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CHAPTER 8: Confusion

I got out of the elevator and walked to the living room. I could hear people talking in there as well as Felix's voice from the kitchen, no doubt asking if anyone wanted something to eat.

"Hey, Rosalie. What's going on?" I asked as I hopped my way to the sofa where Rosalie and Sayuri were already sitting and chatting together.

Rosalie smiled and patted the seat next to her. I shrugged and plopped myself beside her, setting my crutches on the floor under the coffee table. Just as Rosalie was about to say something, Bella walked in, followed by Jacob and Emmett, who were eating what I assumed was all the food from the fridge.

"Jesus Christ! Did you leave us anything eatable in my kitchen, guys?" I mocked.

Both of them grinned with their mouth full and we all gagged at the sight.

"Mommy used to say that all growing boys need lots of food," said Sayuri absentmindedly while playing with Rosalie's hair.

We all froze at Sayuri's comment. It was the first time she had ever mentioned her mom in any way. She had talked about her dad and grandparents a bit, but nothing about her mom. Carlisle said that it was normal, because her mom was the one person Sayuri missed the most. She hadn't ever really been close to her dad, Carlisle said his sister complained how he worked all the time and never really made time for his own daughter. Also. before the accident, Sayuri was home schooled, so she was always with her mom until right before that night.

Her grandparents tried to take Sayuri to a grief counselor, but the little girl refused to speak to strangers. Carlisle didn't really see the need for it. He realized that what the little girl needed the most was a family to help her feel safe and loved again. That was why we all tried to include her when the gang got together. We were like the big brothers and sisters she never had. I also knew that every weekend after her ballet classes, Carlisle always made time to go out just the two of them. We were all trying to become the family that Sayuri lost. I even put a photo of her mom in a frame here on the living room, which she whispered a tender 'good morning' to every day.

The still moment was broken by Emmett's booming laugh.

"This girl is awesome, and she totally gets it!" Emmett smiled (sans food, thank God) and lifted his fist, which Sayuri shyly bumped.

Sayuri's giggles defused any remaining tension and made us all smile wide.

Rosalie winked at Emmett and turned to look at me, "You know how the Dean asked me to perform a song for the Alumni's Dinner Gala?"

I smiled. "Yes, Bella told me over spring break. Congratulations."

"Thank you, Teddy."

Rosalie and I had been friends since we were in third grade. We met at the USDAN Summer Music Camp. I was in the Classical Piano Program and she was in in Orchestra Program, but we bonded because we were usually the only kids that actually spent extra hours practicing. We had always been passionate with our music, but as I grew up, music became something more like a hobby for me. The passion to play was still there, but nothing like it was for Rosalie. She lived and breathed music. When she changed her violin for a cello, her parents weren't sure about it, but once she started playing, we knew that we were watching something special. She was an extremely talented cellist.

That was why it was no surprise to me when the Dean had asked her to perform a song at the Gala, which was held the night before the actual graduation ceremony. It was hosted by the School's Alumni Board for the graduates, their immediate family and selected guests. It was a very formal affair, completely different from Prom, which the students celebrate the weekend before. I knew Rosalie was struggling to come up with the right song, and with graduation quickly approaching, the pressure to find the right song was weighting down on her more and more with every day that goes by.

"Have you found a song, yet?" I asked, thinking perhaps she was about to ask me to perform a duet with her.

Bella snorted and Rosalie glared at her.

I furrowed my brows in confusion, "Am I missing something?"

Bella rolled her eyes and pointed at Rosalie, "She had been dragging me all over the city the entire afternoon!"

"Well, if you hadn't come up with that fuu-uh-udging theme for our graduation, I wouldn't have struggled with finding a song!" ranted Rosalie, a blush creeping up her face for her almost slip.

I snorted at her expression and quickly checked to see if Aunt Tanya was around.

We all tended to cuss too much, and since Carlisle asked us to please tone it down for Sayuri's sake, we really tried to avoid it. Unfortunately, Emmett and Jacob weren't as sensible as the rest of us. They dropped the f-bomb entirely too much. Aunt Tanya finally put an end to it by setting up a swear jar. Each curse had a hefty price, the f-bomb being the highest at $50. Suffice to say, Emmett and Jacob put in almost $500 that first day.

