Hi folks! This fic is NOT actually made by me. I have a friend who wishes to be known only as his nickname, Mad Hatter, who made this. He doesn't have an account on here, as he hardly ever uses his computer, and he probably never will, but I decided this was worth it, and asked him if he wanted me to post it online. Well, here it is. These are lyrics he made for the Lost Woods song from Ocarina of Time, more commonly known as Saria's Song. Enjoy!

Skull Kids

Come with we, Trust us three,
Let us be the key to your destiny,
We'll set you free.

Don't be scared, we're prepared,
Guide we will your path down to victory,
These words we speak.

There's no time, there's no rules, let us show
Just keep up, soon enough, you will know.

Don't you see, you're not free, nor are we.
Fooled you were by Lost Kokiri, now you will be here for eternity!

Could it be, is it he,
He who plays the tune to the melody,
It couldn't be.

Over here, do not fear,
Let us show you out, where the path is clear,
The way is near.

Trust us four; we've been here long before.
Just stay close, you'll be here nevermore.

It's the song, we were wrong, it is he,
He who's tune will halt the moon, and lead him through this forest of mystery.

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