Me- " I am finally getting the first chapter of this story, please note that due to all of the OCs i got, not all of them are going to be used, and please also note that every OC, will not turn up in every chapter."

Lynn- "Oh get on with!"

Danny- "Yea hurry up!"

Lynn POV.

"What now Clocky? Don't you know I have ghost brats to be terrorizing?" I asked the only ghost older then myself.

"Yes, I know quite well what you were up to, but i need you."

"Ugh, for what may I ask?"

"I need you to be the princepal of the ghostly high school that the humans want to have set up in the ghost zone/ mortal world."

"Wait, both?"

"It will be one, but it will transfer. It will simply be in the ghost zone with the entrance in both worlds."

"Will their be humans in it too?" I asked eager to scar fresh brain-meats... 'Note to self lay off the Invader Zim.' I thought.

"Yes, you do watch that show far too often. And as for your question, yes. Their will be humans, ghosts and anything inbetween."

"Wait, so that would include Phantom right?" He nodded, this was going to be fun.

-One week later... I don't want to explain the slow painful process Clocky went through to inform people... (He just made a giant banner...)-

I was sitting in the office looking over Phantoms Schedule.


1: Algebra 2- Honors

2: World Hisitory- Honors

3: Spanish 2

4: Chemistry- honors

5: Phsyical Education

6: English -10 - honors

7: 2d art.

"How did he get into honors?" I asked my self. Skulker finally brought the very half ghost I was thinking about into the room.

"Here, I hope your happy Shadow Master." He sneered. I glared and sent him away. Phantom looked at me for a while.

"Who are you? Where am I?"

"I am Lynn, a semi-good friend of Clocky, annoyer of the Observents, Master of Shadows, and Princepal of this school. You my new fresh worm-ba-meat. Are in the new high school for Ghosts, humans and every thing inbetween."

"Why am I here?" He asked.

"Clocky said so." I put simply. He still looked confussed.

"Clockwork... said... to set up... a school... for beings... and everything between."

"Oh, Clocky was clockwork." He said. I looked at him like he was an idiot...

"So, here is your class list, classes start next week. All humans will come here too, and they will have lunch,not with the ghosties though..." He looked up at me and glared at the paper. I rolled my eyes and shadow called Fiona and Anne, to my office.

"What up Lynn?" Fiona asked.

"You need something?" Oh how did the three of us become friends?

"Yea. Phantom here doesn't seem to know anything when it comes to this stuff, so you two get to help him!"

"Why me?"

"Because I said so. Plus I suck at school crap..." I pointed out to Fiona. She growled and rolled her eyes. Anne had already taken Dannys' class list and was looking to see that I made sure they had the same classes.

"Phew. Okay, I can help!" She said. I gave her a smile like smirk. The three of them finally left my office so I could sleep a little bit.


Me- "Okay... more of a prolog than a chap..."