Aunt Tanya came to the room from the kitchen and eyed us suspiciously.

"Bed time, pretty girl," she said to Sayuri, who nodded and gave a good night kiss and an extra hug to everyone. Aunt Tanya took Sayuri by the hand, and just before they exited, she turned back to Ro, "You still owe $30 to the swear jar, Rosalie!"

Emmett and Jacob snickered.

Rosalie huffed, "Shut up! This is your fault!"

Bella pushed Jacob, "She is right, you know?"

I laughed at Jacob's guilty expression.

Bella never wanted to become class president, but in a joke orchestrated by Jasper and Emmett (and no doubt Jacob's hacking skills), she won the position by a very long shot. To this day, no one had never been able to prove how those three cheated.

So, with Bella as our class president, she was in charge of all the social events. She always had meetings with the rest of elected students, faculty and alumni after school and it took a lot of her time, but she took the position with grace and responsibility. All members of the student council had a say when it came to prom, but Bella was the one to put forth the ideas and suggestions.

Rosalie shook her head, "I meant you, Bella!"

"Well, excuse me for trying to be original!"

"B, it's effing prom! You don't have to be original! It's supposed to be cliché!"

"I want it to be special, not cliché!"

"Right, 'cause last year's theme was so freaking original!"

"It was!"

"The casino theme had been done a million times!"

"It was not a casino theme! IT WAS MONTE CARLO!"

We all watched back and forward between the girls with wide eyes. It was like watching a tennis match.

"Hold on!" I waved my hands around, stopping the discussion for a moment. "What's this year's prom theme?"

Bella sighed, "You're not supposed to know until Wednesday."

"Aw… C'mon, Bella!"

"Well, the committee decided on a Japanese theme. That's all I'm going to say."

"Okay…" I turned back to Rosalie, "So, what's the problem?"

Rosalie huffed, "The problem, Mister, was that I couldn't find a solo piece with that theme!"

I frowned. "I thought you'd be playing with a quartet…"

Rosalie motioned with her hand for Bella to explain.

Bella grimaced a little "Well, with the economy the way it is, we have a smaller budget to work with than last year's. With the carnival in two weeks, we're gonna have just enough to cover prom and graduation if we do things like in past years. The problem was finding money for the Gala. The caterers will be paid from the Dean's own pocket, but the committee needs to pay for decorations, venue and the like."

"Why not have a charity event, like an auction?" asked Jacob. "That's what we did at my school. We contacted famous alumni and asked them to donate something like signed stuff or travel packages."

Bella thought for a minute, "We could organize that. I'll check with the committee on Monday. Thanks, Jakey." Bella kissed Jacob's cheek as he went back at eating the mountain of food on his plate. "Anyways, because of the budget restriction, I had to find a way to cut back on expenses. I asked Rosalie if she was okay performing solo, since the school orchestra is already booked, she said it was fine!"

Rosalie sighed and nodded. "I'm fine with it, but the theme is giving me a headache. You see the problem, don't you, Edward?"

I nodded, pursing my lips and thinking about it. "You need a song to reflect the occasion and the night's theme."

"Exactly! That's why I went today with Bella to the flower market, to see if I could find inspiration! Bella was talking with one of the vendors when I saw some pretty cherry blossoms. Bella commented how Sayuri's mom had a cherry tree in her garden and that's when it hit me!"

"What hit you?"

She gave me a bewildered look, "Sayuri!"

I still had no idea what she was talking about. "What about her?"

"Don't you see, Edward? Her name? Doesn't it ring any bells?" gushed Rosalie.

I shrugged, still not knowing what she was talking about.

"Memoirs of a Geisha?"

"Oh!" I exclaimed, understanding what Rosalie meant. "The soundtrack! John Williams and-"

"Yo Yo Ma!"

"So you are thinking of playing a song from the original score?"

"Yes, I was looking for the music - I went to that shop we found in Brooklyn."

