Chapter 6 of the Brothers in Arms drama festival!

With Sora being in a heap, what will Taichi, Yamato and Daisuke do in their relentless pursuit of Jinpachi, the source of all their pain?

And with her in the state she's in, Jun and Hikari in a personally conflicting meeting, and Mimi seemingly hanging low after the school incident; can their really be a prom or happy ending?

Brotherly Union

Motomiya Residence

"So... Hikari, how are things at home?" Daisuke mumbled timidly, further muffling his voice with a chocolate bar being munched on at the same time.

"..." Hikari simply remained silent, also indulging on the food Daisuke had managed to sneak in as his mother left on a personal errand to her sisters apartment, almost acting burdened as she left, scowling almost through Daisuke's door and to Jun before walking out.

"Uh... h-hey, Daisuke!" Jun desperately wanted to change the subject, as she noticed how pained the hazel eyed young girl looked whenever here home life was mentioned, "... W-where's Dad?"

"At work late," her brother stated flatly, not even batting his eyes from his fixated point of interest, "Hikari, is it that bad?" his eyes narrowed, "Takeru has been worried too..."

Ring – Ring – Ring...

"A phonecall...?" Daisuke thought bitterly as he peeled himself away from the triangle and walked out of his room, walking briskly over to the telephone by the kitchen counter, picking it up with scorn on his face, forgetting to say his pleasantry and just waiting.

Whether fortunate or not, the wait was not long.

"... Hey, is that Daisuke?"

The voice sounded strained, almost pained as the words came through the receiver. It was Tai's voice, surrounded by many other sorrowful and cheerful voices.

"Taichi...?" he said in response, "if your wondering about the sleepover, they're doing fine..."

"Listen, I need you to come to the Odaiba Sacred Heart Hospital. We have a problem, and I can only entrust this to you, as Jun and Hikari are with you."

He was very forward and serious in his voice, forcing Daisuke to accept this was no test drill for an emergency; something bad had happened, and one of his friends had managed to get into a hospital. But who it was, he was currently in the dark.

"...Sure... but what about...?"

"Takeru, Koushiro, Jyou and Mimi should be there any minute now; they all want to check on Hikari too. So don't worry about that, just get here as fast as you can!"

CLICK... vrrrrrrrrrrrr

"Alright, now I guess I'll just wait until –"



Opening the door, he spotted all four aforementioned friends, almost blockading his exit, all slinging questions at him too quickly too piece together, although he was positive he heard Hikari and Jun's names several times as he was forcible pushed backward by the oncoming onslaught of dear friends though his doorway and into his bedroom, to which the girls seemed astounded as they stood as quickly as an emotionally frail and pregnant girl could.

"W-what the!" the pregnant girl screamed before finding herself locked in a bear hug by the unbelievably strong Mimi, who was careful of the baby, but still packed a lot of pressure, "Mimi, what in the world is going on?"

"We came to see you after the thing at school with Sora's friends!" Mimi was cut off a little to late by Jun's hand being freed from her clutch and over her mouth, with Hikari's eyes narrowing in curiosity.

"What happened with Sora? Tell me! Tell me! TELL ME!" she cried, resting on Daisuke's made bed and narrowing her eyes further; she had realised Jun had purposefully left out that not so minor detail so as to spare her feelings, but hated it when people told her lies.

"Tell her while I'm gone, and watch over them, okay?" Daisuke yelled as he changed into his beige shorts, wearing a larger version of the lone star shirt he wore years prior and a black denim jacket as he darted off down the building before he could hear any back talk.

Odaiba Sacred Heart Hospital

Panting, Daisuke had finally reached the designated meeting point after a rather lengthy run from his apartment, entering the main entrance and scanning the atrium area, spotting Taichi sat on a small bench with a daytime TV guide. He must have been bored by Daisuke's overdue arrival, even while running.

He walked calmly over to Taichi, blotching out the light on the small pamflet sized guide, with the elder boy looking up with a rather blank, guilty lok in his eyes. No words were traded between them, and Daisuke followed him up several flights of stairs like a loyal sheep dog; no a word being uttered between them as they finally stopped outside a room, with pained breathing and grunts being heard inside. They both took a deep breath as they walked in the pristine hospital room, with two beds parallel to each other, but only one filled with a very familiar person with Yamato squinting painfully beside it.

"Jesus Christ... is that... S-Sora...?" Daisuke said, gawking at the unconscious young girl in the bed, as Yamato looked at him briefly with a dazed glance, but sluggishly looked back down at the floor, the saddened look in his eyes overbearing the tough mask he usually wore.

Sora was wearing a light green hospital gown, with her legs and part of her stomach concealed by her blanket, possible hiding more of her damaged frame. Her face was heavily bruised, with a large bandaid crossing over her forehead with a pasty white on a purple and red background, her eyes closed with a swollen lump above her right eyebrow, her red hair cascaded acround her pillow and a large facial breathing mask hazing from her breath infrequently, and her arms had been heavily bandaged down to her wrists, where her hands seemed to have purple knuckle imprints from defending herself.

"My god..."

