Let's Make A Movie

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Bam! Bam! Bam!

Lightning smashed her fist against the wooden door.

"Fang! Vanille!" She hollered through the door. "I know your in there!"

Snow was anxious to get in and...and...let Lightning beat the crap of them. Sazh really didn't want to get involved but he had nothing to do so he went along anyway. And Hope was eyeing his phone that was still in Lightning's fist wearily.

Please don't break it...

Meanwhile beyond the door.

"Oh my gosh!" Vanille whispered so the others wouldn't be aware of their prescence. "It's an angry mob outside!"

Fang tip toed to the entryway and peeked through the peephole. She scoffed under her breath. "That's no mob." She told Vanille. "It's just two idiots, a sissy boy, and a bitch going through PMS for the upteenth time."

Knock! Knock!

"Hey!" Hope's voice whined through the solid wood door.

"We can hear you!" Sazh called after.

"...did she just call me an idiot...?" Was Snow's late response.


"Open up!" Lightning ordered, "or we break the house down!"


On Lightning's side...

The pink haired soldier froze when she heard the sound of her sister' voice.

"Wh-what are you doing?" Serah asked, almost panicking.

"Serah?" Snow asked, "What are you doing here?"

The youngest Farron reluctantly approached the 'sadistic' group. Well at least the 'sadistic' leader and her cowardly followers. "I was coming by to visit Fang and Vanille. What did they do?"

"They had-" Snow cut Hope off right away.

"Nothing! They did nothing! At least nothing to me I'm just helping sis here. Right sis?"

"WE'RE BREAKING THE DOOR DOWN!" Lightning barked.

"With what?" Sazh asked, looking for some sort of pillar or something that could break the door down. "You want us to summon something or cast a spell?"

"No." Lightning answered. "I want to save our powers for Fang and Vanille specifically."

"There has to be some way to break the door down without using magic." Snow pitched in. "We're going to have to use our heads."

"Or yours." Lightning responded.

"Or my...wait huh?" Snow's jaw slacked, not aware at what Lightning was getting at.

In the house...

"On the count of three!" Lightning's voice could be heard through the door.

"Fang! Their charging in!" Vanille squeaked. "What do we do!"

"Under the couch!" Fang proclaimed, grabbing hold of Vanille's arms as they rolled underneath.

"One!" The mob counted. "Two! Three! AAAHHH!"

Wham! The door broke off it's hinges and landed awkwardly along the stairs, Snow flying along with it.

"Snow!" Serah cried, darted to her husband side.

Yes, Lightning used Snow's head to break the door down. Luckily he was so thick headed that he didn't recieve permaneant damage. He was just a bit dizzy.

"Now, where are they?" Lightning growled under her breath, going into Commando mode. "Search the place."

"Don't we need some sort of warrant?" Hope asked. Lightning's cold glare instantly shut him up. "I-I'll ch-check their rooms. J-just don't hurt me." And he scurried up the stairs, stepping over Snow's large form.

"I'll check the kitchen." Sazh volunteered already heading in the direction.

The gang searched for the absent pulsians. After about seven minutes of thorough searching, Sazh's head poked around the kitchen, "Well, they more then likely made like a banana and split." Sazh informed with a sigh, before heading right back to the kitchen. "Probably climbed out the bedroom window."

"Weren't they just here?" Hope asked hopping onto their couch.

"Oomf!" was the unusual muffled reply that squeaked unde the couch. It was Lightning that heard it first.

The silver haired teen gave the pink haired soldier a quizzical look, as if to ask 'I wasn't the only one that heard that?' Lightning approached the couch then in a sort of childish fashion hopped onto the couch sort of similar to how Hope had.


The two exchanged another look, Hope pointing toward the couch. Lightning kept a finger to her lip signaling him to not say anything. "Serah?" Lightning called toward the stars where Snow and Serah were still sitting. "Bring Snow over here and let him lay on the couch."

"Hey," Snow said with a slight smile on his face, "Thanks sis. Maybe you do care."

Lightning's mouth settled into a hardline. There was so much she wanted to say to him at that moment. Hope scooted over on the couch towards Lightning to make room for the large man, who splayed out on the couch...

"AGH!" Fang and Vanille's voice pierced from under the couch, startling Serah, and making Sazh's head poke once again, out from around the kitchen, half a sandwich hanging out of his mouth.

Vanille's small form rolled from under the couch, spotted by the others. "Got you!" Lightning shouted reaching for Vanille's leg, but Fang pushed the couch from where she was underneath, tipping it over.

Hope and Lightning tumbled off, falling on top of each other, and Snow simply fell flat on his back with an 'unf!' Lightning threw Hope off of her, attempting to pursue the redhead pulsian who was running up the stairs.

But of course no one messes with Fang's girl, and she jumped onto Lightning's back, the two flipping back over the already tossed over couch. "Guys don't just stand there get Vanille!" Lightning managed to gasp out before Fang turned her over.

