Brothers in Arms

The brother and sister. They were the happiest, most fun loving siblings in Odaiba. Their fun loving nature may be attributed to their unusual summer 6 years ago, and subsequent adventure 3 years later.

However as they both started feeling the daily strains and pains of a teens life, something changed one day. Something horrible, causing Taichi Kamiya and Hikari Kamiya to act secluded and secretive. Their friends gave them space, but as Hikari appears one day showing signs of an escalating crisis, they will unite to fight the siblings problems. As Brothers in Arms.

Sisters Tears

It was a normal day at Odaiba High, the Digidestined friends hanging around before school, laughing softly and exchanging opinions of the latest TV shows. For Daisuke Motomiya, it was a time to get up to date information on shows he later attempted to use in conversation with Hikari.

He waited diligently for Hikari's arrival to the school, which did concern him as she was never the type to arrive late. She was always quite punctual to school and rarely had sick days.

After 10 more minutes of waiting, the bell rang to the audible sigh of the school children. Daisuke decided that she probably caught a cold the same as Takeru Takaishi had yesterday which, after he quickly assumed in his dim mind, frustrated him to no end. But, as he turned to walk inside, he spotted the chestnut haired girl, who just a few weeks ago began developing a more hourglass figure and feminine features which only garnered more of his affections. But instead of the normal shimmering shine he usually saw in her hazel eyes, a tinted shade was visible and she was acting strangely defensive as she trailed behind the pack of teenage students. Daisuke knew something strange was occurring, and resolved to use his 'charms' to help her.

As he sat next to the silent girl, who gave him a suspecting glance and caressed her left elbow to keep her nerves, Daisuke timidly began his investigation by trying to start a conversation.

"Hikari – chan! How's it going!" Daisuke's brisk and bold voice were followed by a smirk. However in his thoughts he wondered if he had been to blunt in his approach.

As she looked almost shocked and unnerved, causing her sweet face to be hampered by almost fully closed eyes and a slanted look resembling a sneer. She however did not want a group to come over to try and pry at her obvious personal problems. "... I'm fine, Daisuke – kun, just a little... sleep deprived..." her scattered ramblings did not deter Daisuke from trying to help his friend.

"Daisuke – KUN! Hahahaha! I knew this day would come!" His smile was wide as he silently checked if anyone else had noticed his conversation, to avoid making the nervous teen girl panic. He had turned his semi closed eye on Hikari, and noticing she was forcing a smile and trying to put something into words in a quiet manner, decided to listen attentively for anything he could slowly use to get her to confide her secrets in him and one of the elder Digidestined.

What she said, however, not only made him more concerned, but also made him notice a small fraction of her pain arise in her delicate voice.

"Listen, Daisuke" her silent voice sounded more like a whimper, as if her problem pained her so badly, she had been locked in a feeble battle with her tears. "I know your trying to help, but... I can't force my problems on other people. If someone got hurt because I couldn't handle my own personal issues... I..I" As she began to speak of her issues and how she couldn't bear to see other people get hurt protecting her, a tear streamed down her face, her cheeks hade become a light shade of scarlet as had her nose. She was no longer caressing her elbow, but applying what seemed like a vice lock onto it, harming herself.

Daisuke placed his palm upon her right shoulder, giving her a reassuring look, no longer filled with concern nor anguish, but of determination and sadness at the sight of the delicate young girl he had fancied after for years breaking down before his eyes.

Hikari slowly released her grip on her elbow, leaving a hand print in it's place. She looked back down at the desk and silently whimpered "... Please... Let me tackle this alone..."

As the first two periods finished, Daisuke had decided to give the girl some breathing room, but watch her from afar, a task made easier due to the girl staring out of the window with a pained expression.

Somehow Daisuke had been the only one to question her current state, the girls ranging from 14 – 15 far more interested in fitting in and rating the boys on looks, and the boys trying to woo the pretty ones. Hikari had always felt awkward around her friends rapidly and repeatedly going from innocent to two faced to bullying bitches, and was never left alone the year previously as the boys took note of her developing breasts. They stayed a distance due to Daisuke and Takashi sitting next to her, secretly agreeing to protect her from that kind of attention, a first as far as the unlikely duo are willing to work together.

As the third period slowly went by as they were stuck in an aggravatingly boring Maths lesson, Daisuke just barely kept up the appearance of working, trying to keep the teacher happy and watch Hikari.

40 minutes in, the saddened girl asked if she could go to the restroom, and left to the apathetic resentment of the girls who had misconceived her problem as avoiding them.

10 minutes later, Daisuke legitimately needed to go as well, however he wasn't bright enough to simply lie, and left just before packing away time. As he passed by the adjacent girls restroom, he heard a silent yet audible whimper and the blubbering of an innocent sounding girl.

"Probably a pregnant chick." Daisuke brushed off the worry he felt by making a joke to himself, as Jun had recently gotten pregnant at the age of 17 with her boyfriend Shuu Kido, creating a massive uproar in their household.

