Title: Pari passu

Prompt/Inspiration: Rivals. You can't seem to avoid them.

Song: "Can't Get Away" - Third Eye Blind.

Characters: Gold, Silver

P.S.: the title roughly translates to 'with equal steps' or 'moving together.'




"Maybe I'm not understanding you," the boy added hopefully, pushing a long ebony bang out of his eyes as he spoke. His face was a semblance of denial. He was the kind of person who had always gotten everything they pursued in life, be that goal, or another person. He had a singular determination to keep his track record - a determination even the other young man had to admire. List it among the growing amount of things to admire.

This was getting to be too much. He had to bow out while he still was aloof enough from this boy to leave. With every time they met up, he was growing more and more friendly with him, for lack of a better word. And that wasn't okay. People like him didn't make friends. The only friend he had was Green, and his loyalty was solely to her. They had been through many trials together. He didn't know how he felt about being close to someone he hadn't endured similar experiences with. He sort of felt like he was replacing her. He was analyzing a lot of things that had come up lately, which meant it was time to go. Better not to even have to make the call. Just get away from him. End of story.

"I mean, I get it. You like your space. Okay, Silver, run off if you have to. But we'll be seeing each other again." Gold grinned in a mischievious way, one corner of his mouth turned up more than the other. He seemed like he was laughing on the inside when he spoke again, "You can't stop bumping into me, after all. You'll come back. Or maybe I'll find you."

His gaze was almost painful to return, then.

There was something about his surety that acted like a shot to the gut. Knowing he had no intention of meeting up with Gold again, it made it hard to keep a straight face, to not say anything. And then, on top of that... he shouldn't be having these impulses at all. Before they had met, he would have discarded another person to the past without a backwards glance, and certainly without feeling guilty.

Yet here he was.




If you had never met Gold's rival, or if you didn't know him to the extent the aforementioned did, it would be difficult to notice how oddly he was conducting himself now.

The fashion in which he was standing was the first clue. He was facing directly at Gold, looking upon him like an equal. In times past, he always seemed be turned half-way away, as if he was constantly getting ready to leave, to skulk off to the next place that benefited his goals. And then there was the way his mouth moved. He seemed to be holding back a frown, and any other time his face had been perfectly passive, unreadable. The presence of any sort of emotion was unusual.

To be honest, he looked guilty.

"I..." he began to say, but abruptly cut off. His lips formed a thin line on his face.

Turning on his heel, he started to flee the opposite direction, but there was no way Gold was letting him leave like that!

"Silver, wait up!" He started jogging to keep up with the other boy, reaching him in only a short amount of time. Inexplicably, he felt happier than he had been in a while as they began walking together down the route. After all, Silver had just told him all he needed to know without more than a single word. It seems he wasn't the only one who was none too fond of them being seperated, and the reasons why it might be that way pleased Gold.

It was true, then.

They were a bit more than rivals, just like he himself had always felt. Sure, he enjoyed battling Silver, but that wasn't the only thing Gold enjoyed about whenever they met up along the way. Even just seeing Silver himself was something. Whenever they were going their own ways, he knew that his rival was on his mind, and it finally seemed like just maybe, he was on Silver's at those times, too.

Even if he skirted around the subject, Gold thought the truth was plain to see.

"Why are you following me...?" There seemed to be an unspoken "this time" lingering in the air. Silver looked sideways at him, many questions in his eyes.

Gold just smiled secretively, and placed both hands behind his head as they walked, a gesture that lent him an even more playful appearance. He let the question air out for a moment, which may or may not have been intended to make Silver sweat a little. Of course, no matter what he did, a similar result would have occurred when he did deign to answer. The implications behind it were all too true to make Silver very comfortable at hearing them.

"Because you want me to follow you."

And since Gold was being nice, he neglected to make a joke about how Silver's face colored to the point where it matched his hair in the next few seconds of their journey.

Some things truly were better left unsaid.




A/N: Utter failure imo. I can't write Silver. I might not have failed at writing Gold. Either way, I must practice. Perhaps I will improve. Expect more chapters to this story, not necessarily sequels to this particular one - I'm making this a shorts collection of stories inspired by the Pokemon Adventures manga. Anyway if you care, review. Grazie mille~