"I found her in my place, looking far worse than this, and screaming that she was sorry to me and everyone single of us." Taichi broke his stare at Daisuke and looked down at Sora, recalling what had happened earlier when he had returned.

Kamiya Residence: 2 hours prior

"Shit... why didn't I remember it before?" Taichi rasped to himself as he climbed the flight of stairs to his home, in search of his wallet before he went to Yamato's for a serious gaming session.

Finally coming to his door, he rifled through his pocket, feeling the jilting of his keys and picking them out, before noticing the door had been left unlocked, meaning Jinpachi had returned, to which he scowled, preparing for a fight.

Opening the door, he immediately took account of the spare key, knowing it to be in Jinpachi's possession prior to Taichi's departure. He also noted a small, bundled up envelope, addressed to 'Taichi, Yamato and Daisuke'. Slowly opening the letter and reading it intently, his face darkened as more and more of the text filled his eyes with a dark evil in the wording, until he came to the final line, which sent a frosty chill down his spinal cord.

He slowly crept closer and closer to his room, his feet creaking on the wooden floor before halting, noting the red stains on the living room floor, to which his eyes widened in horror.

"N-n-no... he couldn't... wouldn't have!"

Disregarding his stealth tactics, he rushed toward his room, and smash on the door, noticing it was jammed somehow. If the text was true, the door didn't matter; so he lifted his foot to his waist, and used a wrestling super kick to smash the door wide open, with his desk being pushed aside and revealing a terrified, shaking Sora, almost unrecognisable under her blood and bruising as she sobbed loudly for her mother.

"Sora!" he yelled, cradling her in her arms as she let out a loud gasp, pushing him away with all of her might as she pushed her back to his wall and placed her arms over her face as tears fell down her face.

"N-N-N-N-NO! GO AWAY!" she cried with all of her strength, still covering her face from Taichi's view.

"Sora, it's me, what happened to you?"

"I-I-I-I'M SO SORRY! P-P-P-PLEASE, J-JUST DON'T H-HURT ME!" she cried again.

"Sora, I would never hurt you!" he shouted nervously, "it's me, not Jinpachi!" he reasoned, noticing her wince and lower her arms so that her eyes peered over the top, almost like an injured child, only in a High School uniform.

He closed the gap between the slowly, noticing Sora getting fazed as he approached her, beginning to kick at his ankles in retaliation before she felt him kneel down and lock her in a deep hug, her bruised face softening as she slowly and tentatively returned the hug, beginning to break down on his shoulder.

"I'm so s-sorry, Yama... Jun..." she heaved.


Odaiba Sacred Heart Hospital

"According to the doctor, she has three broken ribs, and another two bruised, and she has severe bruising and swelling on her face. Whoever did this to her, they did it without restraint..." Taichi mumbled as he continued looking down at his childhood friend in vengeful anger.

"But, you know who did it, don't you?" Daisuke interjected, receiving a vague but somehow obligatory look from his senior, as Yamato now looked up in curiosity and anger, as Taichi rifled through his jacket and removed a small letter from his pocket, passing it to the curious pair as they read it with intensity.

To, Taichi, Yamato and Daisuke.

I dearly hope your reading this together, no matter at what point it is. I have a few things to get off my chest.

Hikari has managed to elude me for a little too long; giving a victim hope is fun when it is entirely squandered before their eyes, but, my dear nephew, you have stood in my way far too often, and as a result, I have implemented your punishment, as you will find out sooner if not later.

Daisuke, the blind, lonesome brother who shows his anti-social tendencies far too often, you have failed to understand the truth, and as a result, your precious sister, who carries meaningless cargo of mine, got beaten up at the school, as I watched from behind a fence as those sexy high schoolers really packed a whollop!

I guess you could call me your 'brother' if you can figure out the truth with that unbelievably small brain of yours.

And as for Yamato, well, in my apartment, in Taichi's room, your little whore sealed herself inside after I gave her the greatest beating ever given. I'm getting an erection just listening to her crying now, as I write this. She's still afraid that I'll break the door down and beat her to death, but if she stays in my nephew's room, she'll be dead anyway.

When you do read this, I want the three of you to come and try to find me, so you can have the chance to settle this. Arrogance toward me because of your trash whores will not be tolerated; if you don't love them or take their virginity, it's as good as mine. Do not be uptight to me.

See you later, Jinpachi Kamiya.


"Bastard!" Yamato screamed, his pure blond locks blotching out his rage filled eyes as he looked down at Sora, "don't worry, Sora, we will be having that second chance after all... you did apologise for Jun, so it's only fair."

"Taichi... is this why you called me here?" Daisuke asked as calmly as he could.

"Yeah... it's also why I got the other four to go there... to watch over Jun and Hikari in case he tries anything there..." the senior boy responded sluggishly.

"We've gotta get back to the apartment!" Davis restrained his yell, but it still resounded throughout the room, "even if he's not there... I have to talk to Jun about something..." with a quick upward glance, he received a curt nod from Taichi; however Yamato instead opted to stay beside Sora until she woke up, turning down the offer to hunt Jinpachi down, no matter how much he truly desired to.

