"Hey, Vega." Jade said as she leaned against the locker next to Tori's. "Hey, West." Tori replied, slamming the locker shut and turning to look at the pale girl. Jade's blue eyes seemed to reflect so much to Tori. They were standing fairly close together, but to anybody else, they could just be gossiping.

"I'm coming over today." Jade said, not bothering to ask permission. By the lockers, their thumbs lightly grazed each other, but didn't stay in contact very long. "That works. My parents are working late anyways." Tori looked at Jade's hair. Most people say it's black, but Tori thinks it looks like a raven color. She's not sure though, most of the time her fingers were in it, not her eyes.

"Trina?" Jade asked, raising a pierced eyebrow. "I think she's going to the mall with her friends." Tori looked around to make sure none of her friends were nearby

"Good." Jade snickered. Tori instinctively leaned forward for a goodbye-kiss, but Jade's hand grabbed her shoulder.

"We're single." Jade said as she pressed Tori back a bit, "Remember?" Jade dropped her voice lower, "I'll take you home after school." Tori nodded.

Two single girls. Nothing more. She was just a normal teen and Jade was just the normal friend that usually hated her, right? And Cows have three eyes too. Who was she kidding? She was madly in love with her mortal enemy. Nobody could know, though. As long as they were two normal girls, there would be no reason for anyone to check the Janitor's closet during Tori and Jade's Study Hall. Jade seemed perfectly fine teasing, taunting, and all over messing with Tori at school, and never seemed to feel anything wrong with kissing her in the dark of night. It didn't make much sense, but neither of them really questioned it. All they knew was that only they were to know. That was like a law of whatever relationship they didn't have. It was unbearably amazing.


"Hey, Vega." Jade said casually as she walked up next to Tori. It was how every conversation began with them. If it were at school it always ended with "We're two single girls, remember?" and if they were alone it ended with "I love you." No matter how it ended, it didn't make sense at all. Sense didn't matter though did it? When Jade was with Beck it didn't matter at all. They had their first kiss even before the break up. It was a secret then. Even if Beck knew, he'd probably not be upset at his girlfriend kissing another girl. Regardless, the break up happened, and Jade was single. That was only time Tori ever brought up the prospect of them as a couple. Not immediately after, of course, but almost a month later. They would still see each other after they split, and every single time, Tori was tempted to ask. When she finally did, Jade considered it. She eventually came to the conclusion that it wouldn't work. That she wasn't ready for anything yet. That was almost four months ago, and Tori never brought it up since. That's what brought them to this point. To what would become the next step in their relationship.

"Vega." Jade stated, snapping Tori out of the flashback.

"Huh?" Tori said, shaking her head.

"You're so thick." Jade said as she got into her car, motioning for Tori to get into the passenger side. Right at the moment that Tori got in, Cat ran up to the girls. She was holding a banana and shoved it in Tori's face.

"Tori! I found this yellow fruit and thought you might want it." Cat said. Tori smiled and took the banana, "Thanks, Cat. Hey we're going back to my place-" Tori was cut off my Jade's hand on her thigh. Tori was about to offer that Cat come with them, but she took the hint that Jade didn't want Cat around. Tori just smiled, ending her sentence there. Cat smiled and skipped away.

"So thick." Jade murmured as she pulled out of the parking lot. The car ride was silent. Absolutely silent. Tori rarely went to Jade's house. Her father didn't like creative people, so it was like she spoke Spanish around him, and her mother was rarely in the house. If Mrs. West was there, she was screaming and cursing. They always went to Tori's house, or somewhere in between. They tried so hard to avoid everyone from school. When they arrived at Tori's house, it was another silent walk to her front door. Tori walked into her living room and they threw their bags down on the floor. Jade fell back on to one part of the couch and picked up the remote and turned the TV on. Jade kicked her legs up on the coffee table, and looked up at Tori expectantly. Tori sat down on the couch perpendicular to Jade and put her legs over the pale girls lap. Jade put a hand over Tori's leg, rubbing circles against the skin through the leggings. It was just nice for a while, feeling Jade rub her leg, watching TV. It was so simple.

