt to bite his hand. His grip loosened as he removed his hand, his gaze still hard upon her. She glared back at him, grey eyes fierce as well as honest and curly black hair now disheveled.


"I don't know what a Khalar is! What I do know is that you are breaking and entering! That's considered a crime here in Flagstaff!" She growled. He just gave her and annoyed look releasing her wrists dropping her. She stumbled as she landed but growled once more whacking him hard over the head. Considering he was at least a foot, if not more, taller than her this was quite a miraculous feat, for she had not only struck him but knocked him out cold. With a loud thud he fell to the ground. It was like watching a tree fall down in the woods once it had been cut. Lore heaved a sigh of relief lowering the dirty pan and stared at the giant intruder on the floor.