I laughed, "I bet you loved that, Bella!"

She growled.

"You are such a snob!" teased Rosalie.

"No, I'm not! I just prefer this side of the bridge, thank you very much."

"Leave my girl alone," piped in Jacob, hugging Bella to his chest like he was trying to protect her from us. "She is a girl that knows what she wants, and I respect that. Otherwise, I would have already begged for her to move with me to Massachusetts."

Bella smiled sadly and kissed her boyfriend tenderly.

After the summer, Bella, Rosalie and I were going to share and apartment together while Emmett and Jacob went to MIT. It was going to be hard for the girls to be so far from their significant others, but they were so proud of their boys. I was sure they were going to find a way to make it work. I would definitely miss the guys, but hopefully I would have my own guy to think about by then.

One can dream, right?

Rose snorted and rolled her eyes, "Anyways, I want you to perform with me that night. Your cast will be long gone by then."

I sat back, trying to do the math in my head. I had four more weeks with the cast, which will put me at the end of April until I was finally cast free, prom was in May, so that gave me a little less than a month to build up my strength again.

"Let me ask my doc, Rosalie," I finally said.

"Okay, thanks Teddy,"

"No problem, Ro."

"One more time, please!" begged Rosalie.

I sighed, "I'm tired Ro, I can feel my leg pulsing!"

She rolled her eyes at me, "You are such a whiner!"

I gave her my teary sad eyes, which, according to Sayuri, rivaled Puss in Boots.

"Ugh! You are impossible!"

I held the look for a little more, knowing she was about to crack.

She huffed, "Fine, but Monday morning bright and early, mister. I'll be here at six o'clock."

"Holy shit, Rosalie! Are you trying to kill me?"

She grinned and blew me a kiss.

Here I thought going back to school was going to be the scariest thing I had to face this week.

Boy… I was wrong!

School was actually fine.

Everyone pretty much let me be and I felt comfortable during classes since I was always with one of the gang, especially Bella. I had most of my classes with her. The hallways were okay too, I had a small anxiety at the beginning of my first day back when I had to retrieve my book for my second period class and Demetri came to me to ask me about Riley. At first, I thought he was going to be all pissed at me for sending his boyfriend to jail and shit, but he told me he hadn't seen Riley for two months. I was surprised by this.

What he told me next shocked me even more.

"Edward, I didn't know Ry was in a relationship with you, but when I found out, the damaged was already done and you had already broken things off with him. I know that is no excuse for what he-" he sighed. "No, what we did to you, but I never really meant to hurt you. I am deeply sorry for that." He chuckled with no real humor, "I thought I was in love with him and I was stupid enough to believe he loved me too. When that awful article came out, I thought he only did it because you pissed him off. But then, about two months ago, he came to my place high as a kite. My parents freaked out, so I gave him an ultimatum."

I closed my locker and leaned against it, "What kind of ultimatum?"

Demetri sighed and cracked his knuckles in a nervous gesture, "I… I told him he had to choose between me and the drugs." He bit his lips and his eyes tear up a little bit, "I guess we know his decision, no?"

"I'm so sorry Demetri-"

"Dimas, Edward. You can call me Dimas."

I smiled, "Dimas… I'm sorry you got tangled in Riley's web. I think you were pretty lucky he decided to let you go, otherwise, you would be the one walking with a cast or something worse."

Demetri shook his head, "You know, in spite of all the hurt and sorrow he spread, Riley was in essence not a rapist, never. I don't think he really meant to hurt you, Edward. He was broken and needed someone to help him put himself back together. When he decided to attack you, he decided to finally give up. You know more than anyone he was never sexually violent."

It was true.

In spite of all Riley's faults, he always respected my boundaries; he never pushed me to go further in our physical relationship. He was possessive and a little aggressive, yes, but not violent and demanding.

Still, what I went through let me with a lot of doubts about who Riley really was.

"I'm sorry, Dimas. But I'm not sure if I believe that."

Demetri nodded, "I understand why you do not believe, but do not be surprised when you receive a letter from him."

"What do you mean?"

"It is one of the steps of getting better: To make peace with your past."

