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Jade yawned as she sat back against the seat of Beck's car. It was 6.30am and she was dropping Beck off at the airport. Technically he was driving and she would just drive his car back. She was usually grumpy at this part of the morning. She faced the window and her eyes traced the scenery.

Beck running a hand through his luxurious hair turned to face her and smirked. "Babe?"

"Hmm?" She responded disinterested, still with her back to him.

"Jade look at me." He sighed. She turned to face him, their eyes held. Nothing. Damn it, he just couldn't explain it. Before those precious green eyes used to make his stomach do cartwheels. Now, he just didn't know.

"Yes?" Jade raised an eyebrow.

"What's wrong?"

She shrugged. "Nothing."

He merely smiled. "You know I know you better than that. Tell me?"

Truth was she really didn't know. It wasn't that she didn't love Beck, she did. She just wasn't sure she was in love with him. The spark was missing and she was certain he felt it too. He would break up with her soon, it was inevitable. But she wasn't sure if she wanted to lose him, you know. He was an important figure in her life. Practically her best friend. Maybe even her only true friend. He genuinely cared about her unlike her parents.


He brought her back from her thoughts. "Huh?"

"You were telling me what's wrong before you spaced out." He grinned.

"It's kind of woman issues." She lied knowing how he hated talking about those kind of things. She just wasn't ready to talk to him about it.

He winced. "Um, well you not pregnant, are you?"

She laughed genuinely. "No it's not that. You are off the hook, daddy." She teased.

He let out a breath of relief and grinned at her. "Well then maybe you should talk to Tori about it then."

Jade frowned. " Tori? Why Tori?"

He let out a small laugh. "Oh c'mon Jade, like you haven't noticed."

"Noticed what?" She definitely didn't like where this conversation was going. Did she miss something?

"The two of you became friends."

"Well, she wasn't as bad as I thought she was. But she still is too annoyingly kind." Jade rolled her eyes.

Beck smirked. "You like that about her. Admit it."

"I do not. Hence the term annoying before kind." He got another eye roll out of her.

He shrugged. "Okay lie to yourself, but you know I know you better than you know yourself. I say you like that and the fact that she stands behind her convictions."

"Whatever." She shrugged. She couldn't argue with that, he did know her better than she knew herself. Vega was always reliable and never faltered when it came to what she believed in. She sort of admired it but she would never admit it to anyone. Tori just seemed to fit herself conveniently into her life. At first she didn't like it. Then over time she kind of got used to it. She just didn't understand their dynamic. They were either head to head or side by side. Point was they were always together. There was just this pull to her that she couldn't quite understand.

He looked at her, eyes widened. "You mean I won this conversation?"

"No, it just means that I refuse to entertain it." Jade scoffed.

He chuckled. "Ah, that means I won."

"Shut up." He continued laughing, she turned back to face the window a smirk ghosting around her mouth.

Tori strolled into Hollywood Arts with a damper on her usual pep. All thanks to Trina's doing. That girl just seemed to drain her. She walked up to her locker, put in her combination and pulled it open. She yawned as she stuffed a few books in and then slammed it shut.

"Cheery, aren't we?" Andre grinned as he stepped up to her.

She scowled at him. "Sue me."

He chuckled. "What's wrong, Tori?"

"That I'm not an only child." Tori groaned sarcastically. He just arched his brow. Tori sighed. "Trina had a headache last night, so of course she gave the rest of us one too. I hardly got any sleep with her mumbling in hers. Your parents aren't looking to adopt, are they?"

"Not that I know of but I'll ask." He smiled as she linked her arm through hers mainly to support her upright. She was uncertain how long she could keep standing.

She leaned her head against his shoulder. "Thanks you are the greatest best friend ever."

"So I have been told a million times." Andre replied smugly and shrugged.

"Modest, aren't we?" Tori rolled her eyes.

"Well, I try." He shrugged. She closed her eyes for a mere moment.

Then her eyes slowly opened again they were instantly met with green crystals across the hall. She lifted her head their gaze never faltering. Something was wrong she could sense it. She didn't know how but she could. They brilliance seemed a shade darker. Jade shied away first and turned to her locker.

"What's up with Jade?" Tori asked.

"What you mean?" Andre frowned.

