"Salvation: Forever and Always: Our Love, Our Legacy"


Title: "Salvation: Forever and Always: Our Love, Our Legacy"

Author: Michelle Heath

Rating: MA for adult situations and language

Summary: Story #8 in the Salvation series. Sam, Steve and the Five-0 family face challenges that make them all re-evaluate their lives.

Disclaimer: I so do not own Hawaii Five-0; unfortunately! All original characters are the property of the author!

Date Written: September 13, 2011

(U.S. Navy Commander Samantha McGarrett hits the send button on her computer and waits until receiving confirmation that the document she just emailed to the Pentagon went through without any problems. Satisfied that she beat the deadline for that particular report by two days, Sam turns her chair so she is facing forward and picks up a folder from the top of her desk glancing at the clock as she does so. Sam is four and a half months pregnant with her first baby and she has a doctor's appointment at the base hospital at 1300 hours. Realizing that she has plenty of time since it's only just now 1100 hours, Sam opens the folder but doesn't have the chance to start looking over its contents because her phone rings.)

"Cmdr. McGarrett."

"Hey, Beautiful."

"Hey, Sailor. What's up?"

"Nothing. Just wanted to check in on you and the baby."

"Honestly, Steve, we're doing as well as we were an hour ago when you called to check on us. I thought Mom had a little talk with you about behaving."

"Your mom didn't have a little talk with me, Sam; she issued orders like I imagine Gen. Patton did during World War II. Trust me; I am not going to make an idiot of myself like I did when Kono was pregnant. . . I just. . . I just needed to hear your voice, Sweetheart."

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm good. . . It's just that. . . Since you've been pregnant, I. . . Well, I've come to realize that you and our baby are the dearest, most precious people in the world to me, and I've been thinking about what a very blessed man I am."

"Oh, Steve."

"So, am I forgiven for calling you every hour?"


"Okay, then, how about lunch at the O Club?"

"Works for me. I'm all caught up on my reports and my doctor's appointment is. ."

"At 1300 hours. I'm going with you."

"Oh, Steve."

"You know, as much as I like hearing you say that when we're making love, this way works for me, too."

"Oh, Ste. . . Nope, not gonna do it again. You coming to pick me up or do you want me to meet you at the O Club?"

"Coming to pick you up. I'll be there around 1145 hours. . . Sam, I love you."

"Love you, too, Steve. And, Steve? Feel free to call me whenever you want to; I need to hear your voice, too."

(Hanging up the phone, Lt. Cmdr. Steve McGarrett, head of the Governor's Task Force for the state of Hawaii, drops his feet from the top of his desk and heads out of his office. Danny and Chin are standing in front of the smart table arguing about which one of them made little Eric Montgomery smile the night before when they all had dinner at Kono's and Tony's. Little Eric's mother is standing at one end of the table with her arms crossed in front of her looking on in amusement. When Kono sees Steve, she just rolls her eyes and tries not to laugh. Steve, however, doesn't have as much restraint as Kono and can't resist throwing out a smart-assed comment.)

"You guys didn't learn anything from Gracie, did you? Eric's only three months old; he smiles because he has gas!"

"He smiled because I, . .We made him smile, Steven. And speaking of my daughter, did you tell Grace to tell me and Caroline to have a baby?"

"Danny, the night of my birthday party, Grace wanted me to talk to you and tell you that she wanted you and Caroline to have a baby. I suggested that she tell you two she wanted a little brother or sister and you guys might be willing to think about it. Although, even though my niece is perfect, the thought of you procreating again sends chills down my spine."

"Ohhh! The only reason my niece or nephew is going to be perfect is because Sam is the baby's mother! God help us if the baby's anything like you!"

"Oh, really? Don't think I'm not going to be watching you like a hawk once the baby's born, because I will be! If my child develops a love for all things Jersey and hates pineapples, I'm going to kill you!"

"Pineapple boy!"


"And you two wonder why I cringe every time you are anywhere near my son."

(And Steve and Danny, who are standing about two feet apart, both snap their heads around to look at Kono with fierce frowns on their faces and yell, "Hey!" at the exact same time. Of course, they were so busy arguing, that they missed the impish grin that flashed across her face before she spoke.)

"You two are more alike than you want to admit."

"Perish the thought!"

"You know what? I don't have time for this. I'm taking my wife to lunch and then going to her doctor's appointment with her."

(But Steve is grinning as he walks to the elevators. Life is good and it's about to get way better because he is only about twenty minutes away from the love of his life and the mother of his child.)

A/N: Hello, everyone. Here's the next installment of the Salvation series and it's going to focus mostly on Sam and Steve. Of course, the rest of the gang will be present throughout. I'd like to thank everyone for reading and reviewing my stories. I appreciate you all so very much. Please feel free to send me a PM if you have any ideas you would like me to include in the story. I can't guarantee I will be able to incorporate you're suggestions, but I will do my best! Thanks, again! Michelle