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Pilgrim's POV

A new day.

It's a little cold.

I stretch on my bed.

I go to the kitchen.

My bowl is full.

I drink some water.

I look outside.

It's sunny today.

Where is my guy?

I want to go out.

I find him sitting near the window.

That's my spot.

I let him sit there.

I like him that much.

"Hey there, my furry friend."

I purr as I rub against his long legs.

"Would you like to go out today?"

I tell him yes.

He smiles, but it's not wide.

It's never wide.

It's been a long time since he gave me a wide smile.

We are at the park

It's really nice.

My guy seats under a tree.

He plays with me.

A few women stop to talk to him.

He doesn't like it when they touch him.

I play the mean cat.

The women leave.

I'm the good cat again.

"Thanks for that, my friend."

I sit next to my guy.

He pats me on the head

I eat the treat he gives me.

A ball bumps me in the head.

It didn't hurt.

A boy tells me he is sorry.

I tell him I'm okay.

The boy asks my guy about my eyes.

"He is special."

My guy rubs me behind my ear.

The boy leaves with the ball.

"Let's go home."

I jump into his arms.


My guy is shaking.

He always shakes at night.

I don't like it when he shakes.

His face gets wet

His eyes get swollen.

I lick his free hand.

The other one is holding his photo.

The one that left.

I never liked him.

He made my guy shake a lot.

"I miss you."

He always says that.

"I wish I could have saved you."

I don't like it when he says that.

My guy falls asleep on the couch.

I keep him company.

He needs a nice guy to keep him company.

I could help him.

I hate the case, but he says it's necessary.

"Sorry, buddy. It will only be for a few hours."

I don't fight him.

I know he cares for me.

He gives me one tiny white ball to eat.

It tastes horrible.

I fall sleep.

My guy puts me down on the floor.

There is a little girl in front of me.

She is pretty.

I like her.

She has my guy's eyes.


That's not my name.


My guy knows my name.

"Neee koooo"

Again, that's not my name, pretty girl.

My guy makes a happy sound with his throat.

I like that sound.



I sit.

This is going to be a long day.

The old people leave with the pretty girl.

I look at my guy.

He is sad again.

I tell him to go out.

"Let's go to the garden."

I sigh.

My guy is sleeping under the pink tree.

He needs company.

I walk around looking.

I sit just outside the garden.

I see a boy from where I'm sitting.

I understand what he's saying.

He's angry.

He isn't dangerous.

I like this boy.

He's better than him.

The boy holds me.

His eyes are green.

I like green.

"Are you a traveller too?"

Why is he talking to me?

Doesn't he know I'm a cat?

I purr when he scratches my favourite spot.

I want the green-eyed boy to meet my guy.

I show him the way.

The boy can't see my guy.

He is standing too far.

I climb the pink tree to show him.

I get stuck.

The boy climbs the tree too.

Why is the boy doing that?

My guy is not up here!

You're supposed to meet my guy!

Get down!

My guy is on the other side of the tree.

I jump to show the boy.

I wake my guy up.

The boy yells and falls.

My guy helps him.

They hold hands.

I lay under the pink tree.

I see them talking.

My guy is smiling.

It's a wide smile.

I knew the boy could make my guy smile like that.

My guy makes that happy sound with his throat.

The boy smiles too.

My guy likes the boy.

My guy kisses the boy.

My job is done.


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