He looked up at me and I understood.

Riley was not the only one finally getting better.

My conversation with Demetri opened my eyes to what kind of person he really was. I felt like I had gained, perhaps not a close friend yet, but a friend none the less.

After that, the rest of the week went by without a hitch.

My doctor gave me the okay to play, but said I could only rehearse every two days with my cast still on, letting my knee and leg rest a day before going back to play. Rosalie practically tackle hugged me when I told her. Also, Coach Clapp excused me from gym for the rest of the year since I couldn't participate much. Unfortunately, Emmett needed extra credit for PE and now I have to do physical therapy with him instead, which is fine by me. We had already cleared all out about the gift joke and he was cool with me. He even admitted he deserved it, so no problems there. That didn't mean he wasn't a slave driver, I swear my arms still hurt from the workout we did on Thursday. If it wasn't for Rosalie asking him to go easy on me, I would be even sorer than I already was.

Rosalie started packing away her cello and I put the music sheets away, cracking my knuckles and stretching my fingers. I was really tired and I wanted to rest this weekend.

"Seriously, Rosalie, you don't need to practice more, you are already good. Please, let's just rest for a couple of days," I shamelessly begged. Monday was a holiday and I was going to sleep in even if it occurred to the wrath of Rosalie, dammit.

Rosalie picked up her cello case and the music, "Edward, this is important for me, please, I want to practice this piece more and I want to play it so when the teachers hear me, they'd ask themselves 'Yoyo Ma, who?'"

"Ugh! You are so annoying!"

"Tell you what, I'll come after lunch on Monday, but you've got to promise me to go through the piece completely and flawlessly at least one time."

"DEAL!" I practically yelled, knowing this compromise was as good as it was going to get with someone like Rosalie.

"See ya later, then," she ruffled my hair on the way out.

"Bye, Rose." I called after her.

I heard the front door close and I turned back to face the piano keys. I rarely had the opportunity to play the baby grand that we had in the living room, but I always made sure we had it tuned. This piano had been in the family for almost a century, my mom inherited from her great grandmother when she was only 6 years old.

Dad always told me that Mom could have become a great pianist, but when she went to college and volunteered to be part of a charity play, she discovered her love for acting. She changed her major from Music to Drama and the rest was history.

I heard the front for open and close followed by some giggling and my aunt's voice.

"Hello! Anybody home?"

"Piano, Aunt Tanya!" I hollered back.

Aunt Tanya entered the room, looking relaxed and happy, followed by a very energetic Sayuri, who, as soon as she saw me sitting at the piano, launched herself to me. After giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek, she sat down next to me and started tinkling with the keys.

Aunt Tanya chuckled, "Oh, I see how it is now…"

"Awww… are you jealous?"

Sayuri giggled.

"And you missy," I turned to Sayuri, who now had a deer caught in the headlights look, "I should be jealous too. You seem to have a lot of love for this piano!"

Sayuri gasped. "Nu-uh, I like you more, Teddy!"

I gave Tanya a smug smile.

"But Miss Tanya is the best!"

My smile completely faded as Tanya threw her head back and starting laughing her ass off.

"Sayu-chan!" I exclaimed and put a hand on my chest, "you wound me…"

Sayuri giggled more. I pretended to cry until she gave me a kiss on the cheek, and I took the opportunity to tickle her until she had tears running down her cheeks.

We spent the rest of the afternoon on the piano as I taught Sayuri how to play and munching on chocolate and peanut butter cookies with cold milk.

Later that night, after a big dinner made by Tanya and Felix, I got a call from mom. She asked a bunch of questions about my knee and school and told me she wasn't sure she was gonna make it for prom, but she would do everything in her power to make it possible. I assured her that I was fine, that if she couldn't make I would understand, as long as she made it for graduation.

"Are you taking your meds like the doctor told you?"

I suppressed my eye roll and tried to not sound annoyed, "Yes, mom."

"Is Emmett being nice to you? Tell him not to push you too hard or I'll kick his ass!"

I grinned, picturing my tiny mother against Emmett.

