In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war...

And high-proteinic meals.

There is an order that is not frequently talked about in the war-fuelled 41st millennium, but which baffles anyone who encounters it for the first time. It is as old as the Imperium, having been created alongside the first Legions of Space Marines. Its members go through the same genetic engineerings and are clad in the same holy energetic armors than the other Astartes. But those Marines chose a different path. Instead of fighting the heretic and the xeno with bolters and chainswords, they decided to show to the entire galaxy the superiority of mankind's gastronomy. They seek to serve meals that would satiate anyone and bring them the energy they need to fight, while at the same time tasting delicious. They serve everybody, humans, daemons and xenos alike, thinking that the more creatures eat their food, the more the reputation of human gastronomy will increase. And, by some strange alchemy, their restaurants stand as neutral ground. No matter how much the various species of the universe are at each other's throats, they'll politely ignore each other as soon as they'd step in one of this order's restaurants.

They've been serving their customers for more than 10 millenia, and they'll only close when the End of Times will be on them.

They are the Burger Marines.

And they shall know no hunger.

"The Tyranids are coming !"

The Astartes screamed his warming as soon as he stepped in the restaurant. Immediately, all of his cooking brothers stopped and glanced, before abandoning themselves to frenetic preparations. The Burger Marines were running left and right, to the point that their red and yellow armors (with helmets white as snow where the face would be) would blur into some kind of colored fog. The steaks were being cooked, the fries were being boiled, and everybody was shouting orders.

A young scout named Quetsh Hup, who was mopping the floor, stopped one of his elders, clad in his Terminator armor, and carrying gigantic bags of frozen fries.

"- Tell me, brother… All those stories that are told about the Tyranids… Are they true ?

- Yes, young one, replied the veteran. And they are still far from telling everything about the nature of those xenos. Why are you asking me this, young Hup ? Are you afraid of their arrival ?

- There is no fear in my heart ! I may only be a scout… But I am still a Space Marine !"

The veteran nodded and would have patted the boy's shoulder if he had a free hand. He quickly took the way to the kitchen.

Soon, the whole restaurant was ready. All the Astartes gathered themselves behind the counters and in the kitchens. And they waited.

They didn't have to wait for long.

They could all hear a strange rumour. At first, it was pretty low… But its volume quickly increased, reaching deafening levels.

It was a cacophony of screeching, of clinking, of hissing… Thousands of claws were scraping concrete outside the restaurant, thousands of inhuman throats were calling… This sound would have frozen the blood of any living things in the vicinity, except the Space Marines themselves.

And the front door exploded under the charge of a monstrous Carnifex.

The beast rushed inside the building, followed by dozens upon dozens of other, smaller Tyranids. Termagaunts and Hormagaunts quickly joined the Carnifex, with a few Warriors on their trails. The floor seemed to be alive as well, as Ripper Swarms were running between the feet of the monsters. Lictors erupted from the floor as well, leaving huge craters behind them.

The whole horde was heading in the direction of the Burger Marines, growling, hissing, screeching… There wasn't a single spot in the field of vision of the Astartes that wasn't hidden by a chitinous shell, claws, fangs or vicious eyes. They soon were on the counter…

And they abruptly stopped.

The Tyranids ordered themselves in front of the counter, and then, the Carnifex raised one of his gigantic claws and pointed at the billboard detailing what was served in the restaurant

"I'LL TAKE 40 OF EACH !" Screamed the beast in a low-pitched and full of clicking voice.

"FOR THE EMPEROR !" Yelled the Burger Marines, before preparing the commands.

This would be a long, long night…