Let's Make A Movie

Summary: Vanille discovers YouTube, and decides to make a mini movie and post it on the web.

AN: I got this idea while goofing around with my friends. We were talking about all sorts of things like what would happen if the cast of Final Fantasy XIII discovered YouTube, DeviantArt, Fanfiction!

I decided to do YouTube and if I get alot of good results with this fic do DA then FF. This might even become a series of oneshots just about Fang x Vanille I don't know. I'm just gonna shut up now and start the fanfic.

Disclaimer: I do not own FFXIII, if I did, Fang and Vanille would be a canon pairing.

Warnings: Yuri, slight crack, slight OOC, teeny bit AU

"Finished!" Vanille's voice rang out from her bedroom. Curiousity peeked Fang's interest and she got up from her spot at her table and went upstairs to her lover's bedroom.

The only time the redhead is actually in her room is when she is on the computer. Maqui, one of Snow's friends and NORA member talked Vanille into getting one.

She remembers how scared the pulsians were to even touch it.

"How do you turn it on?" Fang asked Vanille, who was turning the instruction manual in different directions, trying to understand it.

"Maqui plugged it all in correctly right?" Vanille asked. "It should be on already."

"Isn't there some sort of button or switch?"

The dark haired pulsian had no idea how people on Cocoon can understand all this technology mumbo jumbo. She really missed the simpler life on Pulse.

"There's so many buttons!" Vanille whined eyeing each one that was on the gizmo. "What if one of these buttons make it explode. You know like a self destruct bomb?"

"Why in the world will people even have a self destruct button in their computers?" Fang asked the red head as she continued to decipher the symbols on the buttons. Some of them had the same symbol but on different gadgets. She tried to smallest gadget, if there was a bomb like Vanille said, it wouldn't be that huge...would it?

She pressed the button and instantly flinched away when the light turned green. Nothing happened. The two pulsians stared at the screen, waiting for something to happen.




"It's not working." Vanilled stated. "I think it's broken."

Fang tried another button that was near the screen. This time a small blue light peeked out beside it. The screen did turn on but a message was written in front of them.

"Computer not detected." Fang read. "But this is the computer isn't it!"

She was seriously getting frustrated with the machine, and it was so close to having a spear slashed across. Vanille, gaining a little more trust in the computer pressed the button that was on the gadget next to the monitor.

After a while a loading bar appeared.

"Did we do it?" Fang asked. The red head shrugged in response.

What scared the pulsians shitless was a musical melody that seemingly exploded from the gadget with the green light (the speaker). Appearing in front of the screen were two icons. One said Vanille and had a picture of a bowl of icecream,and Fang which had a picture of a bat.

Fang...had no idea what to make of this.

"Oh!" Vanille gasped in rememberance. "Maqui said that he made two accounts on here. One for me and one for you!"

An awkward silence fell on the two as they continued to stare at the screen.

"Now what do we do?" Fang asked, still expecting some sort of explosion. Vanille tilted her head cutely as she shrugged. "Get Maqui on the phone."

The redhead quickly whipped out her orange cellphone (Which she can proudly say she is a master at) and dialed Maqui's number.

After three rings he picked up.


"Hi Maqui~" Vanille sung through the phone, "we need help! Heehee."

"What's wrong?"

"You see," the redhead began. "We finally got the er, computer to turn on but this screen shows up with our names. I don't know how to select them."

"Your mouse should be connected."

"My what?"

"The mouse, it controls the cursor. It should be next to the keyboard."

Fang, who had been listening knew right away what he was talking about while Vanille still seemed confused. She moved the cursor to Vanille's icon and opened her account.

"OHH!" Vanille giggled. "Thank you!"

Who'da thunk that Vanille, who was absolutely clueless and frightened over technology, would now be on it nonstop. On when she wakes up, after they get done with their day, before bed.

She's becoming one of THOSE people!

"Fang look it!" Vanille turned from her chair and began waving her hand for Fang to come over. "Lookie, lookie!" She continued.

On the screen was a website, and it appeared to be a page or a profile.

"I made a YouTube account!"

Let's see how this goes.