"I mean something's off with her."

Andre looked at Jade then back at Tori, scratching his head. "How can you tell? She kinda looks the same to me."

"No something is definitely wrong." Tori insisted.

Then he smiled. "Right, Beck is gone to Canada for the week, isn't he?"

"Yeah but that's not it. Beck has gone to Canada plenty of times. She hasn't been like this?"

"Like what? I don't see it. Maybe it's a women thing." Andre let out frustrated. Then he saw that glint in Tori's eye. "Uh oh, Tori leave it alone."

"What?" She asked confused.

"You got that glint in your eye that says you going to get involved. Even if there is something off, stay away. She's dangerous without Beck around." He warned her.

Tori simply rolled her eyes. She was not scared of Jade, she could handle herself. But it would be wise to back off unless Jade wanted her help with something. She didn't want their friendship to regress. They more than just tolerated each other now. Perhaps even they enjoyed it. But could she really sit back and wait. Normally yes, but what was it about Jade that made her want to dig at all her layers. It was not normal. She started to walk towards her.

"Hey where are you going?" Andre asked with concern.

"Just going to say hi, don't worry." She shouted over her shoulder. He shook his head, he knew better.

Jade slammed her locker door to see Tori in front of her. Previously there used to be an annoyance set in whenever the half Latina used to do that.

"Hi Jade." Tori greeted her.

"Vega." Jade nodded.

"How are you?"

"How do I look?" Jade shrugged.

"Like crap." Jade almost let out a chuckle. She secretly learned to like that this girl was always frank towards her.

"I could say the same about you." Jade looked Tori over and countered.

"Ah, well Trina." She needn't say more. Jade nodded. "What about you?"

"What about me?" Jade drew her brows.

"What's wrong?" Tori sighed.

Jade froze. What was she an open book today? She hated when people asked her what was wrong. Especially when they were onto something. She was about to say, none over your business Vega when a little adorable redhead interrupted them.

"Morning guys." Cat greeted them, cheerfully.

Tori smiled. "Good morning, Cat."

"Cat." Jade acknowledged her with a nod.

"I'm so glad I caught you both before class." Cat exclaimed.

"Okay why?" Jade arched a brow.

"Well, I kind of need a favor…" There was a pause. "Will you guys do it?" Cat beamed at them.

Tori shook her head. "We kind of need to know what the favor is first, Cat."

"Oh right." She giggled. "Well I met this psychology post grad the other day and she asked me if I had any gay or lesbian friends. So I said yes. Now she wants to meet them, just to study and ask them questions for half an hour. It's part of her thesis."

Jade looked at Cat. "Yeah so?"

Cat gave them this blank look of innocence. "I don't have any gay or lesbian friends."

"Then why did you tell her you did." Tori raised her brow.

"I thought I did." The redhead replied in her sweet soft tone, tapping a finger to her lips.

Jade frowned. "I don't see how Vega and I fit in here."

Cat beamed at them. "Well… I was wondering if you guys would pretend to be a couple and be questioned for a half hour session. She is willing to give you guys a free lunch."

Both Tori and Jade stared at Cat dumbstruck unable to even laugh at the hilarity of the situation. Then turned to face each other, suddenly feeling they were standing to close to each other. They shifted slightly.

Jade shook her head firmly. "No."

"Not on your life." Tori added.

They both strode past Cat towards class. Cat ran and stopped them again. "Please! She gave me fifteen hundred bucks."

"So give the money back."Jade returned.

"I can't, I spent it in the Sky store." Cat told her.

"So then why can't you and Tori pretend to be gay?" Jade shrugged.

"Or you and Jade." Tori glared at Jade and countered.

"Well she knows me. She doesn't know you guys." Cat stated matter of factly. "Please!"

"No." Jade shook her head again and entered Sikowitz class.

"Sorry Cat, but I'm with Jade with his one." Tori looked at Cat apologetically before taking her seat, still a few minutes before class started. Cat slumped her shoulders, her bottom lip hung out. She looked absolutely adorable.

"Not gonna work." Jade crossed her arms over her chest, head tilted to the side to avoid the cute pout.

