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I stared up at the Comet Ataman. It was finally time for the curse to end.

A tall vampire, the leader I presumed, held up a stone jewel. The jewel in the center of the stone began to spin, as he chanted some mysterious words I had never heard. Suddenly a light shot from the comet connecting with the stone. Everyone gasped in either happiness or astonishment.

I looked beside me and saw a teenage vampire wearing old fashion clothes. He smiled at me and I couldn't help but smile back. "This is it" he whispered taking my hand in his.

"Finally, we can be together." He kissed my human hand causing me to blush.

"Vampires!" the voice of a man pierced the stillness of the cliff. I turned in shock and saw rings and torches of fire appearing through the smoke. "Hiya!" the man screamed whipping at his horses. Vampires scattered trying to defend themselves from the men and flames. A young vampire hissed at the oncoming attack but the boy pulled him away from the hunters. I lost him in all the madness.

"Gregory" I screamed fighting against the chaos. I watched as his father attempted to fight back against the leader. The hunter pulled out a large wooden cross and shoved it towards him. I was stuck watching them fight over the stone. If I hadn't been so entranced in their battle I would have noticed the man sneaking up behind me before thrusting a stake through my chest. I fell to my knees as blood poured from my wound. I could faintly hear Gregory's cry of anguish as everything went black.

I screamed and sat up quickly in bed hugging the covers to my now sweat covered body. I heard little yelps and footsteps coming towards my room. I screamed in fright only to see my little brother Tony had tripped over one of my unpacked suitcases. I let out a sigh of relief and got out of bed to help him up.

"Dude, you scared me" I whispered helping him up and over to my bed. "I had another nightmare" he spoke softly cradling into my chest. "Me too" I said hugging him back.

"Hon, are you okay?" my mother asked running into the room to see me and Tony huddled together on my bed. "Let me guess, you both had nightmares?"

"The vampires were back" Tony stated blandly.

"This is ridiculous" my father breathed running a hand through his balding hair. "I've got to get some sleep" he said walking out of the room. Mom stayed behind not sure what to do.

"He can sleep with me" I whispered and she nodded going back to bed.

I pulled the covers back and laid tony down with me. I closed my eyes and tried to fall back asleep. "Sadie, do you like this place?"

"It's a big change, for both of us: new house, new country, and new people" I murmured snuggling into Tony's back.

"Hear that?" he asked. "It's the wind" I groggily replied.

"Or the undead" he muttered making me sigh. A sound by the window spooked him but I was too tired to move. "Sadie?" he whispered.

"Tony, if neither of us gets some sleep we'll both be undead." I heard Tony sigh once more before drifting off to sleep.


I woke up to sun streaming through my windows and groaned pulling a pillow over my head. "Get up!" my mother yelled spanking me with a pillow.

"Fine" I growled getting up and pushing her out of the room. "Remember, be ready in an hour!" she sang. "Ok mom" I muttered closing my door. Sighing I walked over to the bathroom and stared at myself in the mirror. My long brown hair fell down to almost my bellybutton. My dark reddish-brown eyes had bags and my skin was extremely pale. I grunted at my appearance and hopped into the shower. After a thorough hair washing and body cleansing I got dressed in a long-sleeved white v-neck with dark skinny jeans and black converse. I left my hair down and just applied some light makeup and a black headband. I swept my bangs from my eyes and smiled one last time at the mirror before going downstairs to eat breakfast.

"Come on guys. You don't want to be late" my mother Dottie yelled ushering us to the car. I stuck a bagel between my teeth and grabbed my backpack before plopping into the front seat. Tony sat in the back staring out the window. Mom blasted this weird techno crap on the radio for most of the drive. "Wave hi to Dad and Lord McCashton" she pointed out the window. Dad waved at us as we drove by but Tony showed no interest. I frowned and just stared at my bagel.