Jade rubbed up to Tori's upper thigh. Tori shivered as she felt Jade rising up her thighs. The goth ghosted a devilish grin on her face as she continued to watch the TV show. Jade put on that '1000 Ways to Die' show that always gave Tori the creeps. Most of the time Tori wondered why people would even try something that stupid. She was having a hard time concentrating on the show, though. Jade pulled Tori's heels off and ran a finger across Tori's toes. She pinched at the fabric of the leggings and started to pull them off. The black lacy looking pattern slid off Tori's legs and out from under her blue skirt. Tori's fingers ran against the black fabric of Jade's skirt. They never talked much. Even if they did, it was light. Most of the time, their lips were occupied. Jade dropped the leggings off the side of the couch, in the space between the orange sofas.

"Comfortable?" Jade said as she returned to rubbing circles on Tori's smooth, tan legs. "Yeah." Tori said, only half thinking about what she was saying. She had the other half pretending to watch the TV, but really was using that half to think about Jade... And circles, so many circles. Yeah, that half was way more interested in Jade's fingers running swirls up Tori's inner thighs. Tori looked over at Jade as she ran her fingers along Tori's more sensitive areas. It was close. Jade had gotten close before, but they'd never actually done it. It's not like she didn't want to. She would love to be as intimate as possible, it's just that things were so confusing with Jade. Things tended to get rough with Jade, like her anger, lust, jealousy, hate, and pain was poured out. The cap was loosened on all those bottled up emotions. Especially the pain. There was so much pain in Jade. From her home life, with her father that never shows love for her, and her mother that just fights with her father and yells at her. The pain from hiding everything about her from everyone everyday at school. All of it was just seeping out when she was with Tori. When she was with her, she shed the mask. Because of all this, Tori didn't think taking anything too far with Jade was a good idea. Jade acted like she was in control, and calm, but she was really the one that had the least restraint.

Jade's fingernails ran a bit too far and Tori snatched Jade's wrist to stop her. Jade turned to look at Tori with the corners of her lips curled mischievously.

"Do you want to dance?" Jade said with some spontaneity.

"Dance?" Tori said after a moment.

"I would hope you'd know how." Jade said as she ran her fingers back down Tori's leg and stood up, "Hold out your wrist." Tori sighed and held out her arm. Jade's cool fingers wrapped around Tori's wrist and pulled her up. Jade pulled Tori close so their bodies were pressed against each other. Jade smiled and took her PearPod out. She pulled the earphones out and dropped them on the coffee table. Jade scrolled down the song list and put one on. There was no significance to the song, but there was significance to the moment. Tori looked up almost dreamily at Jade.

"Don't look at me like that." Jade said jokingly.

"Then how should I look at you?" Tori asked, aware of the fact that they were swaying lightly to the music now. Not very fast, but at a slow pace. Jade's hands held on to Tori's sides and Tori's fingers were linked together behind Jade's neck. "Like this." Jade said as she leaned over and brushed her lips against Tori's, but proceeded to pull back.

"That's it?"

"I wanted you to look at me like this." Jade whispered to Tori. "Like what?" Tori cocked her head and looked at Jade. "Like you want me to do it again." Jade leaned in and actually kissed Tori this time. It was such a comforting feeling to have what Tori always thought was the spawn of evil locking her lips onto hers. Actually, it was exhilarating to feel that line of love and hate bleed and blur. Jade tasted like butter... Or something buttery. Their bodies were pressed so tightly together that heat radiated between them. Jade's tongue was tracing along Tori's lips, lightly parting them so she could push into her mouth. Every time she did that she wanted to gasp for air, because her body spiked with heat and her face flushed a deep red. Jade always made fun of it, but secretly thought it was kind of cute. Just like whenever she comes over to her house after school and Tori has her glasses on. Jade always found that really cute. Tori's hands snuck their way into the other girl's hair, and pulled Jade closer. Proximity. Chemistry. That's all it was about. The two girls were swaying from foot to foot to the music. Tori's mind was thinking simple thoughts. About how Jade's mouth felt, how her tongue tasted, and how soft her hair felt... And of course about the circles, the ones Jade was making on Tori's back.

Jade lost a sense of where she was as she got lost in the moment. Of course she knew she was still in the Vega residence. She knew this house like the back of her hand. When they first started doing whatever it is they were doing, their meetings were few and far between, but then there more and more, especially after she broke up with Beck. They tried to avoid Jade's house unless her father had late meetings, but there was still a chance her mother would be there. They were at Tori's house sometimes, but only when her parents weren't there. They even hazarded locking Tori's bedroom door while her sister was there. Most of the time they walked somewhere other teens wouldn't be. Like the park, or the woods. Jade loved walking in the woods for some reason. Especially in the winter with all the dead trees.

