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"Peter?" Jasper called out from the back yard. He'd just hung up with Sam Uley. His pack had combed the forest near where Chief Swan had found the young girl who'd been potentially attacked by a vampire.

"Jasper?" He ran towards him. "What's the word?" He asked. He'd been waiting to hear this news all day. Jasper had taken the time to analyze over Peter's excitement last night about finding and killing a vampire. He was sure in his heart, after being in the war the way they were, that killing was somewhat of a secret pastime that Peter knew he wasn't allowed to enjoy anymore. That's not to say he didn't sate is vampiric lust when he fed. But really, killing a vampire wasn't the same as killing a human. It spoke volumes as to the effect the war had had on them all. It's not that Peter or Charlotte, or even Jasper were evil. Killing held a different meaning to them, than it did to humans. It was sport. A sport that all three of them denied themselves, sans feeding time. It was a rough way at looking at things that were actually very serious. But, Jasper knew. He knew Peter wanted to kill a vampire. Even Emmett, he thought, would love to chase down a potential threat and snuff it out. Being victorious in these matters was extremely gratifying. But things were complicated, and Jasper did not have the news Peter was dying to hear.

"No sign of a vampire anywhere according to the wolves. After I found out where the cops found that girl, I told them the coordinates and they took a sniff around. Two humans. Interestingly though, the body had been moved post mortem, according to Sam. He thinks it was a murder. He did pick up the scent of both humans. They are keeping a look out to see if the second human comes back." Jasper spoke methodically, as if he were briefing his soldier. At one time, Peter had been his soldier, and in moments like this, it was easy to slip back onto the battle field. Peter took it seriously.

"What do you mean the body was moved post mortem?" Peter asked. Disappointment was laced through his features, but Jasper could feel a new excitement building in his gut. If Peter had a heart, it would be racing.

"Well, Sam said when they found the body's drop space, he followed the two scents he found. One scent smelled of a— decomposing body, for lack of a better term. He followed the human and it's kills scent for two miles down the state highway and then it disappeared. He said he thinks the human moved the body by car."

"That's fucked up." Peter exclaimed.

Jasper laughed at him, because unlike Peter, Jasper could see the irony in any human eating vampire finding killing 'fucked up'. He'd seen vampires do stranger things with their food.

"So the guy—, I'm assuming this is a guy by the way, not really a girly kill, do ya think? Anyway, the guy, he totally murked this girl by draining her blood?" He asked. "I wonder where the blood went." He surmised halfheartedly. He chuckled.

"Seriously, I mean we drink blood, at least we have an excuse. This guys just a weirdo." Peter finished finally, shaking his head back and forth.

"So are we gonna' go down their and check it out?" He asked excitedly.

"No. Peter, I'm going to check it out. I already told Sam I was staying with red-eyes. They sincerely do not approve."

"Aw, come on Jazz. Seriously, it's been years since I've really hunted someone. Let me in on this one."

Jasper shook his head. "Peter, the wolves won't hesitate to kill you if they see you. They won't care what you're there for if you've got red eyes." Jasper scolded.

"Well I guess that says a lot about how you'd think I do up against one of those mangy mutts." Peter retorted, folding his arms in disappointment.

"Five or six of them against one of us. Seriously, Peter? Look I'll figure out someway to get those scents back here for you to smell if that makes you feel better. Yeah?" He felt like he was talking to a child, trying to help them understand they couldn't go, and then when they threw a fit about it, pretending like he was going to do something to make up for it.

"Yeah, yeah fine." He tossed his hands in the air in defeat.

"Look, I've gotta' go to Forks to talk to Bella anyway. She'll want to be updated, maybe I'll stop and grab some of the land and put it in a bag or something on my way back, that way you can sniff around." He tried to qualify.

"Bella, ay?" Peter raised his eyebrows multiple times, while also completely ignoring any other part of Jasper's statement.

"How's that going anyway, she your lova yet?" He asked, his inflection as silly as his mood.

Jasper ignored him.

"Lo hizo chupar la polla todavía? Hmmm?" He posed boldly, his eyebrows still ridiculously going up and down, his lips smirking.

"Shut the fuck up, Peter." Was all Jasper said. "By the way dick-breath, aren't you her teacher? Isn't a little inappropriate to be asking questions like that?" Jasper asked quickly, his eyes lowering to a suspicious squint.

"Ah—, I have a loose social policy in my class." He smiled in response.

"Whatever, I'm heading down to Forks now. I'll be back in a few hours."


