Kunoichi secret

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Chapter 5 Ayame


New Ramen

Naruto woke up from his long session with his mother. There was a note on the door saying she'd be back some time that night. Naruto was happy she was back in his life. But he had a few missions to do.

Time Skip 4 hours

After he got done will an easy C-Rank mission just outside of Konoha he decided to go get some ramen. And what better place besides home to go then to see Ayame and her dad. Tsunade had told him that Hinata would be back sometime tomorrow. He was happy, ever since his mom let him fuck her he has been meaning to fuck Hinata too. Hell, Anko as well. Even Hana and Tsume. He could only think of fucking them. He shook his head. He would be fine for a bit longer without a little session.

Soon Naruto found himself at his favorite ramen stand. He saw Ayame cooking, no one else was there. "Hey, Ayame." He said.

Ayame froze, and then looked at who had called her. "Oh, Naruto. How are you?" She asked. While behind the counter she was getting a boner. 'Dammit and I just calmed myself down!' She yelled in her mind. Not too long ago some young group consisting of 5 Kunoichi ninja just left, saying how hot Naruto looks. It seems after he saved the village from Pain everyone wanted a piece of him. One of the girls said that Naruto was training one day without his shirt on and all the girls started to droll. Her included. When they left she needed to go into the back and relieve some stress. Thankfully her dad was away so it was just her in the shop.

"Hey Ayame, are you alright?"

"Hey what?"

"You were spacing out."

"Oh, sorry, what'll it be Naruto?" She asked in her normal smile.

"Hmm?" Naruto thought.

A light bulb went off in Ayame's head. "You know Naruto, I made this new kind of ramen, I'd like for our favorite and best customer to try it out first. For free of course." She smiled.

Naruto gave a bright smile. "Can't say no to free ramen!" Naruto shouted.

Ayame smiled. "Good, it'll be a few minutes. How bout I close up shop for the day and you head into the back and I'll make your ramen." She smiled.

"Sure, but what about your dad?"

"He's gone for now. He'll be back in a few days or so. So it's just me." She gave a grin.


Ayame and Naruto went into the back. Naruto lay on the carpet floor while Ayame was making the 'special' ramen. All Ayame did was make normal ramen and was jacking off into it. She wasn't large like most of the other Futanari girls in the village. She was only about 8ins long and about 2ins around. She unleashed into the bowl of ramen and mixed it with the soup. "I wonder how Naruto's going to like this?" She asked herself with a giggle.

She walked in the room where Naruto was waiting and put the bowl in front of Naruto. "Eat up." She said.

"Thanks Ayame." When Naruto took one bit of it, he downed the rest in a heartbeat. "Wow, that was amazing Ayame, as always." Naruto said as he lay down on his back. For some reason he felt full and a little tired.

"Thanks Naruto. Your are best costumer after all." She said with a giggle. She was luck she was where her chief uniform. Otherwise Naruto would see her hard on. "Say, Naruto... would you like to know the secret ingredient I put in this new ramen?" She asked with a sly smile.

Naruto look at her thinking. Then he smiled. "Sure! What is it? Some sort of spice?"

"Something like that." Ayame started to disrobe.

"Ayame what are you doing!" He yelled covering his eyes. But kept one eye uncovered. It was when she showed him her average size cock that he gawked at her. "That's... you're a..."

"Yep. I'm a Futanari. I heard of your little problem... so I thought..." She blushed and turned away.

"You thought what?"

"That I'd help you. Just like I did when you where so young so long ago." She was blushing.

Then she felt a hand on her cock. She moaned a bit.

"Maybe I should pay you back for all of the things you did for me Ayame." He smiled then took her head in his mouth and started to suck her cock.