Odaiba Streets

Fortunately for the hunters, the street were eerily quiet and empty, almost like baiting a mouse into a false sense of security. However, the two united brothers did not care about the butterflies they felt, and continued their blind run toward Daisuke's home, where they hoped they would find the two girls unharmed with smiles on their faces.

"T-Taichi, what if he is there?" the younger goggle head huffed without turning his head toward Taichi, who ran side by side with him at a feverish pace, "do we call the cops or-?"

"Listen, whatever happens in life; happens. There is no way to reverse or alter the flow of time, so if we beat the shit out of him; it happened, so leave it at that." He responded with no signs of exhaustion.

"Is that your way of convincing me that fate is the one responsible for what I might do, if Jun confirms what I'm thinking?" after that, several moments of huffing and puffing passed, as the streets came and went by like a mirage, until finally, they had reached the apartment building that towered before them.

"Just be ready for self-defence, then."

Motomiya Residence

Rifling feverishly through his pockets, Daisuke found his keys, and placed them into the lock he had secured silently before leaving for the hospital. Fear struck a chord, as he found the door creaked open on it's own, with the lock hanging off the side. Slamming it open, he and Taichi immediately felt regret at the sight that confronted them, strewn all around the living area and kitchen top.

Jyou was thrown across the kitchen work top, unconscious and bleeding slightly from his mouth and nose, with his formerly rimmed glasses lying beside his pained face, broken into fragments and threatening to jab into his face, should he roll over.

Koushiro was lying on his chest, protecting Mimi, even after being knocked out cold. It seemed he had suffered a terrible strike to the small his back by tearing at his shirt, whereas Mimi seemed to have passed out due to terror and fear.

Takeru was worse of, as he probably tried to defend Hikari to his last breath. No, he wasn't dead, but severely injured as he had a large cut down his right eye, possibly from a knife. It was going to leave a scar over his right eye, that much was clear; however, it didn't seem deep enough to blind him, a lucky thing, all things considered. The worst thing was a stab wound that extended through his right arm, bleeding out rapidly unless treated immediately.


"GUUUGHHHH!" Takeru cried, wincing under the pain as Jyou applied an alcohol doused tissue to his head wound, confirming earlier suspicions that it would leave a scar over his right eye, with a bandage applied to his punctured arm while the blonde teen attempted to wrap the dressing with as much pressure as he dared to with his free hand.

"W-we're so sorry..." Mimi whimpered softly, as she looked at Taichi and Daisuke, Koushiro providing support from beside her as she continued, "he came in so suddenly... and attacked us with a knife and took them..."

"Do you know where...?" Daisuke's blunt question was halted as he noticed an oddity hanging out of the letter box beside his home's front door, a piece of paper, entitled 'Too Late'.

Opening it without hesitation, Taichi and Daisuke stared down with fear widened eyes.

To Taichi, Daisuke and Yamato.

A little too slow, don't you think?

A clue to help you find me... and them, as long as you develop working brains cells soon, that is.

Overlooking the lake, the free pair of doves forced to look with hope before entrapment in a metallic cage, and by the hand of the executioner, sent down the spirit road.

The cries shall be like a symphony to me.


"That sadist fu–!" Taichi regained his composure, and let out a gargantuan sigh of anxiety as he looked to Daisuke with helplessness in his eyes, "come with me, we need to save them. He took them in case we called the cops. I don't see why he bothered; screw the cops, if we don't hurry, he'll kill them."

"And you'll... kill him..." Mimi sadly translated for him.

"Only in self-defence, if I need to. I'm ready and willing to do it, he's taken my sister, and therefore has take it too far." Taichi venomously spat, contemplating the many ways he wanted to make his uncle suffer, "Life isn't a game... these last few weeks should have never happened..."

"A few months, if what I think happened to Jun is true..." his compatriot corrected, already having pieced together the events that had led to Jun's sorrowful existence up until the present day.

They both turned, and began walking to the broken door with intent and malice in their faces. But they stopped when they felt hands on both their shoulders, turning to face their four friends, with serious yet goofy looks; they were planning something.

"We can't go to the prom tomorrow looking like this... so we don't care getting beat up a little..." Mimi stated with authority.

"Easy for you to say, Mimi. If it wasn't for Koushiro, that body of yours would be ragged with scratches." Jyou said back, receiving a violent yet courting glare from the strawberry blonde, "but do you meatheads really think you can find them on your own?"

"Their jut as much our sisters as they are yours." Takeru said proudly, a large bandage on his arm twigging with every move he made; not that he'd show it after saying that, "we're all a family, so lets go find them together."

"Yeah, we're like those guys in that military film... oh... what was it called?" Mimi pouted, thinking hard as the others smiled at her.

"Saving Private Ryan?" Koushiro inserted, clutching at a twing in his wound located at the small of his back.

"Yeah, but my dad always had a better name for it... oh!

Brothers in Arms!" she said excitedly, dragging Jyou and Koushiro by their wrists as they trailed behind Takeru, Daisuke and Taichi down the flights of stairs in search of the kidnapped girls and Jinpachi, a man with sadistic tendencies.

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