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Chapter 4 Kushina

Futa Kushina X Naruto (Incest)

AN: Naruto will fuck Non-Futa women just so you know


Naruto walked all the way home from the place Tsume and Hana left him. Hana and her mother Tsume would be on the 'To do' list for sure. But his mother will be worried about him. He kept it from her, mostly out of fear of her being pissed, he didn't want to know if she would be pissed at him. He was fine for now and should last until tomorrow before he needed another 'fix' so to speak. He walked inside his estate that he lived in with his mother. He was happy that not only was she alive but didn't abandon him like so many said she did in the past. But the house was dark. It was way too early for her to be asleep.

"Mom?" He looked around for her.

"I'm in my room honey. Can you come up here for a moment?" He heard his mother ask him.

That didn't seem to out of the ordinary. His mom always asked him to help her with something. He walked up the stairs to his mom's room. When he opened the door he could smell something nice and the room was lit with candle light. Then he went bug eyed when he saw his mom. She was in her skimpy night gown on the bed, it was see thru and he could see her bra and panties.

"Hey sweaty." She said sweetly.

"Hi mom... um, why are you dressed like that?" He asked in a nerves manner.

"Simple really. Come here." She patted a place next to her on the bed. When Naruto got to that point Kushina grabbed him and pulled him close to her. "I had a talk with Hana and Tsume not too long ago." She said. Naruto instantly went red. "I didn't know that about you Naruto... I am so... so..." Naruto waited to be hit and rejected. "Happy!" She yelled. She rubbed her check to his. "I had hoped that you we're a girl but it's alright now." She said.

"Uh... you're not mad at me?"

"Nope..." Then she grinned. "I was hoping for this ever since I saw you get out of the shower. I've masturbated to your name my sweet sweet Futanari cum addicted son of mine." Naruto went red. "You feel that?" Kushina was behind him grinding herself on his back.

"Mom... is that?"

"Yes... it is son." She undressed Naruto. Now he was naked and his half hard cock was out for his mom to see. "Big for your age, gifted as your mother. Can't wait until you're older. But don't feel bad when you're fucked by a Futanari who's bigger than you Naruto. Futanari are naturally bigger than most men." She said then she got in front of Naruto and laid him down on the bed. She started stroking his cock. "I'm going to do something for you, then you me. Ok?" She asked, but she started to suck his cock before he answered.

"Oh mom..." Naruto moaned.

Kushina bobbed her head up and down. Naruto was in heaven even if it was his mom sucking him off, he had forgot this feeling.

Kushina started to speed up the blow job she was giving her son. The first in a while as she understands, and before long her son cummed in her mouth.

"I'm cumming!" He yelled.

Kushina gulped it all down. "I haven't done that in a while. At least not to a man." She said with cum still on her face. "Now... I made you feel good Naruto. Now be a good boy..." She undressed herself. "... and Suck off you mother." She said as she hung her foot long out for Naruto to see and drool over.

Naruto wasted no time encircling his mouth over his mother's cock. He loved the feeling of a Futa cock in his mouth, his own mom no less."That's right baby, suck your mommy." Kushina said while grabbing his head and face fucking him. Naruto had no complaints on sucking his mom off. "That's it my sluty son. Suck it! Suck my fat cock! It's going into your ass one way or another." Kushina started hump her son's mouth to increase the pleasure. "I'm cumming!" As she did Naruto swallowed it down with a few large gulps. Soon it overwhelmed him and he forced himself up Kushina released her grip and the rest was sprayed on his face and chest. Kushina looked at her son, bathed in her Futa cum. "You looked so hot with all of my cum all over you baby." She said hotly as she licked his face clean then kissed him.

"Oh mom. I... I want you to fuck me." Naruto begged.

"And I will, but first." She turned around to show her ass to him. "Most men don't know it, but Futa pussy is the best pussy in the world. Now you will know why, fuck me baby, mommy knows this is your first pussy. So fuck mommy and mommy will fuck her baby." She spread her lips for Naruto to see. "Come on, I can't hold out much longer." she whined.

Naruto with his hard on went up to his mother's pussy. He lined himself up and rammed himself all the way in her. The feeling was incredible. Tight, hot and wet all rolled into one. "Oh mom... you're so tight." Naruto moaned out.

"Yes! OH YES! Fuck me baby! Fuck your mommy! Harder! Faster! Do it!"

Naruto, having never done this before, couldn't hold out much longer. Naruto sped up his pace.

"Jerk me off baby!"

Naruto reached around her and grabbed her cock. This slowed him down but he timed his strokes with his thrusts.