Recently, though, Jade has been coming over even when Tori's family was around, knowing full well she couldn't do anything but act like a friend. Those were actually Tori's favorite meetings. When they were alone, the conversation was simple, flirty, teasing, but during those days they talked about stuff.

One time, Jade brought over a horror movie she had made and watched it late at night when only Trina was up. She remembered that whenever there was a scary part, she would turn into Jade's side and grip at her shirt, putting her head into Jade's neck. Jade would snicker, then kiss her head. She really loved those times.

All of a sudden, the song ended and Tori was roused from her thoughts. Jade pulled out of the kiss, much to Tori's dismay. Tori made it evident that she didn't like it by letting out a long groan.

"Want more, Vega?" Jade taunted

"Of course." Tori said, noticing the evil look one Jade's face.

"Let's take this to the next level, then." Jade suggested.

Tori's heart stopped. Next level? As in dating? "Next level?" Jade smiled, "Yeah." She slammed Tori against the wall, trapping her there. This is where things got rough. This is where Jade lets it all go. Jade crushed her lips down on Tori's, her fingers running down the brunette's sides and to the hem of her shirt. Jade broke the kiss and pulled the shirt up over Tori's head and throwing it to the floor.

"Jade...?" Tori said. Jade placed a kiss on Tori's neck and replied, "Vega?"

"What are you doing?" Tori asked, but she made no moves to stop Jade's assault on her neck.

"Taking things to the next level." Jade said while running circles across Tori's exposed torso.

"Should we do this?" Tori thrummed her idle fingers against the wall behind her.

"Don't worry, I've got protection, babe." Jade grinned as she wiggled her fingers in front of Tori's eyes. Jade grazed her teeth along Tori's neck and Tori put her head back, shutting her eyes. It felt intense, the both of them were dripping with tension.

"I mean... Couldn't something bad happen?" Tori said, not opening her eyes once. Her body lifted off the back of the wall, needing to press against Jade. Tori felt Jade pull back, allowing her room to move freely.

"I don't want you to feel uncomfortable." Jade said, stepping back, and taking all contact away. Tori immediately regretted saying anything. "So if you don't want to do this..." Jade put her fingertips on Tori's stomach under her breasts that were still covered by the bra . "Then stop me." Jade started to run her fingers down Tori's bare stomach, the core toned from dancing. Tori felt electricity jump down the path Jade's fingers made. "Tell me how bad this is and how wrong it would be, Tori." Jade drew out Tori's first name like it was some sort of sacred word Jade only said when nobody else could hear. Lots of people used Tori's first name, but when Jade did, it meant something different. When Jade said it, which was rarely, it felt like something caring, amazing, sexy, and invigorating. When Jade used her first name, it was like showing her own vulnerability. As soon as Tori heard Jade say her name, she grabbed the goth girl's wrists. Jade looked into Tori's eyes about to pull away and apologize, but Tori pulled Jade's hands all the way down to the top of her skirt.

"I knew it, Vega." Jade said as she pulled on the skirt, pushing it down to a pool on the floor around her ankles along with her underwear. They shakily stepped to the left away from the garments on the floor. Jade put her hands on Tori's shoulders to stop her from shaking.

"You okay?" Jade asked, holding the trembling brunette in front of her, "If you want to stop I-"

"I'm just nervous." Tori said as she grabbed Jade's hands and pulled them back to her stomach. Then there were circles again. Those wonderful thumb made circles on her skin. Tori didn't bother to stop her this time as the circles ran lower and lower, massaging her worries away. Jade leaned closer and resumed kissing the girl of her dreams and desires. Tori moaned into Jade's mouth as Jade's tongue slid past her lips. Jade retracted her mouth and ran her tongue along Tori's jawline. Jade's circles went closer and closer to where they were so wanted. Tori felt her eyes roll up to look at the ceiling while Jade kissed down her neck.

"What am I supposed to do?" Tori asked so quietly that Jade just barely heard it. "Relax..." Jade whispered back. Jade's circles were on her legs, rounding her thighs so close to where it was wanted so badly. Jade touched it, but quickly brushed back to her thighs.

