First off, Hello again! Thank you for all of you who gave your support to this story, and thank you for sticking with me. Second, my apologies for the long wait. As you know I was not too happy with where the story was heading last time, I didn't like the Bella I had created, historically consorts to English monarchs have been women who have had to show a certain degree of courage and wit as well as kindness and humility. Think of Elizabeth Woodville and Catherine of Aragon, those women were more than just wives of Kings, they fought and schemed as good as the men and politicians, I admire them.

I have made a few changes, and I hope you will agree they are for the better:

Bella is a little older at 18, she is more aware of the world and has a more rounded personality, and she sure is not the hopeless damsel in distress. Bella is a Welsh Princess, and take it from me the Welsh has fire in their bones, the women especially.

Edward too will have more to his character; he is a King who is used to fighting battles both on the field and politically. Ultimately he is a fair minded man, but don't forget he is a man of his times and of his station.

I am promising better storytelling but you know me.

Any who, on with the show!

Lilly x