As Jasper ran through the forest, he decided to take a detour towards where the girls body was found and dammit if Sam Uley's nose wasn't right on the mark. A body had definitely not been killed here, but moved here. Maybe it was because their sense of smell was different, but Jasper could tell immediately that it was a male that had moved the girl here. It was lucky, Jasper thought, that he'd called the wolves to check and then came himself now, before the rain and thunder washed away the scents of the human who'd been here. Besides the scent of the male, that he'd now keep in mind, he had nothing to really go on. He'd come back after he saw Bella.


Bella heard a light taping on her bedroom window. She was startled, and for a moment terrified. She hadn't had someone try to get through that window since before Edward had left. But, she didn't want to think of those things anymore. She hesitantly made her way over, the glare from her lamp preventing her from being able to see even inches outside her window. All she could see as she moved closer was her own reflection. She opened it slowly. Jasper hung there in a cockamamie position. His hands and feet were both perched on the sill, but his body was hanging backwards. He had a funny smile on his face.

"May I come in?" He asked.

"Uh, yes, of course." She acquiesced. "Have any news, she said backing up and walking towards her dresser. She opened it as Jasper entered the room in a soundless thump, pulling out a pack of cigarettes. She hadn't quite gotten over her new vice. She'd like to say she was a social smoker...but that wasn't exactly the case.

"I wish you wouldn't do that." Jasper remarked.

"I wish a lot of people wouldn't do a lot of things." She remarked, walking over to the rocking chair that was stationed next to her window and sitting down. She lit her cigarette as she asked her next question, "Can you lock the door?"

Jasper zoomed over and back again, the only noise he made was the click of her door's locking system jamming it's self into place.

"Thanks." She said as she took her first drag.

"Those can kill you." She sing-songed.

She only gave him a meaningful look and he shut up.

"Okay, so it wasn't a vampire that killed that girl." He said finally, taking a languorous seat on her bed. He stretched his body as if he needed to. Bella's eyes widened as she looked at him. He felt almost no lust off of her, it must have been the information he'd just said that was effecting her.

"Really?" She asked, flummoxed. "That's almost worse." She whispered to herself.

"Yeah, well..." Jasper sighed. "The wolves are going to keep an eye out, but the guy that did it moved her in a car, his scent stops not even two miles from where he dropped her body.

"Are you telling me this guy drained her blood— and, and—?" She didn't even know what to ask.

"That's fucking creepy." She whispered again, taking the last drag of her cigarette she'd have. She tossed it out the window and moved to sit on her bed with Jasper. He was still laying back.

"You know... Human murderers don't even scare me." She said flatly.

"No I suppose they seem threat-less with me around, huh?" He joked.

She rolled her eyes, laying back next to Jasper. "Yes, I suppose. But that's not what I meant." She explained. "It's just I've been chased by vampires. What humans do is creepier, but compared to someone like James, I just don't feel very threatened. I feel like I could get away from a human murderer. Definitely not a vampire who wants to kill me."

Jasper turned his head towards her. He was so much closer to her than he'd expected.

"You've survived a lot, Bella." He remarked.

"I've been saved a lot, is what I think you mean." She countered, smiling gratefully.

He smiled gently at her comment. It was true, she had been saved a lot. But only because she was worth saving. Bella turned her head and looked at Jasper. Really looked at him. He was staring at her, so close. Maybe because she knew they were there already, and because of their close proximity, she could see his scars clearly. She thought they made him beautiful. She sent out a wave of admiration to him and a small smile curled on his face. His eyes were looking right through her. She leaned onto her side, her body now facing Jasper Whitlock and she reached her hand out to touch his neck. There was one very visible scar there, she traced it with her index fingers.

"Most humans don't notice them." He said softly.

"They don't take the time." She said distracted, inching closer to him on her bed.

"Why do you like them?" He asked, taking his own hand and touching the arm that was reaching outwards. He touched her softly, his fingers barely hovering over the skin of her wrist. Her heart was jumping. Green, green, green. His heart sang.

She took a deep breath. "They are a story, that sent you to me. You're sitting here now because of them. They are a part of you, if I didn't like them, I wouldn't like you." She explained.

He trailed his fingers from her wrist up her arm until he met her collar bone and then eventually the scar on her neck. He massaged it gently, pushing her mahogany hair away from the area. He pulled himself an inch closer.

"I'm so sorry I wasn't there sooner." Jasper admitted softly. "I tried to take away the pain."

