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Chapter 1:

Hermione stepped into the Great Hall, feeling like she was finally home. After all the fighting and trying to survive, they could all just relax, the war was over. As Harry, Ginny, Ron, and her took their seats at Gryffindor table, Professor McGonagall stood to make her speech.

"Welcome everyone, to another year at Hogwarts. As you all know by now, the war is over. I only bring this up because the Ministry has been working since the end of it to make sure it does not happen again." She began looking upset about something.

Hermione looked at Harry, who was looking up at McGonagall in confusion. What could have happened that they did not know about?

"Now, I know that many of you will not like this, but do know that the Ministry can only do so much. After everything that has happened, they feel like the best way to get by all the loss and prejudice is to put through a Marriage Law." McGonagall said, looking like she did not agree with this one bit.

There was an uproar of people yelling and confused questions that erupted all over. They could not be serious, could they?

Hermione looked up at Harry and Ron, who were both looking stunned. "They can't do that. How can they force us to marry someone?" She gasped looking around at those in the hall.

"Please, everyone, let me finish" The Headmistress said, knowing that this was only the beginning.

"Now, tonight, anyone seventeen and older, must put their names on a piece of paper before leaving the hall. You will all be moved, tonight, into a part of the castle, where you will be living together. Tomorrow morning, you will know who you have been paired with. Then, you will be moving into a room with your betrothed." McGonagall said over the yelling.

Hermione looked at her as if she had grown three heads. They were going to force them to be with someone that they couldn't even pick? That was so unfair, and it had to be illegal.

"Now I think it is time for everyone to relax and eat, once the feast is over, everyone who is seventeen and older, please stay where you are. I will show you your new dorms as soon as the feast is done." The Headmistress said, feeling a lot older then what she was in that moment.

The food had appeared, but like Hermione, no one seventeen and older, was really eating. "How could they possibly do that?" Ginny cried, looking at Harry sadly. Hermione knew that Ginny was afraid that Harry and her would not get picked for each other.

Hermione looked over at Ron, who was for once, not eating anything. Would they get pick for each other? Somehow Hermione doubted it. She did love him, but only as a friend and had not wanted to date him to begin with. He had seemed happy so she had not wanted to break it off. So who would she get?

"It'll be okay Ginny. They will realize what a mistake this is, when everyone riots against it, right Hermione?" Harry asked, draping his arm around his girlfriend.

"I don't really know Harry. From how Professor McGonagall looks, I don't really think it can be changed." Hermione said sadly.

After that, it was relatively quiet. No one had much to say anymore, it was just to hard. What could you say about something like this anyways? There was nothing to do, but wait for their fates.

Once the younger students left the Great Hall the Headmistress rose again. "Now, please write your name on the parchment provided and then stand." She said gravely.

A little piece of parchment and a quill had appeared next to every person. No one tried to get away with not signing. Everyone knew there was no hope for them. They all signed and then stood. The pieces of paper disappeared as they stood and McGonagall motioned everyone to follow her out of the hall.

Everyone followed her, not saying anything. They were all to afraid, knowing that they would not get away with it. She took them all down to the dungeons, and Ron pulled Hermione closer to him. After a while of walking they came to a portrait of a man and woman kissing.

"Unity" Professor McGonagall said loudly, so everyone could hear. The portrait opened and they all stepped through.

The room was large with a fire place with chairs and couches spread around the room. There were a handful of desks in one corner and a book shelf in another corner. The floor was hardwood and the walls were white. Hermione was pleasantly surprised by this. She had assumed cold floors and stone walls for the dungeons.

"That door leads to the lavatory, that includes the bath." McGonagall said pointing to the far right. "And that is the way to the dorms. Now tonight it is split between girls and boys, tomorrow it will be separated by couple. I suggest you all get rest, tomorrow will be a long day for all of you." McGonagall said headed for the door.

She turned as if to say something else, but just gave them all a small, sad smile. There was nothing that she could say to ease their minds. She walked out leaving them all to their own devises.

At first no one moved, they just stood there looking at each other in a terrified state. Slowly, they all started making their way up to their dorms for the night. Hermione saw many couples kissing goodnight, knowing that for most, it was probably the last time.

She looked sadly over to Harry and Ginny, who looked like they would not be parting very soon. Ron grabbed her arm and pulled her to him. He kissed her hard on the mouth and she let him. This may be the last time they had together.

Finally he pulled away from her, "I will see you in the morning, don't worry, it will all work out, I love you." He whispered to her.

Hermione nodded back at him, "I love you too" She said, knowing that deep down she really did in some kind of form. Ron nodded and stepped over to Harry. The boys watched as the girls disappeared off to their make shift room.

Hermione and Ginny found beds by each other and laid down. "I can't believe that they are doing this to us." Ginny said, tears in her eyes. "I know Ginny. I can't believe it either. It just seems so wrong." She whispered back to her friend. After that everyone was quiet. No one slept , but they were to afraid to talk. Everything that had happened in the past hours, was way to much for anyone to really grasp.

Hermione tried to sleep all night but knew it was no hope. She was terrified as to what would happen in the morning light. She knew that everything was going to change. Whether it be for the better or the worst, it was going to change and she knew that she would not be able to stop it.

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