Kunoichi secret

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Chapter 1 Hinata

Futa Hinata X Naruto

Multi chapter


"Nine hundred, ninety seven. Nine hundred ninety eight. Nine hundred ninety nine. One Thousand!" yelled Naruto as he finished his one finger push-ups. "Yeah that felt good!" suddenly he heard a twig snap and a gasp. With amazing speed he flickered over to the spot where the noise came from only to meet a surprising site.

It was Hinata the girl that he thought was weird and afraid of him. She had been watching him. But that wasn't the weird part, the weird part was that her jacket was unzipped, her pants and panties pulled down to her knees. The most surprising thing was that she was jacking off. Yes jacking off a huge penis that was just above her vagina. Her eyes were closed at the moment, moaning, "Nar-naru-naruto…."

When she moaned his name that was when all the signs came to gather in his head. The blushing, the stuttering, the feinting, the help during the exams. It clicked in his head 'She loves me'. Naruto smirked and chuckled, just then he heard a gasp. Hinata had just came, he watched in wonder as a steam of sperm shot through the air. Her eyes fluttered before snapping open to see Naruto standing above her.

There was an awkward silence before Hinata did what she always did, she feinted. Naruto being the gentleman he was carefully redressed her and carried her bridle style to his home.


Hinata slowly woke up groaning, "W-Where am I?"

"You're in my apartment Hinata." Hinata jumped at hearing Naruto's voice. She turned around to see Naruto in only a towel. A small trickle of blood escaped her nose. Naruto walked over and sat down on the couch.

"Why didn't you tell me you liked me?" Hinata stiffened in fear. Then decided to throw logic out the window.

"I didn't want to tell you because I thought you would reject me."

"Is it because of how your body is?" Hinata looked at him with fear in her eyes, "Who told you, forget that just please don't tell anyone else! My father would literally kill me!" Naruto calmed Hinata down, "No one told me Hinata. I saw it when you where masturbating to me in the forest. Just so you know you're not the only one born with something they didn't want."

"W-What do you mean?" asked Hinata. Naruto then explained the story about him being the container of the Kyuubi. Surprisingly Hinata accepted Naruto for him and not the fox. Much to Naruto's relief, then she asked something that totally random.

"Naruto can I compare mine to yours?" Naruto in a daze slowly nodded, "I guess so, no harm in it right." Naruto lowered his towel so he was in the buff. Hinata followed suit. before they continued Naruto made sure all the blinds were closed, make sure no perverted senseis killed the mood.

Hinata's was longer than his, but hers was thinner and softer. While Naruto dick was thicker and rock hard, Hinata land up and whispered something into Naruto's ear. Whatever it was it caused him to blush thirty different shades of red.

"Hinata are you sure you want to do that?" She just nodded, not trusting her voice. Naruto quickly picked her up and they went it his bed room, closing the door and commencing their activities.


Somewhere far far away

Jiraiya looked up to the sky, "My pervy senses are tingling, something sexual in nature is about to happen!"

"EEEEEK PERVERT!", and Jiraiya's research was canceled by angry towel covered women. So he used his ultimate jutsu,



Naruto's apartment, bedroom

"Hina you're really good at this Oh!" Naruto tensed when Hinata licked at the tip slowly. Hinata was happy at Naruto's new nickname for her. Naruto sat back down on the bed, Hinata brought her breast and smashed his cock in between them. Naruto moaned out, "Oh yeah that good, I'm almost there Hina. I hope you like the taste!"

With a few more jerks Naruto's seed splashed onto Hinata's chest and into her mouth. Swishing the sweet cum in her mouth Hinata immediately knew she was addicted. After wiping off the cum that covered her face and chest, an Idea came to her head that made her blush and nearly faint. She looked up and ask nervously.

"Um Naru would you please suck my dick like I did yours?", She looked at him with hope filled eyes. To say Naruto was shocked was an understatement, after a second or two he gave a warm smile. Leaning over and giving Hinata a kiss he whispered in her ear, "Sure thing my Hina."