For Tori however, it was too late. She was already caught up in the pull of Cat's childlike antics. She tried to resist but the Good Samaritan in her wasn't having any of it. Dammit, why wasn't she strong enough? She was squirming in her seat unable to break the trance, her defenses gone. "Dammit Cat, you play dirty. Fine I'll do it!" She said with a little malice in her voice mainly because she realized what a sap she was.

Tori turned to face, Jade a pleading look in her eyes. Jade raised a brow realizing that Vega had been suckered. "No." She scowled. Her for one wasn't about to turn over to the dark side, relatively speaking of course.

"But Jade…" Tori's eyes were big, and she joined in the pout. Now, Jade had two adorable pouters to contend with. Lucky she was stronger than that. Yeah, like they could convince her to do something so stupid. No way, hell would have to freeze over first.

"No way Vega, there's no way you can convince me to go through with that. You will never get me there not now, not ever." Jade hissed, satisfied at her will power.


Five hours later…

"I can't believe I'm here!" Jade growled dragging her feet as she followed Tori and Cat into the psychology department of the local college.

Tori shot the Goth a look over her shoulder and rolled her eyes. "Oh, c'mon Jade, it's just like impromptu acting in Sikowitz class. It won't be so bad. If you get scared I can hold your hand."

"Yeah, bite me."

"Is that some sort fetish? I kinda need to know these things about you." Tori teased.

"Why are you encouraging this, Vega?" Jade asked, her voice dangerously low.

"Oh c'mon it's to help Cat. Plus you get a free lunch out of it." Tori said as they stepped into the reception area

"Yeah, well it better be worth it." Jade said through gritted teeth as she took a seat.

Cat skipped her way to the receptionist settled in the center of the room. She saw the pretty blonde sitting behind the desk on the phone. The blonde smiled at her as she put down the receiver. "Hi can I help you?"

"Yes, we are looking for Laurel." Cat returned the smile.

"Oh right you the girl with the lesbian friends?"

Cat giggled. "Yes."

"Okay you can send them straight through there." The blonde receptionist pointed to a door on the right.

"Thank you." Cat nodded and joined her friends. "She said you can go that way. I'll wait out here." Cat said as she settled into a seat.

"Okay Cat, see you in a half hour. Showtime." Tori said as she turned to Jade.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah let's get this over with." Jade sulked.

"Oh honey, I didn't know you were so excited." Tori rolled her eyes sarcasm evident in her tone.

"Bite me."

"Where?" Tori winked as Jade glared at her.

They stepped into the room and greeted by a short ginger woman who was dressed in a working suit. "Hi, I am Laurel James, I'm a masters student in psychology as I'm sure you were told. You two must be the lesbian friends of Cat Valentine." She gestured to the couch behind for them to sit. Which they did.

Tori sat with her hands neatly placed on her knee and Jade was slouched with her feet kicked out. "That would be us, the happy couple." Tori beamed her acting mode taking over. Jade just rolling her eyes, her arms crossed over her chest.

"Ah, well its very nice to meet you too. I'm eternally grateful that you two would take the time to do this." The student smiled.

"Yeah, where's the food?" Jade asked. Tori nudged the Goth with her elbow. "What I'm hungry." Jade whispered.

Tori shook her head and smiled sheepishly. "I'm very sorry my girlfriend is very cranky during well, most parts of the day."

"Oh that's okay, I hope you guys don't mind pizza?" Laurel said as she set the large cardboard box in front of them and handed each of them a Coke. Jade shrugged and dug in. Tori just glared at her wondering how Beck survived. "So Tori Vega and Jade West, huh." The student settled in the single chair opposite from them.

"That would be correct." Tori answered.

"Okay, well this is how it's going to work I'm going to ask you a series of questions. And you answer them as honestly as you possibly can. No names will be mentioned in my thesis to ensure you complete confidentiality therefore you should feel perfectly comfortable. And feel free to whisper any discussions to each other. I am also interested in how you interact. And you guys should just get comfortable I don't mind if you snuggle up." Laurel said as both girls looked at each other.

"No that's okay." Tori giggled awkwardly.

"No but I insist." Laurel looked at them expectantly. Tori shifted into Jade as the Goth placed her arm around her shoulder. She settled in feeling more comfortable than appropriate.

"Comfy?" The student asked.

