Chapter 2

He knew what he was doing was immoral and creepy and would easily get him neck pinched and tossed out an airlock if Spock ever found out, not to mention what Bones would do if he found out Jim had hacked through the security on the medical files. But honestly he was desperate. He hadn't had a bed partner other than his own right hand in almost two years now. Sure he had gotten close to getting laid on one or two occasions but damned if Spock didn't show up out of nowhere to cock block him, or of course the lovely young woman chatting him up would end up being evil with a capital E. Totally not sexy.

So here he was, skulking around his own ship, hacking through the Federations best security systems just to steal a copy of one of his own crew's medical files. Yeah, what a great Captain he was turning out to be. Pushing away the guilt that was growing in his gut Jim scanned through the information in the latest medical scan and began to compile it into a line of code. Next he pulled up Spock's photo and found the CMYK code for the various tones that made up Spock's skin tone and plugged them into the tone. It wouldn't be a hundred percent accurate, not without a photo of Spock's penis while it was erect, but it was as close as Jim could get. The third and final step he had been working on for almost a year. It took longer than Jim would have liked but there wasn't a lot of time where the science labs were empty and he was free, but over the last year he had come up with the perfect equation to ensure his little masterpiece felt like real erect penile flesh. If he ever retired from Starfleet he could make a fortune with this equation.

Rubbing his eyes with his fist, Jim copied the information into his private replicator, which he had already altered to replicate more than just basic food, and pressed the start button. Licking his lips, Jim took a step back, unconsciously holding his breath with anticipation. For a moment it seemed as if nothing would happen but slowly the replicators light turned green and Jim could hear the soft 'whirrr' of the replicator creating the item he had requested. A moment later the light on the replicator went off and there sitting in the tray at the bottom was his creation. A tremor of anticipation worked its way down his spin to settle deep in his belly as he stepped forward and wrapped tentative fingers around the smooth jade colored flesh.

'God,' Jim moaned. It really did feel like living flesh, strong as steel but soft as silk and warm as his Vulcan's real flesh. A smirk stretched across his face as he realized that he had gotten away with it. Spock hadn't COMM'd him or come barging in asking about the unauthorized access to his medical records or for the tampering with the replicator. Jim was safe. The Spock-tacular Dildo was his and no one seemed to be the wiser. Now all he had to do was decide how to use it.

Licking his lips Jim took a deep breath and forcibly relaxed the tense muscles in his shoulders, his fingers tracing on the man-made flash in his hands. He let himself accept that although he couldn't have the man he could have this. This moment was his. His pleasure and his secret desire.

Stepping further away from the replicator Jim double checked that his room was locked and no one could interrupt. Seeing that the door was locked and only the CMO's medical override could open the door, Jim went back into his bedroom. Carefully setting his new toy down on his bed, Jim went to grab his lube from where he had stored it. Like he did every time, Jim went about the ritual of shedding his Command uniform, relaxing into his skin and allowing himself to forget the rigors of Command for the next while. It was always nice to shed that extra skin that protected him from forging any unacceptable relationship with his crew because Jim had to face that he was a social guy. He loved talking with people and being Captain made that rather hard to do. He had to walk too fine a line sometimes because if he wasn't careful he could easily go from the friendly Captain to the sexual-harassment-waiting-to-happen-Captain. And Jim really didn't want to be that guy, especially when he had so much hype to live up to as George Kirk's son and being the cadet who saved Earth from time-traveling Romulans. Everyone was watching him, and while that was a bit of a turn-on for him, in this case it just made him uncomfortable. There was a difference between people watching you masturbate or have sex than there was having them watch you just waiting for you to fail. He knew there were a few people praying for him to have an epic fail in the midst of the public eye. He wouldn't give them that though.

Jim shook the dark thoughts that hovered around the edges of his mind away. He wasn't here to worry about plots of his downfall or the vicious way the paparazzi watched his every move. He was safe in his own cabin and he had hours until he needed to be back on duty. It was a rare moment of calm and Jim planned to use every minute of it he could to his own pleasure.

Realizing his own thoughts had killed the erection that had grown as he took hold of his newest toy Jim sighed and looked over at his bookshelf. He could read a bit more of The Heart of the Desert to get back in the mood. Thinking it over for a moment Jim finally sighed and got up to get the book. He wasn't really in the mood to read but he also found his imagination was dead tired from hours of reading brain-killing reports.

Frustrated and wanting to get back into that aroused mindset, Jim set the old paperback on his bed next to his new Spock-tacular dildo and began to pull his cloths off. After a careful sniff revealed the cloths were still clean enough to wear for at least one more day, Jim folded them and set them aside. Giving his back one last stretch, Jim hopped onto the bed and picked up the book, picking up at the last spot he had read.

Kaleolthran was pleased with his life. He had a fine lover in Dorli'kum. The Bringer of Water brought him a greater status among the warriors of his clan. Dorli'kum was far more beautiful in his strange golden colors than any of the warriors that Kaleolthran had trained with. The Bringer of Water was a prize to be envied and Kaleolthran was proud to show him off. Dorli'kum learned slowly and sometimes it angered Kaleolthran that he couldn't make the other understand him better, but he could not help but think that one day Dorli'kum's people would return to Vulcan and take Kaleolthran with them into the Heavens. He was not meant to be a warrior like his younger brother or his cousins. He preferred his books and the solitude of his chambers to the hot tents the warriors lived in while training.

