Christian sat out on the balcony. It had been almost two days since his encounter with Lord Undertaker. Christian had been trying to avoid the Ministry, but considering the fact that he had to go out to feed, that was nearly impossible. Gangrel and Edge had both said that Christian could stay behind in the room and they could feed from them, but Christian had said that he wanted to go with them because he didn't want to be left alone. Gangrel understood this and obeyed Christian's wishes. Christian felt a presence behind him. He turned around and saw Gangrel standing there. Gangrel sat beside his fledgling.

" I do not want you to go out tonight."

Christian looked at his sire and simply nodded before returning his gaze to the sky. Gangrel laid a hand on Christian's shoulder to let him know that everything would be alright. Gangrel looked up and saw Edge looming over him. Edge looked at his sire.

" Gangrel, Mideon is outside the bedroom door. He says Lord Undertaker wants to see Christian."

Gangrel stood and walked to the door. He opened it and glared at Mideon.

" You tell your master that he will not see either of my fledglings without me present."

Mideon nodded, then left. Gangrel slammed the door shut. He turned to walk back to the balcony, but found himself almost colliding with Christian. Christian looked into his sires eyes.

" You are not going to let him see me are you?"

Gangrel pulled Christian into his arms.

" No baby. He will never touch you again. I won't let him. You have my word."

Christian looked up into his sires face. Christian kissed Gangrel. Gangrel pulled back. There was something different. The fierceness was gone. Christian looked at the floor. He knew what Gangrel was thinking. Slowly, Christian returned his eyes to Gangrel's face.

" I only kissed you fiercely because I thought that was why you loved me."

Gangrel smiled at his lover.

" Christian, I've always loved you. No matter how you kiss me and no matter how you hold me, I have always loved you."

Christian felt tears stinging his eyes. Edge slowly approached them.

" Um.. Gangrel?"

Gangrel snapped out of his thoughts.

" Yes Edge?"

Edge laughed a little.

" Someone's at the door."

Gangrel rolled his eyes and opened the door. He snarled and glared at the person who stood there. Christian and Edge stepped back in fear for there in the doorway stood Lord Undertaker.