As much as the guys wanted to watch Fang and Lightning tumble and wrestle, they listened like good little boys and darted up the stairs. Fang finally managed to shake Lightning off her and followed the men, pushing Hope aside (poor kid), and leaping over Sazh like they were playing leap frog, who had stopped to take a rest.

She followed Vanille into her room, sticking her tongue out in a crude gesture and then slammed the door shut. Quickly moving the dresser against the door. Then as an afterthought moved Vanille's bed in front of that.

"Okay, this is not going to hold them off long." Fang warned already edging toward the window.

On the other side of the door, Lightning had finally made it to where they were and tried to open it. When it didn't she kicked it in frustration. She stepped back a few steps then proceeded to kick the door down, only for it to stand awkwardly against the dresser, slowly sliding onto Vanille's bed.

But from where they were standing, they could see the window open wide and the orange and yellow curtains billowing, they had just managed to escape. Lightning pushed aside the dresser enough for her to squeeze through.

The others followed except for Snow who was able to push the dresser and the bed aside at the same time. Lightning ran toward the window, the pulsians running hand in hand toward a Chocobo Bell.

"Time to jump." Lightning commanded, getting ready for a leap.

Serah followed into the room when she was sure it was safe. Overwhelemed by all the excitement she lied down onto Vanille's bed, the video camera left forgotten. "I'm just going to rest here."

Lightning nodded, then jumped out the window landing on her feet like a cat. The men followed behind her as they headed in the girls direction.

Fang and Vanille bursted through the Chocobo Bell, gaining surprised glances from the customers. And without thinking they leaped over the counter, and tip toed through the kitchen.

"Hey, no unauthorized customer can come around h-AHH!" The cooks all cowered in fear when Fang directed her spear at them.

Shortly after the encounter, the 'mob' filed in, searching for the couple.

Sazh being the most reasonable, believe it or not, of the group, he decided to walk to the cashier. "Excuse me, son?" The slightly shaken teenager behind the counter looked up from his cellphone. "We're looking for two young ladies. One's kinda small with cute curly red pigtails. Wearing pink and orange. And a taller more provocative one with tan skin, messy dark hair and wearing a blue sari?"

Lightning couldn't help notice the way the cashier's eyes lit up at the description.

"U-uh...no I didn't." His eyes darted around, as if he wanted nothing more then to split and run.

The pink haired soldier narrowed her eyes. "Their in the kitchen aren't they?"

"No! I-I don't know what your talking about."




Sazh had enough with the nonsense. "Please, this is child's play. Can we just check the kitchen?"

"Unauthorized custome-"

"I am a GC soldier." Lightning informed. "These are my...men..." She said the last part wearily as she eyed her team. "If you need a badge then..." She reached into her vest pocket for id.

The cashier sighed, allowing them to come around the counter. The 'mob' entered the kitchen only to be met by a a combination of ketchup and mustard.


"I got mustard in my eyes!"

"Aw, gross!"

"Not the fro! Not the fro!"

Fang and Vanille jumped out of the drive thru window and continued their run, Lightning's group momentarily diversed.

"Where are we going now!" Vanille squeaked as Fang pulled her around. She then noticed the fine five star hotel in the distance. "Fang, this is not the time!"

"We're not having sex in the hotel...now." Fang added as an afterthought as they entered the hotel. They probably looked sweaty and tired from all the running and the hotel manager who happened to be nearby mistook the whole situation.

"You poor things." He sighed, "come we shall take care of you." he offered.

But they knew that the group wouldn't be distracted for long so they sprinted toward the elevator right as the group entered, looking just as hassled, ketchup and mustard stained their clothes, messed up their hair, and smeared on their faces.

"There they are!" Snow announced pointing in their direction.

"Their getting away!" Hope added, while slipping and sliding in their direction. But the elevator doors shut as soon as they reached it.

"Damn it!" Lightning swore, pounding the elevator.

"I see a routine in the making." Sazh couldn't help but laugh. "We chase them down, a door slams in our face, we break it down, they get away, then repeat."

Snow had pressed the elevator button numerous times with his fist.

"Come on," Lightning commanded, "we're taking the stairs."

"Aw damn." Sazh groaned.

"What is that music?" Fang groaned, looking around the elevator shaft.

"Elevator music." Vanille answered absentmindedly, still worried about the hot pursuit their in.

"Baby, don't worry, we'll make it out of this." Fang assured, placing both her hands on Vanille's shoulders.

Suddenly the shaft shuddered violently and immedietly shutted off, a red light flashing.

"Oh no." Vanille almost cried. "We've stopped. They probably took the stairs, they'll beat us and then...and then..."

"Vanille! I won't let them lay a finger on you." And then she passionately kissed her on the lips.

Meanwhile on the stairs...

"How long do these stairs go on!" Sazh exclaimed, already bummed.