But as he listened more intently, he recognized the voice, and he was taken aback by Hikari's sweet angel like voice becoming little more than a broken, tearful wreck.

Daisuke slowly opened the door to the girls restroom and, not seeing her near the sinks, quickly deduced that she was in a cubical. Daisuke was about to walk in, but he remembered the proper etiquette lessons the crying girl had spent so much time pounding into his skull. So he simply put his head in the clearing and silently listened to his friends tearful hideaway. He felt a pull at the right side of his chest, and felt a silent anger coming over him.

He thought carefully about his next move, remembering that Tai hadn't been at soccer practice the day before. Becoming concerned for the brother and sister of the Kamiya family, he decided to approach Tai and talk to him whilst walking home with him as he had done ever since the fall of MaloMyotismon 3 years ago.

At the sombre end of the day, he approached the jubilant Koushiro Izumi asking him if he'd seen Taichi. As the smile on his face faded slightly into a mischievous smirk, he began to look quickly to see if anyone would hear him.

"Listen, Taichi's been acting strangely for the past few days, how's Hikari doing? Is it just him or is it a family problem?" Koushiro had always been lucrative in obtaining more information, trying to build a more complete picture.

"First, why are you smirking, are you really that much of a jackass?" Daisuke's words seemed insignificant compared to impregnable happiness of the 17 year old.

"Uh... well.. heh" As Daisuke watched, Koushiro had turned crimson red and was caressing his left elbow, which Daisuke simply sneered at, seeing Hikari rather than the ecstatic Koushiro.

"M-Mimi agreed to grace my.. uh.. p-presence at the prom in 3 days."

Daisuke had completely forgotten about the prom, as the DigiDestined had planned to meet there and the girls would FINALLY say which boys they liked. No wonder the crafty old dog was so happy, he'd gotten a head start on Joe Kido.

"Fantastic, but aside from you not being so reserved anymore, let's get back on Taichi and Hikari. She's..." hesitating for a moment, Daisuke decided to leave out the time in the restrooms, thinking that he'd spare her some pride.

"She's... depressed, shall we say, she's been very distant and silent. When I tried to ask, she... changed the subject." He did not enjoy lying to his closest friends, but thought that mentioning she cried would rile up Mimi Tachikawa, a big sister character for all the girls of the gang. And Mimi can never hold a secret for long.

"I understand, listen, Taichi is having a soccer game tonight against Yamato. Sort of a way to let of steam. Only the older kids know of these get togethers, because we all need space when it comes to age group. I will tell you the location of the game, but make sure to be there toward the end."

"Okay, okay. I'll bite, how do I approach him?" Daisuke listened intently to Koushiro. He had a meaning to try and decode some of the gibberish he sprouted.

"That's were your family comes in, if you can, bring Jun. That should distract the girls for the right amount of time, and Yamato is on a tight leash, so Sora can take care of him." Koushiro's plan did make sense, however tinged at one tiny problem. Yamato's fear of Jun was not in the past.

"If Yamato does stray away from her, should I just subtly ask Taichi the problem?" Daisuke inquired.

"That's the crucial part either way, Taichi will be nervous to reveal his problems to you. So don't. I repeat. DON'T ask him bluntly. He'll probably give you a good ass kicking." At that thought, Koushiro had begun wearing a conspicuously evil grin, much to the annoyance of Daisuke, giving him a raised eyebrow.

"Drop the thought, my dear Koushiro" his deep voice was intensified by a hidden tone of anger, and a cold feel to the hand he patted on his friends shoulder "or else dear Mimi will hear about your little 'accident' with her Teddy Bear. 'Mishta Fwoffals', remember?" His cutesy little voice hit the mark, forcing Koushiro to drop the grin, but keep it in his mind. "It tears me to pieces, just like the bear."

"Okay, fine." His embarrassed face focused and got back on track " But be careful with how you say it to him, whether it's both or not, you are talking about his little sister, so watch yourself." Koushiro turned and began to get out his cell, undoubtedly to call the Older Kids about the get together.

"It's at Odaiba Mansion Park, at 7pm, we'll be there for around 2 hours so... pretend you're getting milk or something at 8.40pm, and try to convince Jun, it'll make things move along smoother than having the girls chime in." Koushiro began walking silently away, leaving a dying breeze in his wake.

Daisuke looked on his cell for the time. "3.55" he uttered, unable to wait. "well, first things first, where is my sister and future nephew?" Unwilling to accept that he desperately required Jun's help, he decided to go home first to search.

On the travel home, which in itself seemed like an eternity, he pondered in deep thought about what the problem at the Kamiya residence was, resolving to help bring back the cheerful siblings he fondly remembered, and bring back the smile on the radiant face of Hikari, as she was quite obviously his choice for going to the prom 2 days later.

But would he have to fight for that? At the time, he had no idea of the suffering going on, or what would have to be done in the following 3 days.