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I understand.

I had always known somewhere in my heart, that the two of us could not be together for long. That our time was borrowed. That it couldn't last.

Take care.

I feared that WE could not be forever and that this day was going to come.

Were we naïve to believe that our love could be everything for us, that we could be like this, in spite of all social conventions and family expectations, together and in love?

I understand.

You seemed to hesitate a lot lately. Always trying to say something to me, but you'd stop yourself before saying anything at all.

Did you know then?

Was that the reason why your were distancing himself from me?

Why your touch, once warm and protective, became cold and hesitant?

Take care.


Why would you say those things?

Did you not hear me promise you I'd always be by your side, to be there for you when no one else even cared, to be your rock, to hold your hand, and to be yours forever… only YOURS?

I understand.




I had to be there.

With you.

I would always be there for you, by your side, with my head held high and holding your hand.

I knew what I was getting myself into when I met you that beautiful day. In spite of what people may think, I was not naïve or stupid. It wasn't on a whim or out of curiosity that I came to you.

I knew, even then, that what I felt for you was more than just an attraction or crush.

Take care.

It was more. It had always been MORE.

Ever since I saw those beautiful blue-gray eyes of yours.

I drowned, deep, never to resurface. I didn't want the surface, I wanted you.

All of you.


My hands fisted on my lap and started to shake, my eyes were sealed shut and a sob ripped through my chest. Your name escaped from my lips in an agonizing whisper.


There is more to come. I promise!

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