He knew not how long he had left before he would be called back to arms by his Father and the prospect of leaving Dorli'kum alone was daunting. He feared that another may come to take what he so coveted while he was on a mission of war. Many men knew such was the lot of their lives, but he cared not for it. It was one thing to have a wife stolen away by enemies but another to have Sa-telsu stolen away. Dorli'kum was not a warrior that could fight off an enemy alone as the Sa'telsu of a Sa-te'kru's son should. He was soft as a woman, his body fragile in the heat of the sun.

Gazing over at Dorli'kum's sleeping body, Kaleolthran found a deep hunger overwhelm him. Dorli'kum was his and his alone. No other would ever take the golden child of The Bringer of Water. His lok swelled and the el'ru-lok separated from the stiffening flesh to waving about beneath the blankets, searching out the body of his ashal'veh. Letting a deep growl rumble up in his chest, Kaleolthran rose up on the bed and moved to sit at Dorli'kum's feet. The blankets were quickly tossed aside and Kaleolthran smiled as he watched his ashal'veh murmur agitatedly and shift on the bed before him. Carefully, he reached out and let his hands glide a burning path up the silken legs, spreading them wider so that he might kneel between them, ever closer to his prize.

His el'ru-lok surged forward, wrapping themselves around the limp manhood, resting between those golden thighs. Dorli'kum moaned, his legs spreading wider and Kaleolthran smiled realizing that his ashal'veh was still sleeping.

"What good dreams you must have, Dorli'kum," he murmured as he leaned forward, his aching lok nudging at the hidden entrance between those sacred thighs. The way in was still slick with their love making, easing his passage to that secret warmth. His el'ru-lok twisted and coiled about his lovers slowly engorging flesh like love struck ivy, making the small body arch beneath him, those jem like eyes blinking open as he thrust himself deeper.

Jim groaned, his hands clenching on the fragile paper of the book as his hips wiggled against the bed, his own hole aching for the fullness of that hot Vulcan cock. Blindly reaching out, he grabbed the tube of lube, squeezing a large dollop onto his own fingers. Licking his lips he dropped the book to the bed and reached for his own organ, slicking it up as he pumped it, drawing out another loud moan. Swallowing Jim bucked into his fist several moved times before catching sight of his newest toy resting innocently on his blanket, it soft crown pressing into his hips as the bed rocked with his movements.

"Fuck…okay," Jim moaned at the loss but forced his hands of his cock. It was at full mast already, a thick clear drop of precum already wetting the tip. He could feel his pulse jumping with his increasing pleasure as he re-slicked his fingers and slipped them through the tight muscle below. The clench of his own inner walls had his heart jack hammering against his ribs. Just a little more and he could finally feel the heavy weight of that Vulcan cock inside, pressing against his every sweet spot, driving him to a madness of aching want.

"Spock," he moaned as his finger twisted, reaching blindly for the little knob of pleasure hidden inside. "AHHH...oh fuck, Spock!"

The photos he had pulled up in the medical files had mentioned and shown nothing that looked like the prehensile tentacles mentioned in the story, but Jim couldn't help but wonder what that would feel like. Maybe Spock really did have some and they just couldn't be seen until he was aroused? He could only imagine what that would feel like. The heavy weight of Spock pressing him down into the mattress, his hands like hot brands on Jim's eager flesh, mapping him out through careful, lingering touches.

Gasping again, Jim grabbed his Spock dildo and hastily slicked it up with lube, fumbling to press it inside in his haze of pleasure.

It would be amazing, he just knew it. Spock would be so big, stretching him beyond what his few male lovers ever had. The heat of his body melting into Jim's bones as their hips pressed together in the eager dance of lovers throughout space and time. Spock would touch him and know his every want, his every hidden desire and make Jim whimper with the pleasure of it. Those soulful doe eyes dark with passion carefully controlled with Vulcan strength, waiting for just the right moment to be unleashed upon Jim's trembling flesh.

Jim tossed his head against the pillow, sweat being shook lose as he moaned and withered like a whore. His eyes stayed closed trying to picture Spock above him even as one hand worked the dildo deeper, pressing almost violently against his prostrate as the other worked his engorged penis, squeezing and sliding up and down the impressive shaft as more and more liquid dribbled out of the tip. He was so close. Too close. He didn't want it to end.

The dildo pressed in deeper, stroking in on his prostrate as Jim's thumb on his other hand pressed up along the vein on the underside of his own erection, sending shivers up his spine. With a gasp and a shocked cry Jim felt his balls draw up as his climax rose from the depth like a leviathan, overtaking him before he was even aware it was approaching.

For a long time Jim could only lay there, gasping for breath, the green Spock-tacular dildo still pressed inside. His own muscles were slowly pushing it out, sending out small shockwaves of pleasure that was almost pain to his over sensitized nerves. His cum was streaked across his chest, cooling into a sticky paste but he didn't care. The mellow haze filling him up after the sudden orgasm was to perfect to ruin by moving.

Smiling Jim closed his eyes. He would certainly be doing that again soon.

AN: I am freely admitting to using a feature from Amanda Warrington's Spirk fic "Higher Love" in this chapter. I don't know about the rest of you but I really enjoyed the idea of Jim and Spock buying dildos of each others junk while on shoreleave.

Lok – Penis; male organ of copulation in higher vertebrates, homologous with the clitoris; in mammals, it also serves as the male organ of urinary excretion

El'ru-lok – those tentacles on his penis, this word is made up of el'ru, meaning hand and lok, meaning penis.

Ashal'veh - Darling ; person; term of endearment