Title: "Salvation: Forever and Always: Our Love, Our Legacy"

Author: Michelle Heath

Rating: MA for adult situations and language

Summary: Story #8 in the Salvation series. The Five-0 family face challenges that make them all re-evaluate their lives.

Disclaimer: I so do not own Hawaii Five-0; unfortunately! All original characters are the property of the author!

Date Written: July 6, 2012

(Steve has a few aches and bruises and knows he's going to be sore in a few places in the next day or so, but he could care less. He has his Sam back in his arms where she belongs and the threat to her and their daughter has been effectively eliminated. Shifting slightly, he gently touches the side of her beautiful face and forces her gaze up to meet his. He is not the least bit surprised to find tears shimmering in her emerald green eyes and he bends his head to hers and captures her mouth in a kiss so sweet it causes more tears to flood her eyes and slide down her face. When Steve finally lifts his head from Sam's, there are unshed tears glittering in his eyes, as well. Now that both Irina Kasavich and Mark Andrews have been taken into custody and the immediate threat has been eliminated, the adrenaline that had been coursing through Steve's bloodstream has faded away and the full import of what could have happened to his family hits him squarely in the heart. Although he doesn't dare let anyone, including Sam, know it, his knees are close to giving way and he's fighting mighty hard to keep the inner trembling he's experiencing from showing outwardly. Sam, however, is well aware of what her husband is feeling because she experienced a good, healthy dose of the same thing during her captivity. Looking up into his incredible eyes, she gently uses both hands to pull his mouth back to hers for another incredibly sweet kiss, infusing every ounce of love into the act that she possibly can. It is only when the soft whimpers of their daughter reach their ears that Sam and Steve pull apart and turn toward the sound. Libby is standing less than three feet from them holding little Emily in her arms. Both Sam and Steve feel fresh tears flood their eyes as Sam cradles the tiny baby in her arms and Steve enfolds them both in a protective embrace. Emily is hungry and doesn't fail to let everyone present know it and Sam laughs through her tears as Steve ushers her into an office at one side of the building so she can nurse their daughter closing the door behind the three of them. . . .

A little later, when Sam, Steve, and little Emily finally emerge from the office, Emily now sleeping peacefully in her Daddy's arms, they find Sam's parents talking with Danny a few feet from the door. The sight of Libby Thrasher, wearing black pants and a black tank top with a Glock tucked neatly in the back waistband of her pants, her reddish-gold hair pulled up in a ponytail and a "mess with me; I dare you" expression on her face causes both her daughter and son-in-law to grin as they join their family.)

"Okay, so is everything taken care of here, Danny? 'Cause, if it is, I'm going to take Sam and Emily home and then I'll head to the Palace."

"Whoa, hold up there, Cowboy. Everything's been taken care of here and Kono, Chin, and I will take care of things at the Palace. Tony and Mike have things under control at the base and the Marines have Irina Kasavich, Mark Andrews, and everyone who was working for them locked up in the Brig. You, my friend, certainly are going to take your wife and daughter home, but you're going to stay there with them for the next, oh, I don't know, the next two days, at least."

"Did you just give me an order?"

"Yeah, I think I did."

"Danny. Really?"

"Yes, Steven, really. Take your family home and stay with them. I got this."

"You've got this? In case you've forgotten, you moron, the Governor appointed me Head of this Task Force!"

"Did you just call me a 'moron' again?"

(Although Sam is trying her best to smother the giggle that's threatening to escape her, she's not doing a very good job of it and a very unlady-like snort escapes her. Libby, thoroughly disgusted with the lot of them, steps between her two sons-in-law and places a firm hand on each man's chest.)

"Now, boys, I realize that we've all just been through a rather harrowing experience, but if the two of you start fighting again, I will finish it for you. Am I clear?"

"Um, yes, Ma'am."

"Very clear, Libby."

"All righty then. Steve, dear, take Sam and Emily home and stay there. The three of you need some time together without anyone else pestering you and you can have that time now. Danny, you go right on down to the Palace and do whatever it is you need to do so that Steve doesn't have to go down there. All right, Sweetie? Your father and I are going home and see about Rosa. That poor woman has absolutely been tied up in knots ever since she came into our family and I want her to know that everyone and everything is all right now. Oh, and Danny, don't forget to call your wife, dear. You remember what happened the last time you forgot to let Caroline know something important."

(And before any of the younger people can say a word, Libby and Mike are out the door and on the way to their SUV. Exchanging amused glances, Steve and Danny shake hands, Sam gives her brother-in-law a surprisingly strong hug, and Uncle Danny bends over to place a soft kiss on Emily's little head. In a matter of minutes, Steve has little Emily securely buckled into her car seat in his truck, which Libby and Mike brought to the warehouse, and he has Sam's hand firmly in his as he drives them all home. . .

Taking his mother-in-law's most excellent advice, Danny pulls out his cellular phone and hits the speed dial for his wife. Caroline answers on the second ring.)


"They're fine, Sweetheart. Sam, Steve, and Emily are all just fine and they're on their way home right now."

"Thank God! What about Andrews?"

"He's in custody; all the bad guys are in custody, Caroline. The threat from the Kasavich family is gone for good. Listen, I've got to take care of some things, but I'll be home as soon as I can."

"I know you will. . I love you, Danny."

"I love you, too, Gorgeous."

(Caroline hits the "end" button on her cellular phone and allows it to slowly slip through her fingers to drop softly on the thick carpet covering the floor of the master bedroom. Caroline, her face tear-stained, is sitting on the floor with her back propped against the foot of the bed. In her free hand, she holds the home pregnancy test that, once again, indicates that she is NOT pregnant. Her heart is shredding into a million pieces at the thought of not being able to have a child; of not being able to give Danny another child, maybe a son this time. Maybe she's been so concerned about her sister that she hasn't been able to conceive. Maybe, now that all is right with their family again, she can truly relax and it will happen. Maybe . . . Who is she kidding? She, Caroline Thrasher Williams, is never going to be able to conceive, let alone carry a baby to term. Her mother told her that the four miscarriages she suffered before Caroline was born wasn't something she would have to worry about, and Lt. Cmdr. Denning told her she was healthy and there was no reason she and Danny couldn't have children, but . . . But they've been trying for quite some time now, and she still isn't pregnant. Caroline's gaze lands on the framed picture of her holding little Emily at the hospital right after the baby's birth, and hot tears of sorrow slide, unchecked, down her face.)

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Story #8 in the Salvation series is not complete. I hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it although it did "get away" from me and took on a life of its own! As you can see with this ending, the next installment will focus on problems and concerns that are more personal for our ohana. Thank you all so very much for reading my work. I am greatly humbled by all of the kind words I have received from you in the past and promise you that I will do my best to keep you entertained in the future! Michelle