"He's being rather pushy… but he means well."

"And Carlisle? You have no idea how happy it makes me that he is there for you, Teddy."

You and me, both! But for different reasons, though. I thought.

"He is such a nice guy, and I bet he is taking good care of you, right?"

I smiled, "Yes, mom. Seriously, everything is fine."

Mom groaned, "I could kill your father, this is entirely his fault! If he had kept the last set we would have been on schedule and I would have been able to visit you."

"Aw, mom, don't worry. I am FINE!"

"I just want to hug you, Teddy. You will always be my little boy, no matter how tall you get!"

I chuckled, "And you will always be my mom, no matter if I have to do some stuff on my own, because I know you care."

My mom sniffed on the other side of the line, "Oh Teddy… I can't bear to think that if it wasn't for Jacob and Carlisle…"

"Mom, STOP! Please, just stop torturing yourself; I have a good team of people here taking care of me, and another great team at the hospital making sure I have no problems, both physically and mentally."

She signed, "You were always far more mature for your age, but still, honey, I'm your mom! I should be there hugging you and making it all better!"

I chuckled again, missing my mom. "You'll be back soon, and then you can fuss about me all you want!"

Mom giggled, "I hope you are not pushing yourself too much, okay?"

"I promise, mom."

A timid knock on my door caught my attention. I looked up to see Carlisle standing just outside my open door.

I motioned for him with my free hand to come in, "Hey, mom, Carlisle is here. Can I call-"

"Oh good! Put him on the phone!"

"Um… okay." I handed Carlisle the phone and he took it gladly.

They talk for a few more minutes, Carlisle confirming everything I'd already said, plus adding a few things about Sayuri and his new job.

Carlisle had gotten a teaching job at Cornell; he was a guest professor and taught third year med students. He was also an attending at the university's hospital, working in the ER.

"Of course, Elizabeth, no problem. I'll talk to you soon. Tell Ted I said 'hello'."

He disconnected the call and gave me back my phone.

Carlisle sat on the edge of the bed, next to my legs, "Your mom misses you a lot."

I shrugged, "There's nothing she can do without breaching her contract and getting sued. She already sent Aunt Tanya here, which is more than enough. Felix is here, he makes sure I eat healthy and takes me to school and then… there's you. You pretty much are my personal doctor, Carlisle."

He smiled and grabbed my hand, "I hope I'm more than just a doctor to you, Edward."

"I… Carlisle… You know how I feel."

Ever since Carlisle's confession, I'd been giving a lot of thought about my feeling towards him, and in the mean time we had reached a sort of impasse. Though, it didn't escape my notice how he always made time to talk to me every night after he got home from work, or the touches and kisses he gave me every now and then. He was respecting my boundaries and, at the same time, he was letting me know that he was ready to explore whatever it was that we discovered back in Tokyo under that sakura tree.

I knew that I was in love him; there was no doubt about that. I knew people would say that'd be impossible since I barely knew him, but I couldn't ignore what my heart was screaming at me every time he was close. The problem was the hurt he caused me. When he first rejected me and then ignored me, it fucking hurt so much. So, here I was… in love with a man that was a mystery to me and afraid to open myself up to him after everything that happened.

I was so freaking confused.

Carlisle squeezed my hand, "Hey… I do. I just… Hold on." He toed off his shoes and moved so we were sitting against the headboard, our shoulders touching and hands clasped together. "I miss you, Edward. I feel like we are so far away, and I know that it's my fault and I want to make it right, but I'm stucked, not knowing how you are gonna react."

"Carlisle, I-"

"Wait, let me say this." He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, "I know I hurt you, but you need to know that I was scared."

I shook my head, confused by what he was saying. "What were you scared of?"

He sighed and rested his head back against the headboard."I was scared of these feelings I have for you. It's been a long time since I felt like this and let's just say that the last time I did, that relationship ended badly. I was hurt and felt guilty after our fallout and I just focused more on my career." He turned his head to look at me, his eyes shining with an emotion I couldn't name. "I admit my moving to New York was to leave all those bad memories behind. I wanted to start over and I needed to get myself together, not only for me, but for Sayuri as well. She's my number one priority, Edward. Ever since I got the call from the lawyers telling me about the accident and how Sayuri lost both of her parents that night… I was devastated, but I had to focus on making it right for her, to give her the family my sister wanted for her. And then, I saw you…"

"More like I fell on you," I chuckled.

