Summarry: UlquiHime OneShot. Ulquiorra is leaving Orihime's room when she makes him wait, and they get into a discussion about friendship.

"Ulquiorra-san!" Orihime called as he was walking away from her.

"Woman." he responds acknowledging her presence and stopping his walk out the door.

"Um... Don't go away." she said awkwardly.

"Are you feeling alone?" he asked. She looked up, surprised. He who claimed he felt no emotion now seemed to understand hers.

"Yes." she said quietly.

"Your friends are not coming for you, you fear." he said. He had now completely turned around.

"No. They're coming. I know that." she answered with determination.

"Then what is it you fear?" he asked a little disinterestedly.

"My friends getting hurt." she said with wavering voice. He stared at her with emerald green eyes.

"It does not matter if they get hurt. They took it upon themselves." he said resolutely turning away.

"They took it for me." she corrected sadly. He turned to face her again.

"There is no reason a being would risk his life for another. That is folly."

"No, that's friendship." the red-head replied, determination once again shining in her eyes.

"Friendship. That's what you feel with your heart." he said with the slightest hint of mockery.

"Yes. Friends love each other. If a person were to get hurt or disappear, their friends couldn't handle being themselves until that person had been healed or returned."

"Friendship is folly." he repeated.

"No it isn't!" she objected, "Friendship is when you can't stand being away from someone. Like if you went out the door and you wanted to come back in to see me, that would be friendship."

"I do." he replied blankly, analysing her confusing words. Orihime blanched. What did he just say? That he missed her when he left her room? Ulquiorra?

"Then we're friends!" she replied joyfully after a moment of quiet. He smiled. Wait, Ulquiorra was SMILING? He had never shown any kind of emotion before, and now this... positivity? The smile looked alien on his pale cold face.

"What do friends do?" he asked calmly.

"H-hug." she said after a short moment of thought. She wrapped her arms around his thin waist and pulled him as close as she could. He froze. Physical contact was something he generally shunned. Especially that of trash like humans. But her body was so warm, her words so sweet, her presence so comforting. He tentatively put his arms around her back and her tear-stained smile when she looked up at his face was simply beautiful.