"Quite." Jade agreed as Tori nodded. Too comfortable Jade thought to herself.

"Let's start simple. How long have you guys been together?"

"About a year." Tori answered.

Jade pulled herself into character. "Yes, one blissful year." She said sarcasm clearly dripping from her statement making Tori glare at her. She shrugged indifferently.

"Okay, well." The student noted it down. "Jade what is Tori's favourite colour?" Tori cringed she knew they should have went over a little information about each other in the car.

"Purple." Jade merely stated to Tori's utter shock. She just hoped it wasn't evident to the student. How Jade know that about her?

"Is this true, Tori?" The student raised a brow.

Tori broke out of her stupor. "Um, yes its true." She said softly meeting Jade's curious gaze.

Laurel seemed to be scribbling on her pad. "Okay Tori same question directed back at you."

Tori chuckled. "Seriously?" She said indicating to Goth's black clothes. "It's not exactly a big secret."

"Okay, well moving on. Tori tell me something about Jade that she loves?"

"Oh well that's easy, she has a fetish with scissors. I don't know where she keeps them but she always has a pair." Tori said quite satisfied with her answer looking at Jade who was smirking.

Jade pulled Tori back a bit to whisper in her ear. "Trust me, you don't want to know where." Gulp.

"Jade?" Laurel addressed her.

"Um, well she loves helping people out of sticky situation. She gets some sort of satisfaction from it." Jade said, Tori nodding in agreement.

"Okay. So Tori tell me what about Jade you like physically and what intangible factor you like about her?"

Tori considered looking at ceiling then bringing her gaze back to the Goth she was sort of cuddled into. "Well, physically, I'd say her green eyes. It is so rare these days. But there is something with her ones specifically, they are so intense and instantly draw me in." She said in a daze seeing Jade raise a brow. She shook head from the trance that was Jade's eyes. "Um, as for intangible, it would be her uniqueness, I haven't met anyone quite like her."

Jade couldn't quite stop staring at the brunette, the words that left her mouth and the emotion that were behind it. It seemed real, so either Tori was being truthful or she was a really good actor. Jade was unsure which option she preferred.

"I'd hate to ruin this moment but we need to continue." Both girls stumbled out of their gaze turning their heads the opposite from each other, a blush creeping on each girls face. Interesting. "Jade your turn."

"Okay well, I have to say her hair it's smooth and luxurious. Intangible, well her voice." Jade couldn't meet Tori's gaze.

Tori smiled and whispered into Jade's ear. "Really?"

Jade shrugged, "We're acting remember." Tori's face drop just a bit, but Jade couldn't admit was the truth.

Laurel wrote once again on her notepad before turning back to them. "Okay, I think I will be increasing the intensity of the questions for purely interest sake." Both of nodded. "So are you guys sexually active?"

"Yes." Jade stated.

Tori stunned by the simple answer. She turned towards the Goth. "Yes?" She whispered under her breath only loud enough for Jade to hear.

"Well, I am." Jade smirked smugly. Tori rolled her eyes. "And lets face it, if we being realistic and convincing, the only reason I would date you would be physical attraction, simply because you hot."

Tori grinned. "You think I'm hot?"

Jade cringed. Shit. Jade be careful what you say. "No I'm saying hypothetically if that's what I thought." She backpedalled but Tori was already smug about it.

"Uh…huh." The brunette continued to grin then turned her attention to the student. "Yes we are." Tori confirmed as Jade took her a sip of her Coke.

"Okay well then what is you favourite position?" Jade choked and spat out her Coke.

Tori expression quite frozen, her eyes growing wide. She absently handed Jade a napkin that was on the table. "I'm sorry what?"

"You're favourite position? You two have been going out for a year, so since you are sexually active I'm assuming you two have experimented quite a bit. That is the thing I find quite interesting about homosexuality is that it is out of the society norms. So sex would be more satisfying in the sense of finding what suites the couple. Don't worry whatever is said you two will remain anonymous?" The psych student assured them.

Tori was unsure what to say, she had only had a sexual relation once with a guy and it wasn't quite satisfying. And well with a woman, she was way out of her league. But she had to come up with something quick, she turned to Jade who was still recovering. "Well um, you know, it the one with the thing on top of the thing and twisting." Tori tried using hand movements to explain feeling completely embarrassed and inadequate. She turned back to Jade with beseeching eyes.

