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Korone the surveillance agent was sitting in a train. Her charge, Akuto Sai, was using the bathroom in the men's restroom at the end of the car. Junko Hattori, Keina Soga, and Hiroshi Miwa, were going to get the five of them lunch. So, she was alone. Not that it bothered her. She just tends to get bored. She knew it wouldn't be for the whole day, they were just going back to the academy from the beach school.

I wonder if I could bust out the ruler and sneak in after Akuto so I can measure He told me not to do that. Maybe if I...

"Punch buggy red."

Someone says behind her. Korone turns to see a boy in a red shirt and black ski mask punch another boy with brown hair long enough for the bangs to touch the tip of his nose, in the shoulder.

"Nice one Erm. You finally got me."

"Thank you Eric. It's about time you didn't see one first."

"Excuse me." Korone interrupted. "What is this 'punch buggy' that you speak of?"

Eric smiles.

"You know those old Volkswagen beetles?"

Korone nods and Eric continues.

"Well, when you see one, you call 'Punch buggy' and then what color it is. For example, if there's a green Volkswagen," He gestured to her green hair and eyes." You call 'Punch buggy green.' and punch someone in the arm."

Korone nods.

"I see."

She turns around again and waits for the others to return.


Korone stared intently out the window. Akuto and Junko sat next to her and the other two sat on the other side of the table. She just kept watching intently for a Volkswagen. Finally a blue one comes into view.

"Punch buggy blue!"

She called and punched Akuto in the arm with all her strength. Akuto let out a shout as he and Junko flew across the car and landed, Junko on top in a compromising position. It was kind of disappointing that Junko got his first kiss instead of her... if it was his first... also if that counted as a kiss. Eric leans over.

"Err. You're not supposed to punch with your full strength."

Korone tilts her head.

"Oh. I'll keep that in mind."

Eric dropped back down and Erm spoke.

"Good thing it wasn't door knob."

Korone turned around curiously.

"What do you mean by 'door knob'?

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