My mistakes are my own so apart from them I own nothing.

Bella's point of view.

We just lay there in the grass, facing the clouds as they drifted across a darkening sky, hues of twilight encroaching on the day's sky.

I had felt a shift between us like the ground had just breathed a sigh of relief. It was subtle but i felt it all the same.

In the meadow away from the courts business and the prying eyes i had seen Edward in a different light. To me, here on the grass, Edward was not the king of England, he wore no crown of solid gold or carried the reputation as a stern ruler, no he was just Edward, the man with copper hair and green eyes who laughed at his dogs antics, the man who kissed me so beautifully I felt a fire ignite in the core of my being.

I really rather like my husband.

I was amazed at how far I had come from that first night together. I wasn't convinced he was the same man.

He had been so cold and distant, yet here he was so responsive and alive.

"What is troubling you my love."

Edward murmured from my side.

My heart did a little leap at hearing him say 'my love'

"Why were you so distant on our wedding night?" I asked surprising myself. But then i remembered i could ask him anything I wanted to without the fear of retribution. Edward had ordered it so.

Edward was silent.

"I-I it was for the best." He said.

I turned to face him, leaning on my elbows.

His face was contorted with shame and pain.

I reached out and smoothed the space between his eyebrows; I can't stand to see him frown.

"Edward? Please tell me."

His eyes opened a darker shade of green staring back at me, l most pleading with me to not ask.

"I was ashamed." His words barely carried sound but i caught them.

"Ashamed?" my stomach sank.


Of me?

My expression must have changed because before I had chance to mutter another word Edward placed a finer over my lips.

"I was not ashamed of you, how could anyone ever be ashamed of a n innocent like you?. No i was ashamed at myself, of what I was about to do to you. I knew you wouldn't understand and it made me feel like a monster, a horrid fiend that preys on young beautiful women." His voice was sharp, the frown was back.

"Shh" I lay my palm on his cheek.

"Edward, look at me."

He did but reluctantly.

I knew he was heartless that night, I knew he was bound by duty and I wasn't expecting romance and passion.

"You were kind to me as well that night, many a man might not have been but you were. Please stop this battle with yourself." I reassured him.

He closed him eyes for a moment and when the opened the colour was a brilliant green.

"Thank you." He murmured and leaned up to kiss me.

I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him tightly as if he would slip through my embrace like sand.

He chuckled, "What has brought this on?"

I breathed in his scent and warmth before answering "I just wanted to hug you." I sounded quiet childish but the sudden urge to hug him was too great to ignore.

Edward wrapped his arms around me and nestled his head in my hair.

"I like hugs you know." He whispered as if it was a secret.

I couldn't help but laugh.

We just sat their wrapped up in each other.

"We are going to be very happy together Bella."

I couldn't agree more.

Lady Rosalie King was nothing but meticulous, everything she did she did with as little fuss as possible. You could call her a mouse but it would not do her any justice.

She was eyes and ears, which helped her immensely with her secret.

Everything was timed to precision.

They would meet at the left tower entrance in the alcove by the painting of Hampton court.

As soon as the courtyard clock struck 7 o'clock she would excuse herself from her husband's apartments, only after he has passed out from the generous pitcher of ale of course.

A generous pitcher of ale with a deceptive amount of branding that is.

The plan was seamless, water tight, unbreakable.

It was remarkable.

Rosalie had gotten good at this, years of practice serving royals had put her in good stead to sneak around palaces.

Rosalie waited under the black shadow of the alcove, hood up and head down. She was hidden from all eyes.

Not even the ghost would have noticed her.

A shuffle was heard from the other end of the corridor, it was approaching quickly.

She held her breath.

"Rose?" the voice whispered just before they reached the alcove.

"Aye." She replied before her lips were suddenly attacked by her shadowed lover.

They kissed each other as if the day's absence had starved them.

The pulled apart breathing heavily.

"The tower is empty, I made sure." Rosalie whispered jaggedly.

The couple slinked up the stairs letting the door shut and lock behind them.

The tower held nothing but an old servant's bed and a large sheepskin rug on the wooden floor.

In the flickering light of the moon Rosalie flung off her lover cloak and attacked their face with a torrent of hot lust filled kisses.

"Oh Emmet." She crooned as his strong arms lifted her lithe body and pushed it against the wall.

She squeezed her legs tightly around his body and pushed herself into his arousal.

Emmet let out a grunt; the guttural sound echoed off of the walls and sent shivers of pleasure to Rosalie's very cure.

Despite the nights grey light the lovers eyes sparkle and their hearts beating the erotic rhythm of an affair in the night.

Bella's point of view

We entered the feasting chamber arm in arm. To the court we looked like a king and queen, but to me were Bella and Edward from the meadow.

Every face turned to us as we entered. They all smiled and clapped wearing their vibrant gown and clothing. All peacocks on parade.

Edward bent down to whisper in my ear "They are looking at you Bella."

I just giggled at his words and shook my head.

My gown of silver damask shone festively in the orange glow, sleeves of purple organza draped perfectly from my elbows flowed with every movement.

A heavy diamond set necklace sat around my neck which matched perfectly with the silver trimmed French hood on my head.

I felt like a queen.

"You look stunning." Edward whispered making me blush.

I looked up at him "you don't look to bad yourself"

Edward helped me into my seat at the top of gloriously laid table.

"Let us feast, dance and be merry!" he proclaimed to a lively court who clattered to their seats and chatted noisily between themselves.

After a few courses it was time to dance.

Edward rose from his seat and grabbed my head and dragged me to dance.

He laughed when I stumbled and helped me down the steps.

We joined the dance effortlessly. Edward swirled me around with the grace of an angel.

It was so easy to get caught up into the magic of dancing and Edward's eyes which never left me. They were sparkling.

The music picked up and I was twirling faster, I tried to stay focussed on Edwards face and on the rosy hue on his cheeks but everything just meshed together.

The music was getting louder.

I felt stifling hot.

No air was getting into my lungs.


Too hot.

Far too hot.

I couldn't see his face.

I couldn't hear anything.

"Bella!?" Edward's voice called from a distance.

The music came to its clattering climax and with a swift strike of the final note I lost contact with Edward and fell.

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