Two years had passed. Cimmeria had been rebuilt and was thriving. Lore lived there in safety with her husband. She passed on her wisdom and her visions to many villagers who were seeking guidance in their lives but that was when she wasn't busy with her two year old son Corin. He had her grey eyes but he looked just his father, with dark curly hair and tanned skin, and behaved like him in so many ways. Corin's father had been called away to take care of an uprising with one of the remaining cults after Khalar's defeat leaving Lore to care for the boy. She wasn't alone. Corin had two uncles and aunts to play with when Lore needed a rest or prepared dinner. Each night before she went to sleep herself she would always take a moment to herself to say a silent prayer for her husband to keep him safe and for a quick return. Her prayers were answered just a few months after Corin's second birthday. As the sun rose that morning Lore had awoken due to a pint sized barbarian toddler waking her in excitement. She held the little boy in her arms as they walked out of their home and towards the edge of the village. Somehow the both of them knew that Conan would return to them. Lore kissed her son's head with a smile.

"I have a feeling your father will return today." She spoke softly with a smile.

Corin understood father and return and a smile immediately spread on his face. There was so much of Conan in the boy and he looked more and more like his father every day. Corin clapped his little hands in excitement at the thought of seeing his father again. Lore smiled at this kissing his forehead before turning her gaze to the horizon. The sun slowly rose and over the horizon a singular figure appeared soon followed by a small company of barbarians. Lore's heart pounded in her chest as the party rode closer but as soon as she could begin to make out faces her lips broke into a smile upon making out her husband's face at the front.

As he neared his home he made out the figure of a woman holding a small boy in her arms. He grinned knowing that it was his wife and son awaiting him. He trotted ahead of his company to greet Lore and Corin. As soon as he was within running distance he dismounted his horse and sprinted towards them before scooping both his wife and his son into his arms hugging them tightly to him. Lore smiled hugging him back with one arm the other still holding their son. Corin hugged his father as tightly as his little arms could hold onto him. Conan released Lore to hug his son to him. He kissed the boy's forehead as Corin hugged him. Lore smiled at the two sliding an arm around her husband.

"I had to pray for a safe return for you my love."

"What you couldn't have seen it coming?" He joked. Lore laughed with him as his arm slid around her slender waist.

"I had no visions of your return smartass. I was worried."

"You? Worried? Never." He grinned as he leaned down to kiss her. She smiled against his lips stroking his cheek lightly before pulling away.

"Should I start telling the villagers to begin preparing for a celebration?" She asked as the three of them walked up towards the village; Corin still hugging his father.

"Yes. We feast tonight. The last of those cults has been vanquished. And…" His hand found its way to her ass. She flushed smiling and slapped his hand away as well as backhanding his bicep.

"Not in front of your son Conan!" She giggled. He chuckled and paused to lean down to whisper in her ear.

"I can think of a better way to celebrate." He grinned nipping at her ear in a teasing fashion. Lore laughed even more then leaned up to kiss his cheek and whisper.

"I know what you are thinking my love." She grinned kissing his cheek once more as they headed up to the center of the village.

Later that evening Corin had been put to bed in the other room. The boy was worn out after the festivities of the celebration that he easily fell asleep allowing his parents to go into the other room to do as they pleased. Lore grinned as she straddled her husband on the bed kissing him in a feral manner. He groaned kissing her back his hands squeezing her buttocks in need. He pulled away kissing down her neck once more. Her hands found their way into his hair entangling themselves in them.

"You know my love." She groaned as she felt his arousal through his clothes.

"Hm." He grunted now sucking on her neck.

"I long to have a child fill my womb again." She groaned. He grinned kissing her hard and pinned her to their bed.

"Then let me be the one to fill it with my seed." He groaned quickly stripping off her clothes. She smiled arching a bit assisting him in removing her clothes before she helped him dispose of his. It wasn't long before he was between her legs thrusting into her with need. He had needed the touch of a woman for months now. Lore groaned bending her knees a bit her toes curling at his roughness. He began to grind his sex into hers grunting in desire but he then pulled out of her before flipping her over onto her hands and knees. Pressing her shoulders into the bed beneath them he thrust hard into her one hand pulling at her hair the other gripping her hips as he slammed his against hers. Lore groaned in ecstasy at being handled roughly by Conan. He released her hair to slap her backside hard. She cried out in pleasure as he did this. He then gripped onto her hips his thrusts becoming even more feral by the minute. She always enjoyed it when he made her sore after sex. It had been too long for both of them so it didn't take long for either one of them to come to climax. As soon as Conan hit his he pulled her hips against his roughly holding her there so he could penetrate her deeply. He let out a small series of grunts as he spilled his seed into her. She groaned in pleasure as she hit her peak just as he held her there. She loved it when he held her to him especially when he would come inside of her. Nothing felt more natural and more arousing than having a man orgasm inside of her but not just any man. She only wanted Conan to come inside of her womb. She had given birth to one child of his and she'd be more than happy to have more of his children. There wasn't much of a reprieve between rounds for her for her husband had grown an insatiable need for sex. He flipped her back onto her back before kissing her hard once more. She pulled him close to her raising her hips to rub her woman hood against his sex. He groaned as his hand slid down to his cock stroking it to stimulate himself a bit so he could enter her again. Lore groaned as he pressed into her once more. He didn't even give her time to adjust before he began thrusting into her sex hard. Lore always felt good around him. Even though she had a child she was still tight around his length. He grunted his hands gripping her hips again as he thrust hard into her eliciting a pleasurable sound from her every time he thrust deep into her.

"Oh Conan! Harder!" she begged as her legs were pushed over her head. Conan wasted no time in responding to her request. He increased his pace and the depth of penetration. Lore moaned in pleasure as the bend of her knees rested against his shoulders. His grunts became more animalistic as his climax drew near, her breathing became more labored but she groaned rather loudly as she hit her peak; her muscles clamping around him. He grunted even more before burying himself balls deep into her once again filling her with his seed.

They kept up this feral act of lovemaking all night even after they were almost certain Lore would get pregnant from it. By dawn the both of them lay entwined with each other, both covered in sweat. Not once had Conan pulled out to come on her. He always felt that men should ejaculate inside of a woman. He was well spent and almost immediately fell asleep as soon as he cuddled up to his wife. Lore already felt sore from the night festivities but it was the good kind of sore. She curled up to her husband her head on his chest a leg wrapped around him. She pulled one of the furs over the two of them before she fell asleep contented with her barbarian.