She moaned. "Oh Naruto, more, deeper." She said putting her hands on Naruto's head pushing him down more. "Faster!" She told him and he obeyed. She moaned louder as Naruto bobbed his head faster and deeper then when he first started. "Oh Naruto! I'm cumming! Take it all Naruto!" Naruto took her down to the base of her cock then hummed. Ayame when wide eyed then... "I'm CUMMMING NARUTO!" She tightly held Naruto's head in place as she released deep into Naruto's throat. Naruto drunk as much as he could before some overflowed and slipped from his mouth. Ayame took her cock out of his mouth and kissed him passionately. She tasted herself in Naruto's mouth but didn't mind. In fact she liked it. The kiss ended soon after and Ayame was breathing hard. Not being a ninja she didn't have the stamina of one so couldn't last as long. "Sorry Naruto. I may have 1 or 2 more goes before I'm done." She said somewhat saddened.

He kissed her. "It's alright. We just better make the most of those times, right?"

She smiled back as she started to undress Naruto. First his jacket, then his pants and boxers. Letting his cock out in its semi-hard form. She smiled then put Naruto's cock head in her mouth started to suck. Naruto flung his head back as he moaned. Ayame was good at giving head. Then she did something he didn't expect, she started to hum while bobbing her head up and down. It didn't take long for Naruto to lose it.

"I'm cumming!" He yelled as she deep throated him while humming. He came in her mouth and she swallowed it all down, not missing a drop.

Both Naruto and Ayame sighed. "Naruto."


"I'm still good for a go or two. Think you can handle me?" She smirked.

Naruto grinned back. "I'm the God of Stamina for a reason Ayame. Cum and get some." He grabbed her head and kissed her.

Ayame took charge and forced him on his hands and knees. She lined up her cock with Naruto's ass. "You know Naruto, you'll be my first." This shocked Naruto a bit. "I never found guys all that appealing until I say you. At first I thought I was a lesbian, but no time for that now. Get ready..."

With one thrust she was all the way in. "Oh god Naruto your ass is tight." She yelled in a daze.

"I get that all the time. Now hurry up and fuck me!" He told her.

It didn't take Ayame long to move in and out of Naruto. The rhythm was slow, at first. "More Ayame. Harder, faster!" Too bad for Naruto that Ayame only had above average stamina for a civilian.

"Sorry, Naruto. This is all I got." She grunted.

She continued to fuck him but to him, who was used to ninja speeds, was slow. "It's alright, oh yes, don't stop."

Glad at his words, she went as fast as she could.

Even thought she wasn't as fast as any of his other lovers, she did hit the spot. She reached around and grabbed his cock in a soft manner. Then started to stroke it, matching the rhythm that she was pounding into him.

"Oh god, yes, right their Ayame. Don't stop, just don't stop." Naruto was getting use to the slow pace.

Ayame decided to change it up, she put him on his back and put his legs on her shoulders. This allowed her to go deeper into Naruto.



Ayame cum deep in Naruto's ass.

"I'm sorry Naruto, I can't go on. That took the last bit of energy I had left." Ayame sounded disappointed in herself.

"It's alright, you did your best."

"I could just lay here and let you have your way with me."

"No, I'd rather we both be getting pleasure from sex, not just you severing me Ayame. But anyway I need to head home." Naruto said getting dress.

"I'll make it up to you Naruto. Somehow." Ayame managed panted out. She was out of breath.

"Don't worry about it Ayame, anyway I need to go. Good night." Naruto put the covers over her and left.

On his way home he felt like he was being watched. But he could have been just paranoid. He was still horny as fuck based on the hard on he was trying to hid. Good thing no one was...

"You poor dear."

Naruto spun around to see the person behind him only to get knocked out.

The person was a female ANBU. "You poor dear. You're so horny your hurting. Don't worry, cat will take care of you." She ran at ninja speed hurry to, relieve, Naruto of his suffering. And herself as a good size bulge formed in her ANBU pants.


I can justify this one being short. Ayame is not a ninja. Hopefully the next one will be longer. Sorry faithful readers. I have an outline; any ideas will be nice thought.