Just to clarify, the show in AK is done in the style of the Lion King musical with puppets. Imagine something like that while reading this. (However, I must say, Erik playing the neurotic Marlin makes me just want to giggle...:)

Nemo (Gustave):*jumping around hyperly*" Time for school! Time for school! !"

MARLIN:"Alright we're excited. It's you first day of school Nemo, we're ready to learn, to get some knowledge.
Now what's the one thing we remember before we head out from here?"

NEMO:"The ocean's not safe
So we have to check if the coast is clear."

We go out.
And then back in
And then we go out
And then back in
And one more time
And then back in
And sometimes
If you want to do it four times..."

NEMO:"Come on!"


NEMO:*running all over the place*"Hey dad!
Hey dad,
Wouldn't it be cool?
If I maybe met a shark while I'm at school?"

MARLIN:*struggling to keep up*"No."

NEMO:"Or an angel fish!
Is it true that they have wings?"

MARLIN:"I don't think so."

NEMO:"Can you believe there are so many things?
In the big blue world
I'm gonna go explore
In the big blue world
That I've never seen before
So many creatures
Swimming 'round the sea
In the big blue world
And all of them are waiting for me!"

MARLIN:"That's what I'm afraid of..."

NEMO:*turns to Marlin*"Hey dad! Do you know how old sea turtles are?"

MARLIN:"Sea turtles? I don't know."

NEMO:"Sandy Plankton said that they could live to be a hundred!"

MARLIN:"Well, If I ever meet one, I'll ask..."

NEMO:*runs off again*"Me too! Maybe I'll meet a sea turtle AND a shark!"

Marlin:*catches up and takes Nemo's fin*"I know you're excited
But let's take a little pause
Sharks are not our friends, Nemo
Haven't you seen Jaws?"


Marlin:"You don't want to meet a swordfish
You don't want to meet a whale,"

Nemo:"I want to meet a whale!"

Marlin:"You need me around to watch your tail!
In the big blue world
You're just a little fish!"

Nemo:"Aw, dad."

Marlin:"In the big blue world
You'll be seen as a tasty dish."


Marlin:"You mean so much to me
I don't know what I would do
In this big blue world,
If something should happen to you."

Nemo:"No need to worry, dad
I'll be okay..."

Marlin:"I'm scared you'll end up as a clownfish filet
We can turn right around
We could wait one more year"

Nemo:"Don't be so boring, dad!
I belong here!

*runs ahead; a huge menagerie of sea creatures and plants appear filling the entire stage*

Wow! Isn't it beautiful?" *snickers from backstage at the chances of Gustave having to say a line like that even in another musical XD*


Nemo:"Come on, dad!"

Marlin:"Hold my fin, hold my fin!"

Sea creatures:"Take a look around you
The ocean's alive!
In the big blue world
It's time for you to arrive..."

Marlin:*Swims over to some of the other parents*"Is this where we meet his teacher?"

"Sure is"

Tad:"What's wrong with his fin?"

Dad:"Be nice! It's his first day of school!"

Marlin:"He was born with it, kids. We call it his lucky fin."


MR. Ray:*swimming in*"Let's name the zones
The zones
The zones
Let's name the zones of the open seeeeaaaaaaaaaa!"

Kids:"Mr. Ray!"

MR. Ray:"Climb aboard explorers! Who's this?"

Nemo:"I'm Nemo."

Marlin:"He's got a little fin. I find if he gets tired, just give him a break. Ten, fifteen minutes..."


MR. Ray:"Don't worry. We're gonna travel as a group."

Marlin:"Nemo, you're such a special kid
Want me to come with you?
I'd feel better if I did
Remember everything I've taught you,"

Nemo:"Dad, I'll be alright."

MR. Ray:"Climb aboard explorers!
Hold on tight!
Are you ready?"

Nemo:*Nemo climbs up*"Yes I'm ready!"

MR. Ray:"Really ready?"
Marlin:"I don't think I'm ready..."

MR. Ray and Nemo:"We're ready to go!"

All:"In the big blue world
(we're ready to go)
In the big blue world
(we're ready to go)
In the big blue world..."

Dads:"You're doing really well for a first timer." "I remember I was a mess when my kid first went to the drop-off..."

Marlin: "Well, what are you gonna do? You gotta let 'em go sometime-...THE DROP-OFF?"