"Yes! Yes! YESS! I'm cumming Naruto!"

Then Kushina came from her cock and her pussy at the same time. Naruto's eyes widen. A sudden feeling engulfed his member it and he were burning with desire.

"I forgot to tell you. A Futanari's pussy is the best for a reason. When we cum from our pussy's it's like an aphrodisiac X10. Right now, you're so horny that unless you're satisfied you'll go on a raping spree or ask to get fucked in every hole you have." Kushina smiled.

"I need it mom. Fuck me please. I need you in me. I need it." Naruto said jerking himself off to get a little pleasure.

"Of course baby. Now, lay on your back and mommy will fuck her baby like the bitch-slut he is."

Naruto lied on his back and spread his legs wide. Kushina reached into her pussy to get her pussy juice and rub it all over her cock. "Now Naruto, I'm going to fuck you tell you past out. And nothing is going to spot me." She grabbed his legs and put them on her shoulders. Lined her cock with Naruto's ass and shoved it all the way in.

She started her trusting as soon as she was inside him. She was almost cross eyed. "To think, oh yes, that you're, fucking right, this tight, oh kami, even after, oh yea, being fucked, oh I'm gunna cum, so many times!" Kushina all but yelled. She picked up the pace and started fucking Naruto faster.

"Yes fuck me! Harder faster I need it!" Naruto started to moan.

Kushina was all too happy to give him what he wanted. She pounded him harder and faster from behind.

"Oh kami yes! YES! YES YES YES YES!"

"You like that don't you baby! Now I'm going to cum. Take it all!" Kushina was pounding harder. "I'm cumming!" She came deep within Naruto. Naruto also came himself. Both collapsed on the bed below.

"That was great mom."

"Who said we're done?" Naruto was shocked. He didn't think he could take anymore. "I heard that you made a jutsu. Duded S-Rank forbidden by the 3rd Hokage. Call... the sexy jutsu." Naruto nodded. He felt his mom get harder within him. "Do it. Use your sexy jutsu, I want to see." She pulled out of him and slowly stroked herself to keep herself hard.

Naruto nodded. "Sexy Jutsu." With a small cloud of smoke Naruto was now in his sexy jutsu form.

Kushina's dick was now harder than ever. "That's good. Oh Naruto you have no idea how long I've wanted to do this. Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Kushina made over a dozen shadow clones. Naruto looked all around him. He was surrounded by many moms with their cocks all hard. "Now baby, where going to fuck you in every hole you have. I hope you're ready. Who am I kidding, you're always ready."

One Kushina clone got underneath Naruto. Kushina stayed behind him/her. And other clone got in front of him.

"One more thing Naruto. I may not have the charka like I use too, but these clones could last a good 5 hours fighting. Just image how long they could last fucking you." Kushina smiled. She undid Naruto's pig tails because she wanted her son to have long hair in his sexy jutsu form.

(AN: I will always refer to Naruto as Naruto, even in sexy jutsu form)

Kushina slammed into Naruto's ass. The Kushina clone underneath him into his pussy and the one in front of him into his mouth. Two clones walked up and placed one of Naruto's hands on their cocks and Naruto started to jerk them off.

When one clone would cum on Naruto, it would be replaced by another. Naruto would get no breaks as the clones would recharge themselves by waiting for another round with Naruto's pussy one of his hands or his mouth. All the while his mother would cum in his ass and continue to fuck him.

This was what they followed. Naruto was fucked for hours without end. Cum dripped from his pussy his ass and his mouth and still not one of the clones dissipated. All of his holes started to feel sore.

"Oh Naruto! I feel it! I feel another climax! I hope you like bukkake." Kushina forced herself out of him and the clone that was in his pussy. All of the clones and herself surrounded her son jerking off right next to him. "Here it cums!" Then all of the clones and Kushina did one last massive wave of cum all over Naruto. Naruto felt good covered in Futanari cum. His mouth, ass and pussy were full with it as well. He even had some in his hair.

Thankfully all of the clones puffed. Then Kushina sprayed him again with her cum feeling days upon day's worth of pleasure in a second. A lot more cum was all over Naruto. Kushina almost collapsed. But she had enough strength left her in to drag a cum cover son of hers to the top of the bed and cover them so they could sleep.

"I love you Naruto." She said kissing him with tongue getting some of her cum in her mouth and swallowing it.

"I love you too mom."

Kushina hugged her son feeling her own cum on her body, and it felt great. "I wonder, should I start whoring you out to all of my Futanari friends?" She asked out loud.

Luckily, or unluckily, Naruto was passed out.

"Well... maybe." Kushina said before she went to sleep.


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