"Oral." Jade blurted out.

"What!" Tori shouted.

Jade grinned at the reaction that came from the brunette. She thought why not enjoy this. Her voice went low and sensual. "What baby? I absolutely love it when you go down on me." Jade let out snickering laugh when she saw the slow blush that travelled its way onto Tori's face. Serves her right for getting her into this mess. "Her tongue is very skillful." Jade practically purred.

Catching onto Jade's game. Tori arched a brow and decided okay, two can play. "Oh that explains a lot then and why your moans get so loud, you would swear she was dying or seen God." Tori put her hand to her mouth to stifle her giggle. She knew Jade hated the thought sounding girly and weak and sexual moans would be in that category.

"I don't moan!"

Tori glanced at her playfully. "Oh but you do honey, you just don't notice with your ears ringing with the much pleasure I cause you."

Jade scoffed. "Yeah right."

"Oh sweetie, don't you remember that time your mother caught us in the laundry room. It wasn't because of the washing machine squeaking, you know." Tori turned her gaze to the student and put a hand up to block Jades view. "She likes to thinks so because she was so embarrassed." She whispered.

"Okay, next question!" Jade demanded clearly beaten at her own game.

"Well this final question is more of a simple request." Laurel looked at them sheepishly.

"Yes?" Tori drawled.

"Well, I want a display of your affection of each other with a kiss."

Tori's eyes bulged out when she thought things couldn't get more awkward. "What!"

"She wants us to kiss." Jade told Tori.

Tori rolled her eyes. "Yeah, I caught that captain obvious."

"Well what are you two waiting, surely such strong characters such as you'll displayed you are, aren't shy for a mere kiss."

"Well we haven't exactly had an audience before." Tori said hoping her quick thinking would help the situation.

"But you two go to Hollywood Arts, right?" Laurel asked.

Crap! Tori shook her head, she never thought of that. "Okay, so we have had audiences." She turned to Jade who seemed to be lost in thought.

Jade shook herself out of it. "Let's just do it, Vega." Jade said, tired of this game wanting to go home. Plus she was curious, but wouldn't admit it to herself.

"Okay." Tori agreed, both of staring at each other not sure what to do. Finally Tori came up with an idea. "Okay you go left and I'll go right." They both went in the same direction, this encounter proving to be as awkward as they thought it would be. They pulled out before they bumped their heads. "No, my left not yours." Tori clarified.

Jade feeling the frustration of the situation built up. "Oh hell." Jade let out before she cupped Tori's face and brought the brunette's lips to her own. Tori stiffened shocked for a moment before her eyes heavily dropped, her own mouth joining in the sensation, her hands resting on the Goth's shoulders. Jade wasn't sure what she was doing, she just knew something was happening and she had no control of it. Her own mouth instinctively opening slightly, invitingly. Tori was so far gone, she accepted the invitation her tongue slipping out to trace the contours of the Goth's mouth, then dipping in to meet Jade's tongue. Jade moaned into her mouth uncontrollably, igniting both their hungers. Jade's hands sliding down the half Latina's back, pushing her back against the couch, their bodies pressed together. Half her weight resting on the brunette's. Their lips devouring each other.

"Okay thank you, I think I've got enough information here." Laurel said clearing her throat. It was getting so hot in here she was uncertain how they simply didn't combust. Both Tori and Jade were brought out of it by the voice that was echoing in their heads. They stared at each other realizing the compromising position they landed themselves into and sprang apart so fast. Both, standing, their clothes creased, hair messed and faces flushed.

"Well, um, you're welcome." Tori soothing her hair, managed to say as she escaped the room. Jade hot on her heels. They entered the reception area Cat standing to meet them.

"Hey how did it go?"

"Um, well I was bored." Jade managed to slide back into her scowl with much difficulty. Her body was still pulsing.

"Yeah, boring…" Tori mimicked unsure what her body was feeling right now.

Cat stared at them, scrutinizing. "Hmmm…Okay." She skipped towards the exit. They both followed silently stealing glances at each other. Oh so much was still unresolved and they both knew it…

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