Naruto started by stroking Hinata's monster, slowing lowering his mouth on to it. Hinata gasped and moaned, "Please Naru more." He mentally grinned and swirled his tongue around the tip, licking up the pre-cum seeping out. Hinata tried bucking her hips into the source of pleasure but Naruto's strong arms held her down. After ten minutes of sucking Hinata snapped and a primal growl emitted from her, scaring Naruto.

"I'm sorry Naru but I need more!", with surprising strength Hinata threw Naruto off and lining up her cock slammed at least six inches down his throat. Naruto eyes widened before rolling in his head. He didn't know why but he was turned on that Hinata was taking charge. He had always governed most of his life, so it was relaxing when Hinata took the rains and fucked his face. "Just a few more inches Naru!"

With each thrust Hinata managed to get more and more of her cock down his throat. "Suck more Naru I'm almost there!" Naruto then grabbed her ass and pulled her in till all of her cock was being deep-throated, he even pinched her ass for good measure. She groaned, "oh Naruto!."

Gulping down cum for about a minute Naruto took Hinata's cock out with a 'POP', the stray semen splattered on his chest. Naruto was in a daze, feeling of Hinata's spunk inside of his stomach was in his opinion, 'awesome'. It was a bonus when Hinata's cum tasted like cinnamon icing. Looking down at the cum covered Naruto Hinata got hard again. She pulled up Naruto and kissed him with a deep passion.

"Now Naru I'm going to make you feel really good." suddenly Naruto got nervous. "Wait Hime I don't think I'm whoa!" Naruto yelped as Hinata flipped him putting on his hands and knees. She then shoved a wet finger into his rose bud. A pain filled gasp escaped her lover's lips, She reached around and slowly stroked him as she readied his hole. Naruto's arms gave up so his face and chest were flat on the bed while his ass was still high in the air.

"Hinata please more!" Just as he was about to cum she stopped much to his annoyance.

"You want to feel good Naru?" Hinata spread his ass cheeks, readying herself to impale her lover. Naruto took a deep breath and spoke, "Fuck me good Hina."

She then gave one powerful thrust and sheathed herself deep with him. Naruto groaned in pleasure, "Ohhhhhhhhh fuck that's the shit." Panting they stayed like that until Naruto twisted his hips a little signaling Hinata to move. And move she did, she kept on hitting Naruto's prostate sending white lightning through his vision. His tongue hanged out, droll wetting the bed sheets.

"Shit Hina this is am-Ahhhh-zing, fuck me harder!" Hinata got a better grip on Naruto's hips, pulled out a bit then rammed deep into Naruto. Hinata groaned, "Ah Naru your ass is so hot. I'm going fuck you till you pass out."

Hinata gave a greater thrust causing Naruto's vision to faze. "Yes that's fuck my ass-pussy Hina, fuck it good!" Naruto was on cloud nine, the pleasure he was getting was amazing. The hip rattling thrust, the warm member in his ass, and the small soft hands caressing his sides.

"Oh Hina I'm about to cum!" Hinata grunted in response as she buried herself deep with him and exploded sending 9 ropes of cum into his waiting ass. Naruto himself shot his load on to the bed sheets below. Naruto hummed and then gasped when he felt her member harden again. Hinata kissed the back of his neck and whispered.

"You're not the only one with stamina Naru." Naruto shivered.

1 Hour 5 orgasms later

Naruto sucked on Hinata right tit as she continued to pound into him. "Ah Naru. You're incredible!" She gave another chakra empowered thrust into Naruto's cum filled hole. After a minute Hinata started to feel something in her chest.

"Oh Naruto something's happening!" Naruto gave a slight nibble and milk sprayed into his waiting mouth. "Oh Naru, yes that's it. Suck on my tits. Suck them like a babe, drink my milk!" Naruto put both nipples into his mouth and sucked hard, draining her breast of their liquid. Hinata squeaked as she came into Naruto's ass again.

30 minute's 2 orgasms later

Hinata panted and smiled as she roamed her hand over Naruto's now bloated belly. Hinata slowly exited Naruto with him moaning in protest, "That was amazing Naru, we have to do that again. You know I bet a few other girls that would love to have a go with your ass." Naruto's shivered in fear and of future pleasure.