He could feel her pulse speeding up marginally as his thumb swept across the scar tissue. Green, green, green, his finger tips whispered. A wide, but bashful smile spread across her face as she ducked it down. He pulled her face up gently, moving closer still. He could feel it now, the warmth of her feelings surfacing, when she looked at Jasper she felt soothed, but also excited. Her body was tingling, on edge as Jasper drew closer. Was it him or her? He thought as his face came closer to her. He pulled her closer, but not for a kiss, he tucked his nose and mouth into her neck, breathing in her pulse. Her jugular pumped against his cheek. He gasped.

"Jasper—." She sighed. Her blood was pumping harder now, adrenaline releasing into her veins.

"Are you scared?" His voice rushed out, breathy as he took his hand and pulled her to him. He opened his mouth onto her neck, licking her scar. She moaned, her voice cracking half-way through.

She took a moment to respond, her mind catching up with his words. She was suddenly very turned on, her body pressing against his.

"No." She finally released in a gasp pushing against him.

"Last time—." He began, one of his hands reaching for her ass to pull her even closer as he pushed his erection against her. She gasped again, moaning his name. "All I wanted was to fuck you. But I couldn't..." He whispered. He pulled her on top of him, letting her take control. She only grinded harder against his hard on.

"I'm a big girl now, Jasper." She smiled, her eyes closed as she moved over him. He sat up, with her sitting on him and wrapped his arms around her.

"I can't help it—, how much I want you." He sent out adoration and lust. His voice was soft in his confession, but his hands were hard on her waist, pushing her down onto himself. His lust was getting the better of him, and the more he tried to rein it in, the more Bella sent his way. She placed her hand at the base of his neck, her thin fingers messing the back of his pony tail as she rode him. His hands slid up her shirt, pulling it of off her in one swift move. It was too fast for her eyes to notice. When she saw her exposed breasts her eyes widened, but she only smiled. She moved back, her arms going behind her to lean on his thighs as she rode him harder.

"As hard as you can." Jasper whispered, as his hands went across her abdomen. Her breasts were in front of him, moving up and down, and they were perfect. But he wouldn't touch them yet, his fingers would only trace the small space right below them. Her flesh was so hot, like a furnace on top of him. "Esto es una locura."

She moaned loudly. "Take off your shirt, take it off." She pleaded. She took her hands and placed them at his waist, trying to take his tee-shirt off in the same swift manner that Jasper had taken off hers. He leaned back and pulled it off for her, and when she looked down, she could see all of his scars clearly. There were so many but they were spread far apart, in different places. Places she wanted to kiss and lick. His body was so beautiful, she thought to herself. How could she have ever seen him for something he wasn't? She leaned down into his chest, kissing him gently, here and there. Jasper's hips bucked up into hers roughly, his hands roaming her waist and ass, her thighs, and everywhere he could get his fingers on. Finally, he pushed her up, her still riding him, and started to pull at her pajama pants. He pulled the band the was snug around her waist towards him, but it was difficult because she was on top of him, and he couldn't get her pants off this way. Instead, he pulled them down as far as he could, relieving everything from the top of her waist to the top of her thighs. He sit up, one hand behind her to support her weight as the other hand dove into her core. Her chest against his, she moaned as his hand roughly massaged her pussy.

"Fuck..." She exclaimed, riding his hand now. He moaned in response as he lapped at her neck. He turned her over, him on top and roughly removed her pants.

"Guh!" She expressed, surprised. "Yes..." She hissed. He chuckled moving down her body, projecting his emotions towards. He was solid in his resolve that she was just as into this as he was. Perhaps, the motives were different, but he loved this girl, and he knew that in time, she would love him too.

He kissed her breasts, sucking on her nipples, letting them pebble beneath his cold tongue as he massaged her naked hips. She released a few more fuck, fuck, fucks, as he moved further down to her underwear clad core. He could smell her arousal.

"You're wet, baby." He whispered against her naval.

"Mmmm." Was her only response as her back arched, her breasts pointing upwards. For a short second he imagined the southwest of the United States, and the laccolithic design of the sandstone, her breasts paralleled these thoughts. Protruding from her abdomen like the igneous rock bulging through the underlying strata. It was beautiful, Jasper thought, that her body mirrored her past, and his as well. So many layers... But his thoughts were fleeting, as was his attention to her breasts, he had more ground to cover...

He pulled at the center of the top of her panties, pulling them down to reveal the top of her pussy. He kissed it gently, appreciating the wax job. His hand reached down to rub himself as he explored her. He growled in approval as he pulled of her underwear completely.

"Let me eat you out." He demanded, looking at her swollen lips. Bella was looking down at him, leaning on her elbows carefully.

