Me- "Yea, I guess that this will be the end because the only way I see this going is to write what happens at school and nothing is going to happen to them that much, other than standered bully/ A-lister troubles, you now that stuff. So, Yea. Sorry to any one who submitted an OC if it didn't get used, It's just that this story has REALLY lost the muse it once held for me. So I am going to focus on my pairing story for now until I get the urge to write somthing that can and will follow a plot. If you noticed the last chp sucked. But I can't change it cause it really was the best of the worest, so sorry if you liked this story but there just isn't enough of a spark for me to write it any more."

Danny POV.

Fiona, Anna and I walked down the halls towards Lynns office, we had pulled a prank on the A-listers and it had gone off without a hitch, hence the reason they knew it was us. We passed the guidence consuler and saw Jazz talking to Alex trying to make progress. We nodded to her and she waved back. Alex nodded. We finally made it to Lynns office and saw a young monk looking kid with arrows on his hands, feet and head. Lynn turned around and saw us.

"Hey guys, this is Aang, Aang this is Fiona, Anna and Phantom."

"Hi!" Aang said. He looked to be about twelve years old.

"Lynn... What dimison is he from?" Anna asked. Lynn played 'innocent'

"Why what ever do you mean dear friend?"

"Lynn we all know that he is not from either of these dimisons, he is too alive to be a ghost and no human has those tattos at age twelve."

"Hey! I am one-hundred and twelve thank you very much." Aang said. We all lifted an eyebrow at him. Lynn sighed and opened up a portal, a boy with short black hair and a scar going over one eye came out and saw Aang.

"Aang, there you are! I was starting to worry that you weren't coming back. We need to go now."

"Okay Zuko, Bye Anna, Fiona, Phantom and Lynn!" Aang called as he went into the portal.

"So, what did you want again?" Lynn asked.

"The prank?" Fiona rolled her eyes at Lynns' ability to forget her 'duties' as head of the school.

"Right... I suppose... one day of helping the fruitloop clean up Clocktower should do."

"Vlad is in clocktower?" I asked.

"No dumby. I meant Clockwork, he is a fruitloop if I ever saw one. But meh, have fun cleaning! " She said before making a portal under us to transport us there. I groaned as I sat up and looked around the tower. Clockwork walked out and looked almost suprised that we were there.

"Ah, Lynn must have sent you. You'll be arranging the library. So, hop to it." He said pointing to the door he had come out of. We walked in and saw stack upon stack upon stack of books waiting for us.


"Sucks." Fiona and I said togther. Anna on the other hand went zooming around and around looking at the different books and titles. We heard an 'Oof' and walked towards it. Sitting on the ground after being tackled by Anna was Ghostwriter. He looked up and blushed? I double checked and did see a blush.

"Anna! Why did you tackle GW?" Fiona said helping her friend stand up.

"Cause I havnt seen him in forever!" She said getting off and then helping Ghostwriter.

"Well, yes. I had some trouble but it is all over now and I am fine." He said after standing up he looked into my eyes but looked down quickly with another blush. Fiona and Anna looked between us and giggled before walking off.

"That was odd... So whats up Andrew?"

"Nothing much Danny, But I must be getting back to work, I'll see you at my place later."

"Okay." I said. Me, Fiona, Anna, and Ghostwriter managed to get everything righted and in an orginized manner before heading back to the school. Except the school was on fire.

"Why is the school on fire?" Fiona asked Lynn.

"I got bored with it. So poof, it's on fire. Don't worry everyone is out." She said. The three of us stared at her in different forms of shock on our faces.

"Hmm, I wondered how long it would take for this to happen." Clockwork said behind us.

"You knew it would just not when? So you made me do this because?" Clockwork looked at Lynn after she asked.

"Because You needed to stop scarring new ghosts for their afterlifes."

"I did that any way."

"But to a lesser extant."

"Ugh, Now I gotta make up for lost time." Lynn said before flying off, Clockwork teleported home and Fiona, anna and I split up to go our own ways. This was an event full three days.


Me- "Yea, that's it. This sucks, but I needed a way to end it, yes there was ZukoxAang, but it was one chap and not very long, yes there was DannyxGhostwriter, again one chap, and not long. And yes Lynn did set the school on fire but no one really cares about it."

Lynn- "I was practicing fire bending."

Me- "Your a pryokentic, you don't need to practice!"

Lynn- "Meh. I wanted to pracitice air, and water, and earth bending too."

Me- * Rolls eyes *