Mom huffed moving a piece of blonde hair from her sparkling blue eyes. "Scotland is beautiful. Isn't it?" she pointed out trying to make conversation. It's not going to work mom I thought in my head but I didn't say it aloud. Tony just looked at her. "If you don't have vampires" he muttered before resuming staring out the window.

"And you know we really don't, right?" she countered. Shut up mom. You're not helping. "A dream isn't real." This caused me to stiffen remembering my dream. I still didn't understand what it meant.

"I know what a dream is mom!" Tony yelled angrily. I just sat back and stayed quiet through their whole exchange. "Okay, I'm just asking but you know there's no such thing as vampires, right?"

"Mom, you're on the wrong side of the road!" Tony and I yelled at the same time as a tractor came right at us.

"Whoa" she yelped swerving into the right lane. The man cursed at us in his weird Scottish accent. "What did he say?" I asked looking behind me at the man who was now disappearing down the road.

"Everybody talks weird here." Tony sank down in his seat and continued staring out the window.

"Don't worry. Things are going to get better. You're going to meet some new friends soon." I had a feeling deep in my stomach that she was telling the truth.


School went by slow. Most of the day was spent either being called a freak or being hit on by Scottish boys. Let's just say I didn't really enjoy it. James McCashton was the biggest pig by far. Everytime I walked by he would pinch or slap my ass or pull on my books so he could ogle at my boobs. If I didn't want to get suspended I would have kicked him in the place the sun doesn't shine.

I let out a huge sigh of relief when I got home. Plopping down on the couch I turned on the TV and began flipping through the channels. Stupid Scotland, there was nothing good on. Just stupid Scottish sitcoms you can't even understand.

I walked upstairs and decided to check on Tony. He was sat at his desk coloring a picture of a red vampire. I had to admit he was good. Artistic abilities seemed to run in our family. Not to sound vain but I was very good at art. A lot of my free time was spent drawing and painting the people from my dreams.

"What are you drawing?" I asked looking over the nine year old's shoulders.

"Vampires but you probably don't care."

"Of course I care. I love vampires. In fact would you like to see some of the sketches I did from my dreams?" He beamed at me "Sure" he squealed. I quickly ran over to my room and fetched my bag.I pulled my sketchbook out of my backpack and handed it to him. He flipped through a few pages before stopping on a picture of a younger vampire. "I recognize him" he whispered.

"What's his name?" I asked.

"I don't know" he said and his smile faltered.

"Don't worry Tony" it'll come to you eventually. He smiled and resumed coloring his picture. I sat down on his bed and continued looking at the sketches. I stopped at a sketch of a boy who looked to be about my age. He was obviously a vampire with his fangs and bruising around the eyes. He was wearing old 17th century attire. He was very hot but also kind of mysterious and rebellious looking.

I saw Tony's door open before he did. Dad putted a golf ball over to Tony's desk. He looked up a happy grin appearing on his face.

"Look what I got you" Dad mentioned with way too much enthusiasm. "A golf club" Tony smiled.

"Yeah, a junior set. You know, the game was invented in Scotland."

"But there's no one to play with" Tony muttered sadly. I felt bad for the little dude. I knew how he felt. I didn't have any friends here either. I had to leave them all behind when we moved here from San Francisco.

"Well that's the beauty of golf. You don't need anyone to play with." I face palmed myself. My family was absolutely no help.

"But I want someone to play with!" Tony whined.

"Well then I'll teach you" my father tried.

"You never have time."

"Aw, look Tony. I'm trying here."

"There you are" mom suddenly waltzed into the room. "The babysitter's down stairs."

"What" I yelled while finally getting their attention. Did I mention I was the quiet one in the family? "I can watch him. I'm fourteen now. I'm perfectly capable of taking care of my brother."

"Sorry but she's already driven all this way."

"Great" I muttered waltzing out of the room and slamming my door.

"Honey we'll be back later. Be nice to the sitter."

"Okay" I screamed through the door not meaning it. I didn't actually intend on coming out any time soon. Let's just see how this night turns out.