"Damn it, Jade!" Tori hissed. Jade smirked and before Tori knew it, the circles were on a much more sensitive area. Tori gasped and reached up to grab the deep purple fabric on Jade's shoulders. Tori's fingernails dug into Jade's shoulder, making Jade whimper. Jade was getting off on this as much as Tori was.

The circles didn't stop. The kept brushing around that sensitive spot that made Tori wild, what ever it was called. She felt Jade stop sucking on her skin and move up to her ear. The circles didn't stop, but Tori wrapped her legs around Jade's waist, almost without thinking about it. Jade whispered in her ear, "Just relax, keep breathing." She smiled, kissing Tori's ear.

"What are you gonna-Oh my god!" Tori yelped as Jade sunk a finger into her. Jade smirked, shushing the youngest Vega. She went back to assaulting her neck and used her free hand to undo the clasp of Tori's bra, letting it fall to the floor. Jade pulled that finger out and thrust it back in, capturing moans from Tori. Tori was so scared, she had no idea what to do. She was holding on to Jade as if her life depended on it, clutching the purple shirt. Jade's hand went down to support Tori with her free hand. "You're really beautiful, you know that?" Jade commented.

Was Tori supposed to say something? She didn't think she could if she wanted to. Her body was moving on its own. It almost felt natural. Tori's hips ground against Jade's and the girl in control groaned at the feeling. Tori's mind was losing it's grip on thoughts as the finger pumped into her and that thumb made those perfect circles. So many circles. Whose thumb? Jade's. All she thought about was Jade. Jade. Jade. "Jade..."

Jade brought her tongue over Tori's nipple. She was surprised at how well she picked things up. It wasn't like nobody talked about or like she hadn't seen things about it. She was honestly scared and felt like she knew nothing. She'd never let Tori know that, though. Jade too got lost in the rythm. Stimulus, response, stimulus, response. It was almost unecessary to think. Tori's bubbling feels felt overwhelming and all at once, Jade pulled out and pressed to fingers into her. At that moment, Tori lost her stability and fell apart, a wonderful pleasure surging through her body and out on to Jade's hand. Tori felt everything grow fuzzy and she fell limp.

Jade slowly let the half-Latina slip to the floor in her Arms. They sat on the floor, Jade holding Tori, stroking her hair lightly and kissing her head.

The moment was bittersweet. Sweet because she felt amazing to see Tori this happy and relaxed, but bitter because in a moment Tori would come back to her senses and she would have to go back to school the next day and hate Tori. It was just a game, but one that made her feel horrible. She liked to taunt her and tease her even when they weren't at school, but when they were at school, there was no care or concern behind her words. Although she did stuff with Tori she didn't with anyone else, like hugging, fist bumping occasionally, it was simply out of her need to break character and show herself to Tori. The real her. It was a lot of work though. Work she didn't want to do.

"...Jade?" Tori said as she regained her senses. Jade smiled at the sound of her voice. "I'm right here, baby." Jade whispered in her ear. Tori's blissfully clear mind was unclouded and brought back to the reality. She sat up slowly and looked at the black haired girl holding her so tenderly. Jade West. Whom she hated mere months ago and still acts as though she does during the day. She suddenly felt really selfish, shouldn't Jade get to feel the way she did?

Tori moved once she felt feeling again and clumsily turned her body over to be on top of Jade."You're serious?" Jade challenged. Tori nodded and pulled the draping purple shirt off Jade revealing a black bra. Jade seemed to be comfortable enough sitting against the wall so Tori craned over and kissed at Jade's collarbone, sucking on the skin lightly.

"I should mention you're gonna have a hickey on the crook of your neck." Jade said lazily as Tori kissed away. As Tori heard this, she pulled back and stared at Jade who was so content with the news that upset Tori.

"What am I gonna say? How do I cover that up?" Tori asked. Jade smiled, tracing an 'X' over Tori's heart with her finger. "Wear a turtleneck." Jade said, then laughed and added, "Wear your glasses too." Tori sighed and smiled, getting the joke. "You're odd, Jade."

"You know me." Jade said softly as Tori pulled off her boots and socks, throwing them somewhere in the room. She kissed at Jade's chest, running her tongue and teeth over every inch of skin she could while she toyed with the top of Jade's skirt. After a minute, Tori grew impatient and pulled Jade's skirt down, also with her underwear.