"Fine, if your going to complain stay here!" Lightning spatted, still marching up with as much stamina as when she first reached Fang and Vanille's house.

"Why are you even here with us anyway?" Hope asked. "You weren't embarrassed on the worldwide web."

"Ah, yeah, your right." Sazh said, sitting down on one of the steps. "I'm gonna take a break then head back home, I'm getting too old for this shit. You guys go ahead."

"Let's go." Lightning commanded, Snow and Hope following in step behind her.

Ding! Ding!

Fang and Vanille broke apart from their much heated makeout session, untangling their limbs when they heard the intercom go on.

"Don't worry." The man over the intercom spoke. "We're switching the elevator back on."

The lights flashed back on and the shaft was back in motion. Vanille cheered, wanting nothing more then to run away with Fang until the whole thing blows over.

All over a YouTube video that they shouldn't have even posted. Sure it was funny, but it really hurt their feelings. The world didn't need to know about Snow's...genitals...Sure everyone knew about Hope's crush on Lighting, but there was no need to show him alone with Mini Light.

And Lightning when she's sick. That was an absolute worse, since the pulsians knew that uploading the clip will look completely different then what was really going on.

Vanille should have learned an important lesson here.

Nah, who am I kidding! She thought to herself humorously.

The elevators doors opened up to the top floor.

And...surprise, surprise Lightning, Snow, and Hope were jut getting off the stairs.

"There here!" Hope squeaked, breathless.

"Whooo," Snow groaned as Fang and Vanille continued running. "I need to catch my breath."

"You two are hopeless!" Lightning hissed, following hot on their heels.

Corrider after corrider, the pulsians ran as the soldier followed after them. Finally, Lightning grabbed a hold of Fang, the two colliding onto the floor.

"Fang!" Vanille cried attempting to rescue her lover.

"No, Vanille!" Fang hollered, as Lightning dragged her by the leg. "Run! Go on without me! Survive!" And then she disapeared around the corner, her wish hanging in the air.

Vanille didn't know what to do. Help Fang or run? Where would she go?

She couldn't think on the detail when Snow and Hope rounded the opposite corridor.

Run! Vanille, run! The voice in her head that sounded alot like Fang screamed in her head. She complied, sending her aching legs in the oppposite directions up to the roof.

She knew that it was probably the last thing to do. But she was completely lost without Fang. It reminded her of the Purge, couldn't even think straight without Fang helping her along the way.

She finally stopped when she got to the edge of the building, the perfect view of Bodhum. Sadly she couldn't enjoy it when she heard Snow and Hope come up behind her.

"Please don't kill me!" Vanille begged, tears in her eyes. "I'm sorry! I didn't even know that- it's all Fang's idea. I'm sorry. Just don't throw me over."

The two guys gave each other a confused look. "We're not going to kill you." Snow assured her.

It surprised Vanille when she saw Serah join them on the roof.


Fang was tied to a chair, now all the way back to Fang and Vanille's home, a bit trashy since the light scrap previously. "Wow, Lightning," she purred, "I had a feeling you were into punishment games, but I never thought you'd invite me to join in on the fun."

Lightning narrowed her eyes at the flirting.

"Your in some deep shit, right now." Lightning warned her. "What possessed you to make Vanille upload a video like that?"

The dark haired pulsian shrugged in a weird fashion, since her hands were secured around her back. "I got bored."

Lightning wanted to hit her after that response. In fact she did, smacked her across the cheek. "What kind of half assed answer is that?"

The front door opened up, Vanille in Snow's grip.



Sazh then waltzed into the house. "Oh hey, you got them. I was just deadweight."

But what surprised the dark haired pulsian was Serah's tiny frame peek out from behind Snow holding their video camera. The red light flashing.

"You've got to be kidding me!" She groaned, hanging her head back. "You mean to tell me you recorded the whole chase?"

It must have been since Serah's pretty face was flushed a deep red, and she was breathing much heavier since she had to struggle to keep up with the group. No one seems to ever suspect to cameraman...er...girl... unless they know their being recorded.

"Fang, Vanille," Serah coached, zooming in on their faces, "tell the people on YouTube what you did was wrong."

The redhead didn't take long to babble through her apologies. "I am so sorry! I didn't mean for anyone to get hurt. I was so into how funny the videos were and how popular they get. But I never thought about how everyone else will react to it."

But of course, the dark haired pulsian never liked admiting she was wrong. So it took a good ten minutes of interrogation before Fang fessed up. "Fine, I'm sorry. What I did was wrong. Now can you untie me. And we'll delete the video from YouTube."

Since Fang never apolgized for any michief she got into, that was good enough for Lightning to untie the dark haired pulsian. Baby steps, she thought to herself.

"uh..." Serah began. "Before you do, can I see the video? It's kinda unfair that everyone's seen it except me."

Snow instantly paled.

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