He laughed and shook his head, "No, I saw you… here in New York."

"What? When? How?"

Carlisle laughed harder at my bewildered expression and sat up, turning his body to face me fully. "I was scouting homes when I stopped at a deli to grab some lunch. It had been raining a little bit and the weather was kind of cold. I had just sat down to eat when I saw this beautiful young man with wild auburn hair and striking green eyes standing outside, lips pursed and completely focused in typing on his mobile."

I gaped at him, "You mean to tell me you saw me before we met in Tokyo?"

He nodded, "Yeah… You were wearing a brown leather jacket and then a pretty brunette came over and hugged you. I thought she was your girlfriend, so I just admired you from a distance while you two talked."

"That must've been Bella… Oh my God! Is that why you were cold towards her when you got here?"

He blushed and rubbed the back of his neck with his free hand, "Maybe."

"Aww… you were jealous!"

"Shut up."

I giggled, I couldn't help it. "I can't believe it! You were jealous of Bella… BELLA!"

"I wasn't even sure if you were gay! You could've been bisexual and two timing for all I knew!"

I laughed harder, "I can believe you! After we kissed and you felt what you did to me, you actually thought I could be with Bella?"

He pushed me down, making me laugh even harder. "I didn't know! Stop laughing!"

"Oh my God! I can't wait to tell Bells… In fact, I'll call her now!"

"Don't you dare!"

Before I could even dial the number, he launched himself at me. The phone fell and skittered across the floor. I didn't have time to react before he started tickling me. I threw my head back, laughing so hard. It was like his fingers were everywhere.

"Promise you won't tell her!"


I tried pushing him away, but he was so fucking strong. He grabbed both of my wrists in one hand and set them over my head while he continued tickling me with his other hand.

"O-okay! Hahaha… Uncle! Uncle!"

He stopped tickling me. "Promise!" he demanded

I was panting and a few chuckles escaped from me. "I promise to not tell her."

I could always type an email…

"You don't fool me, Mr. Masen. You won't mention this to her in any type of form of communication."

I thought for about a minute, but it seemed like it was a minute too long for Carlisle went back tickling me.


He stopped again and let go of my wrists.

It was in that moment that I noticed the position we were in.

Carlisle was hovering closely over me, his hands flat at each side of my head. The room suddenly felt warmer as I looked into Carlisle's eyes and then down to his lips. I couldn't help but to lick mine in want.

Carlisle's breath hitched and with the back of his fingers traced my cheekbones, down my jaw until he was cupping my face. His eyes were so intense and I felt my cheeks growing warm. I closed my eyes at the same time I felt his forehead touch mine.


Carlisle's hand slid through my hair until it cradled the back of my neck. We were so close, our chest almost touching. I gripped the front of his shirt, pulling him towards me without realizing what I was doing. I stopped thinking some minutes ago. I leaned my head back against his hand, opening my eyes looking up at his gorgeous face. My mind scrambled to say something, but it was like I'd lost the ability to speak.

We were inches apart and then he sighed, his warm breath on my face.

I felt dizzy.


"Kiss me," I asked in a whisper.

Carlisle opened his eyes and searched mine. I nodded, knowing somehow what he was asking. He slowly leaned down, his nose touching mine. I closed my eyes and lifted my face, feeling the faintest brush of our lips. I felt all the blood leave my brain and go south. His grip on the back of my neck tightened slightly. I couldn't escape, not that I would want to.

I pressed my lips gently to his, gripping his shirt tighter in my trembling fingers. He quickly responded, adding more pressure, moving his head slightly to the side. Tentatively, I traced the outline of your lips with the tip of my tongue and he moaned. My heart took off, beating faster than before. I felt him pulling me closer by his grip at the back of my neck at the same time I pulled him down to me by his shirt. His body felt so good against mine, we fit together perfectly. I gently sucked his bottom lip and nibbled it lightly, eliciting a deep groan from him.