"So... How do I do this?" Tori asked, running her fingers around Jade's thin thighs. "You'll get the hang of it." Jade said as she took Tori's hands and led it right to her entrance. Tori hesitantly explored, running finger over certain areas until she felt Jade tense up over that one spot. Must be the same for everyone. Tori rubbed it again and Jade groaned, surrendering her will.

Tori paused for a moment to look at Jade who had her eyes shut so tightly and her mouth parted in such a sexy manner. "Tori, please..." Jade whined, curling her fingers into a fist. Tori stroked at the spot lightly, enjoying Jade's reaction as she fell apart. Tori unhooked Jade's bra, taking her hand away from that sensitive spot for a moment. Jade moved her arms to let the bra fall off. "Tori..." Jade moaned again. Tori's first name fell off Jade's lips like an incantation of some dark spell. If she had been moaning 'Vega', it wouldn't have had the same effect. Vega was more of a nickname. One that had become an alias for Tori. Tori's shaky fingers found their way back to that spot. Tori's kisses ghosted across Jade's pale skin, pressing against her nipple.

"Come on, Tori. Fuck me already." Jade was always the first one to get vulgar. It was understandable though. Tori cussed on occasion, but it wasn't near as bad as Jade. Tori complied with Jade's demands and pushed a finger into the pale girl. Jade's hips pressed back against her when she did it, and Jade moaned loudly. The look of pure ecstasy on Jade's face made Tori smile. All the control and will that Jade usually possessed was completely gone. It was refreshing for Tori. Tori did exactly as Jade had done, pressing further inside of the goth. They found that rhythm once again. It wasn't hard. It was a bit like dancing, except much hotter and intense. Of course it was a lot more intimate than dancing too.

Tori couldn't help but kiss Jade again in the moment as the rocked away from each other then back in again. Jade's reaction was there, but she was kind of weak. Almost like her body had just given into the pleasure. It felt amazing too, but Jade didn't neglect the kiss. She pressed back as much as she could before she felt everything get faster. She couldn't take it anymore and was driven over the edge, screaming Tori's name into the mouth covering her own and slipping into that wonderful limbo that Tori had just come out of.

After Jade had recovered, they found themselves sitting against the wall, heaving and sighing. Long before they spoke, Jade was rubbing circles against Tori's hips. Those damn circles. They comforted Tori, made her feel like Jade was protecting her. Of course the Jade Tori first met when she joined Hollywood Arts was rigid, cold, uncaring, and rough, like some sort of angular shape. That was just a disguise though. The real Jade was softer, still liked to mess around, watch scary stuff, and destroy things, but definitely much smoother. That girl had run circles on ever inch of Tori's body. Now there were circles inside her most sensitive areas.

Jade especially left circles on her heart. The intelligent, creative, expressive, and talented girl was so stunning. Tori thought back over what they had done and realized something.

"Hey, you called me 'baby'." Tori stated, pushing herself off the girl to sit beside her. Jade thought back, and she had called Tori that. "I guess I did." she answered.

"How sweet." Tori gave a genuine smile. A blush rose on Jade's pale face.

"I'm not sweet." Jade dismissed the thought of her being sweet in any way. "It was just a thing, you know?"

"Where did you learn to do that anyway?" Tori wouldn't be surprised if Jade had had sexual ventures in the past. Jade never came off as the conservative always do the right thing girl.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Jade had to admit it was mostly luck. She had heard things, but it was mostly just a guess, and a bit of natural instinct... And it wasn't like her thoughts never drove her to lock her door and 'think' about Tori at night. That girl drove her insane.

"Well... I mean was I... Like..." Tori stammered, looking down, "Your first?" Jade swallowed and nodded without saying a word. Tori felt something special in knowing that this was Jade's first time. It was another part of the circle.

"I love you." Jade whispered. That was where the circle ended. Every time. Circles don't end though, so it would start again tomorrow with their charade of hate at school. The vicious circle of life that destroyed everything through the day and rebuilt it at night. They both knew that there was no hope for them. They could never be together, yet they would never be apart. They'll never be just friends. They'll hate each other, and love each other until they die, but they'll never be friends. They can't be together, because it would never work. They could do whatever they wanted, but they'll never be anymore than they are right now.

The circle just spirals into oblivion.


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