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Hermione woke, hearing Draco speaking in a soft voice, not far off. She turned her head and watched as he carried around their new baby girl, talking to her about how Hermione and Draco had been pushed together.

She watched a small smile on her face. "And then, your mommy told me for the first time that she loved me." He said, making the little girl coo. Hermione giggled a little making Draco turn to her.

"How long have you been awake?" He asked coming over to her. "Not long." She whispered looking at her daughter. "Hello Abigail, how are you?" She asked the newborn. "How are you feeling?" Draco asked her.

"I feel okay. I am just really happy is all." Hermione said, looking at him. He kissed her softly, "I love you Hermione, I love you too Draco. I am so happy right now. I would be nothing without this moment right here." She whispered, softly.

"You will have this for the rest of your life, I will never let you go." He whispered, kissing her again.

Hermione looked at her tiny little family, feeling for the first time in her whole life, Whole.

So the end of the story! I really hope that you guys liked it all!