The Secret of Scarlet

Prologue: Himitsu no Shinjitsu

There was once a story of a different continent than ours. It was said that this certain continent resided at the opposite side of the world. At a place beyond Pergrande Kingdom. It was said that at that continent, resided people who held similar powers to our Magic.

They were called Shinobi, or Ninja. They were different from our Mages. They held morals and honors, but they were more ruthless. To show proof, they held Four Great Wars, while we held only one. I have ventured there once, and it was a bloody battle at every month, every week, day, hours, minutes, seconds. Everyone there sought power. Power to protect, power to exact revenge, power to rule, anything for power. But I found only a handful of people who wanted power for peace.

Everywhere I went, I smelled blood, saw blood. The ruthlessness of these Ninjas were unforgivable in the eyes of mines, but alas, even they saw me as an enemy because of my power. And it took all of my power to stay alive.

It was during the Fourth Great Ninja War, that I have seen a man stand up.

Though that was only for a moment, for I have fled back to my home continent. And the last I heard of that certain man… here was none.

As soon as it came, the War ended.

And the cost was the very lives of friends, families, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, lovers.

That was the last I saw of the bloody continent. The last I saw the once peaceful land become a warzone of many. The last I ventured to the land of Ninja.

I am Gildarts Clive, and I give this message to anyone who decides to take any "Hundred Years Mission"…

Don't ever take the mission, for the place desired for that mission is long gone, disappeared, off the map of the world.

From this day on, I hereby declare that the Ninja World, the polar opposite of our Mage World, is gone. Lost.

May the Warriors of the Shadows rest in peace.

Makarov sighed as he laid the paper down. It has already been decades since Gildarts sent him this warning. He wonder where Gildarts was at now, since the "Ace" of Fairy Tail has already left for his 10 Yr and 100 Yr Mission less than 5 years ago.

He sighed, watching his Mages and comrades duke out once again. This time, Erza was feeling generous, for some odd reason, as she was drinking nearby. Another weird thing was that Natsu wasn't even present when the fight started. It wasn't until the doors slammed open that everyone stopped.

Speak of the devil; it was Natsu, looking out of breath. He wheezed as he stumbled to reach the bar. Gray walked over and grabbed Natsu, helping him up.

"What's up, Natsu?" Gray asked with a worried look.

"E-… erza… Someone… someone did it!" Natsu cried out.

Everyone was confused this time, no one more so than Lucy. "Someone did what, Natsu?" Gray asked.

"He… he completed the task!"

"What task?"

"The task for 'How Many Ramen Can You Eat in 30 Minutes' task!"

Everyone was silent as Erza grew quiet.

"This guy finished Erza's record of 46 bowls of ramen! And he's still going!" Natsu continued, his face filled with challenge. Lucy was confused as Erza suddenly stood up. "Master…" She muttered.

"Go ahead, Erza…" Makarov ushered as Erza's armor suddenly disappeared, being replaced by an orange samurai-looking armor, her black hakama covering her body. Her long red hair was tied into a pony tail as a black headband with an orange swirl wrapped around her forehead. Getting up, she yelled, "Natsu! Gray!"

"Hai, Erza!" The two yelled.

"Come with me! This won't take long…!" She declared, as Titania walked out, followed by the Salamander and the Ice Maker followed her out.

The guild immediately started gossiping and muttering as Lucy looked even more confused than ever.

"I don't get it, what's this 'How Many Raman Can You Eat in 30 Minutes' task?" She asked as Mirajane walked up with a glass of punch. "It's a small task that the ramen restaurant nearby has. It's supposed to be a challenge that whoever can eat the most gets to have the whole thing for free."

Lucy was even more confused as to why anyone would try that out.

"So far, Erza has the record of over 46 bowls." Mira explained. "See, Erza has this odd craving for ramen sometimes. She wouldn't tell anyone why, though. But you should know that Erza is competitive, so whoever beats her record, she would try to beat that record and be at the top."

"That's our Erza alright!" One of the guild members yelled as everyone cheered.

"Even though Erza doesn't know it, she's also known as the Ramen Queen here." Mira whispered, a hint of comedy and mischief in her voice.

"W-wow…" Lucy whispered, having learned another thing about the Titania of Fairy Tail.


At a dark prison, a lone man was on the floor. Behind him were the remains of the chains that bound him to the wall. The chains melted to the point that it was molten and dripping onto the floor. The man's arms were burned beyond healing, a collection of small black flames still lingering on the arms. The remains of the chains also had black flames burning it.

Suddenly, the atmosphere around him began to grow heavy as an orange aura surrounded the man. "Let her go… give her back… I don't fucking care if you need her for some sort of machine to bring back someone form the dead! I am NOT gonna let you sacrifice her! GIVE HER BACK!"

The man slammed his head onto the floor, forcing himself up. "I will NOT let you take her away from me! I won't lose another person! I won't lose the one precious person I have left! Give her back! Give me back my daughter!" Panting the man managed to stand up, his arms swinging in numbness. Suddenly, he rammed himself into the door. "LET ME OUT! FUCKING DAMMIT! WHEN I GET OUT OF HERE, YOU'RE ALL GONNA BE FUCKING DEAD! YOU HEAR ME! I'M GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU!"

Outside, the guards were groaning at the roaring.

"There he goes again…" A square-looking man said, fixing his sunglasses.

"Who does he keep yelling at for?" The other one said, having tan skin. "Better yet, who's he yelling about?"

"I dunno. But having the heart of a kind and dedicated father… it sounds cool…" Square man muttered.

"You can't be thinking about having a child, are you?"

"Not really."

The two were interrupted when a cat-like lady walked in. "Hey, Jellal has a mission for us, nya~"

"A mission?"

"At a time like this?"

"Mmm, I don't really get it either, nya~"

The tanned man shrugged. "Let's go. Must be important."

Square man nodded. The three then left the hallways. Meanwhile, back in the prison, the man was struggling to move as he fell to the ground. The man shuffled through the floor as he tried to move his arms. Managing to move his right arm, the man reached for the bandaged seals around his eyes as he grabbed one of the wrappings. The seal suddenly glowed crimson red before turning black with a yellow outline before being burned into two.

"Give her back…"

The man unwrapped the bandages around him slowly, before his closed eyes was revealed.

"Give her back!"

He then snapped open his eyes, revealing an atomic-like eye with a three-pointed star in place of his pupils. The outside of his eye was black while the inside was red. Blood began dropping out of his eye.

"Give… me… back… ERZA!"

And everything disappeared into black flames.

Ignisha's Notes: This is only a tryout kind of thing. If this "one-shot" story gets enough reviews and hits, I'll probably think about making the whole series. Till then, READ AND REVIEW!