I pulled back and looked up at Carlisle. His eyes were closed, his breathing was hard. I felt his restraint slipping. Mine was long gone. He whispered something under his breath, something I couldn't make out, then shook his head. His arm around my waist pulled me to him roughly, quickly. His mouth crushed mine, no longer gentle, no longer tentative. He tongue demanded entry and I happily granted it.

I moaned, feeling his tongue exploring inside my mouth. My hands gripping his hair, I didn't even remember how they got there. He ground his hips down against mine. I could feel his hardening length though his slacks. We both groaned at the contact and then all restraint went out the window. We started making out wildly and dry humping like there was no tomorrow. He grabbed one of my legs up and secured around his waist, opening me up to him.

I lifted my hips, grounding myself up to him, when suddenly a sharp pain shot through my other leg.

"Ow ow ow… SHIT!"

"What's wrong?"

I hissed as the pain on my knee intensified.

Carlisle quickly moved, dropping my leg back on the bed and checking my knee to see it I had done some damage. "Breathe, Edward. I think you only twisted it a bit."

"Fuck! It hurts."

"I know… just breathe for me, sweet boy."

I did as he asked, and after a couple of minutes I felt the pain retreating, leaving my knee throbbing a little.

"I'm so sorry, Edward," I heard Carlisle sighed. "I shouldn't have-"

"Don't you dare apologize for that kiss, Carlisle. That was the second best kiss ever."

He chuckled, "The second best?"

I smiled and opened my eyes. He was kneeling between my legs, his arms crossed over his chest.

I chuckled, "Yes, the first place goes to the one we had in Tokyo."

A wide grin spread across his face, making my breath hitch.

He leaned down on all fours and crawled up my body, then planted one last kiss on my lips, before rolling over and sitting at the edge of my bed. "In that case, I'm okay with it."

I chuckled and then groaned when the movements made my leg throb harder.

"Now that, I'm truly sorry. I should've been more careful with you."

I shook my head, "Hey, it's okay. Besides, it was kind of my fault. I had forgotten about it."

"Did you take something for the pain?"

"Yeah, two Ibuprofen after dinner."

"Well, if the pain gets too much, let me know. Okay?"

"Sure, sure."

Carlisle put his shoes back on, "Well, then… I'm gonna see if I have something stronger for you."

"I rather not take anything like that just yet."


"If I'm still I pain in the morning, I'll take the stronger pill, okay?"

"Okay." He stood up made his way the door,

"Hey! Don't I get a good night kiss?" I called back to him before he could leave.

Carlisle laughed and turned around. He gave me a quick peck on the lips.

"Good night, Carlisle."

"Sweet Dreams, my sakura boy."

I managed to get under the sheets without jostling my knee. I turn off the light from my lamp and slouched back against the pillows. I was so hard, the kiss had all wired up, but I was also very tired. I decided to just let it go and tried to find sleep, but my mind was all over the place. That had been the first time Carlisle and I really kissed since Tokyo, and like the last time, it was like a shock ran through me making me lose all self-control.

Would it always be like this?

God, I hoped so…

I was getting back to that place I started from where I was before my trip to Tokyo, though Carlisle's addition to my life was most welcome. He was letting those sharp edges be filed down, and I think that maybe I was, too. Maybe we'd both done some growing over our time together.

Two months ago I would have insisted I was fully formed; now it wasn't so hard to see that maybe I still got a ways to go.

I'm sorry for the long wait, rest assured that I have no plans of abandoning my boys, but I must take a break. My health took a turn for the worst back in January and I need time to recover, so with a heavy heart I will put all my stories ON HIATUS until I know I'm back to full health again. Thanks for understanding and hope you enjoy this chapter. I will continue writing, but my health will come first now. I also kinda want to build up the chapters and then post them all in a row until it's complete. I have this story mapped out until chapter 25 and I'm aiming for 30, plus an epilogue.

So, don't worry, I won't abandon my boys.

I promise.




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