Rating: T
Genre: Romancedrama and angst
Pairing: Yuina/Satsuki

Warnings: Chan ie. relationship between adult and underage person
Disclaimer: Sadly I don't own HanaIro

A/N: Somehow this is weirder than my usual ideas. Reviews would be cool because I know that pairing is… well, crack, and I'd like to know if this is readable.

Three meetings and one wish

The first time I saw her was when I was going to visit Ohana. She was a visitor, and she walked towards the town. When we were close enough to talk, she asked the directions. Later I found out that she was local.

Who was it? She looked like a businesswoman yet she resembled someone. Her eyes were warm brown I had seen somewhere, but she also saw everything. She was a vixen, wild, un-tamed.

That was when I realized that Yosuke meant nothing; I wanted her and only her.

I don't remember anything about the rest of the day.


Second time was when she was sitting at the café in the town. She must have seen me before I saw her. There she was, smoking and drinking coffee. I have always thought that smoking is stupid but she looked so cool.

I think I stared her for a minute or two before she "noticed" me and asked to sit with her. I think I ordered a tea while we talked about things: her work, my school, Tokyo, and love. She told me that she had a daughter about my age. I thought she was kidding till Ohana passed us.


I have never been so embarrassed. I admit I lusted after her, and well, she seemed about 25 years old. She's Ohana's mother? I mean, she's what, 35?

"You look shocked," she muttered after Ohana and Tsurugi were gone.

"I… thought you were just kidding when you said…" I mumbled and stared my shoes. Yeah, someone kill me now. I was probably really obvious to her.

"That I have a daughter about your age, Wakura-san?" I nodded. Why this had happened to me? She's Ohana's mother. I know it and yet I want her. I really want her and badly.


Satsuki's hands wander on my body secretly and I blush furiously. We're in the middle of the town when I decide to do it. I grab her hand shyly and lead her towards a shrine. There's about million stairs but in the beginning she leads me into forest.

We kiss, and I press her against a tree. Right now I don't care if she's older than me, or that she's woman and it's immoral and all. I kiss her jaw, my hands explore her body while her tongue adventurers in my mouth.

"Can I?" I ask. She grins and smiles.


The third time I see her is an accident. We're on a school trip in Tokyo and she's walking on the other side of the road. She's with a man and when they stop she kisses him goodbye. I knew that we weren't dating but yet I'm heartbroken. I didn't love her but seeing her with someone else pains me.

"Yuina, are you okay?" Ohana asks. I nod, what else could I do? I look at Satsuki and swear that I'd never do that again, lie that I hate her.

If she kissed me now, I'd give in.

With pleasure.