"What if I said no?" She teased, her voice lusty as ever.

His hands splayed across her inner thighs, he pushed them apart, spreading her open.

"I'd beg you." He hissed. He'd meant it to sound genuine, but he was sure it did not come out like that.

He felt her approval in three forms, one through emotions, two through her heartbeat, and the third, through the gushing aroma of her arousal as he spoke to her. He dug in, licking and biting softly, but his hands were rough; pinching her thighs and ass. Moving from on place on her body to the next, he purred as he sucked on her clitoris making her jump and yelp.

"Fuck, Jasper!" She squealed, her nipples becoming hard.

"Come on me." He demanded, swatting her pussy before diving back in for another taste.

"Jesus Christ." She whimpered, defeated as she let herself come, grateful to Jasper in that moment. As her come coated his lips and mouth, his own completion was reached. Coming in his pants wasn't something Jasper did— ever before this moment, but he was just as grateful as Bella was for the orgasm.

She sat up, pushing her hands into her pussy, shy suddenly.

"That was great, Jasper." She commented. "I've never felt like that before."

He was quickly on the bed, "Don't cover yourself, Bella. You're body is wonderful." He complimented. He really didn't want her to cover her body, he wanted to look at it still. He had a vampire stamina that could go all night, he was still hard even after coming, and he want to look at her pussy. He hadn't invaded it once with anything more than his tongue. Oh the things, he wanted to do.

"You're a little more dressed then I am." She remarked, taking her hands away, and crawling over the bed and reaching out towards her cigarette pack. She took out a cigarette and lit it. Even in her cocky nonchalant gestures, naked smoking while sitting Indian style on her mattress, Jasper could feel her self doubt. Which was surprising to Jasper, after what had just taken place.

He leaned into her, picking her up and laying her body on his lap as she continued to smoke her cigarette.

"I love you're stomach." He whispered into her hair, splaying his hands across her tummy as he spoke. "And your breasts, are truly a sight to behold." He said softly, his hands moving up to touch her breasts. " — Your thighs..." His southern accent was palpable, dangling in the air just as tangible as the smoke being released from Bella's lungs every time she took a puff.

She sighed, contented. "You're very beautiful, Jasper." She said.

"Thank you darlin'." He chuckled. She leaned forward, her ass in his lap still, naked as the day she was born. Then she leaned forward more, onto her hands and knees in front of him, so she could reach over and toss her cigarette out the window. He didn't know what drove him to it, but her feet were crossed one over the other as she leaned on her hands and knees, so he took her ankles in one hand and spanked her ass with the other. Her head turned quicker then she'd ever turned her head before, her eyebrows furrowed.

"What was that for?" She whipped, Trying to move her legs but failing to within Jasper's tight grasp. He loosened his grasp minimally.

"I don't know," he smiled wickedly. You kind of deserve it,he thought. For all the trouble you've put me through.

"Well, I liked it." She smirked. Jasper licked his lips, sitting up while not releasing Bella's ankles. He leaned over and whispered into Bella's ear, as she started to pant and her heart started to race again.

"We will have to explore this..." He hissed, and he smacked one of her breasts. "Another time." And he sat up, releasing her. She sat up quickly, hands on her hips, breasts puffed out in irritation.

"No fair, Jasper." She shot out, childishly.

Jasper gave her a goofy smile, while hoping of her bed.

"I feel like an asshole." He digressed. She gave him an odd look in response.

"I've gotta' get back to Peter, I told him I'd bring a soil sample from around where that girl's body was dumped. He want's to take a sniff." He explained as he retrieved his shirt. Bella didn't even try to get dressed.

"Why doesn't he just come down here?" She asked, curiosity projecting from her.

"Eh, it's complicated. The wolves...and Peter's diet. It wouldn't be good. So here I am, digging up soil for the bastard."

"Right well, be safe...okay?" She said, even though she knew virtually nothing could happen to Jasper out there, sometimes it felt better to say these things.

"Of course." He said. She took a long look at Jasper Whitlock as he approached her. She was amazed with him really. He took her and hugged her deeply, projecting feelings of adoration, appreciation, lust, and a few other things. Bella hugged him back, just as deeply, trying to give him all the feelings that she'd been trying to ignore over the last few weeks. She was happy when she was with Jasper. She had to stop denying it.

"I'll see you soon. So really, you should stay safe!" He reprimanded, letting go of her.

She pursed her lips, trying not to giggle.

"Always." She said. And with that he jumped out her window to go deal with Peter and all the other things.


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