This is my first Numb3rs fic so please e gentle.


The solider paced his cell, plotting his escape.

A noise had him at the door and he listened for a moment before grabbing a stolen weapon and carefully opening the door. He peered down the corridor: empty. He smiled and quietly slipped out of his cell, down the corridor and silently down the stairs.

Looking around again he slipped to the entrance of the building, put a hand on the door-

"There you are!"

He was caught!

Now they were going to torture him the worst way possible!

"Don, can you watch Charlie while I go out? And put away that bat." His mother ordered.

Dejectedly the solider walked back up the stairs and put his weapon back in his cell and went to the rec room to watch his baby brother. * sigh *


It's meant to be funny! :p