The portal to the Warp opened up without any warnings right in the middle of the restaurant's great dining room. Everybody present instinctively cleared the area, as none of them wanted to stay too close to the gaping hole in the fabric of reality.

And the strangest Space Marines ever seen started to walk out of it. Their armors were black and decorated with flame motifs, but the most astounding feature was the over prominence of bones and skulls on them. What was truly strange was the fact that those bones weren't looking fake ; in fact, on many of those Marines, it was as if they had grown over their armors.

Once an entire company of those Marines had stepped out of the portal, they immediately got into formation, as disciplined and professionnal warriors. One of them stepped out and walked towards Kayeff See, who, like the rest of the assembly, had been watching them with awe and stupefaction.

« We are the Legions of the Damned, said the strange Marine. Even though our bodies had been corrupted by the Warp, we are still serving the God-Emperor, fighting anywhere we are needed, anytime the Imperium requires us. The Emperor's Tarot revealed that we were needed at this time, in this place. What is it we can do for you, brother ? »

It took See a few seconds what he just heard, but when he finally realized what was happening, his face brightened up.

« A lot, brother ! »

Twenty minutes later...

« Come on, hurry up ! We need 1000 more of those menus by the end of the hour ! »

The Marines from the Legion of the Damned increased the speed at which they were flipping their burgers and frying their french fries. The Burger Marines were greatly in need, alright : many of them were indisposed after mushroom beer had accidentally been served to them at their last meal, and right when a Tyranid Fleet had diverted its course for going to their restaurant ! They were extremely lucky those Marines showed up for helping them, otherwise they would never have been able to follow up with those commands !

The leader of the Damned, however, still sighed heavily.

« This Tarot really needs to be revised... »