The crowded pub provided for a place to go to escape the thunderstorm that had just sprung up. People were rushing in; all with hoods and shirts or anything else they could get their hands on drawn over their heads in a useless attempt to shield themselves from the pounding rain.

Four girls came bursting through the doors, laughing and out of breathe from the sprint they had just accomplished in high heels. They paused a few steps away from the door, dropping their hoods and fixing any fly aways in their hair and checking each other's make up.

After they became pleased with their presentation, the four picked out a table in the back of the pub, as far away from the action as possible. "So Em, when is Maya getting here?" Hanna asked her friend, a suggestive tone hidden in her words.

"I haven't told her to meet us here yet," Emily smiled, the color rising in her cheeks as she spoke of her girlfriend. "There," she said setting her phone on the table after sending the necessary information.

"I still can't believe you haven't introduced us to her yet Em, geez," Spencer giggled.

"I'm sorry guys!" Emily apologize, "this is as new to me as it is to you guys." She paused, "just…please don't scare her off," Emily's gaze shifted to each of her friends.

"Don't worry," Spencer smiled, placing her hand on Emily's.

"Uh, I don't know about you guys, but I was actually planning on dancing on the tables tonight," Aria put in, trying her best to cover her smile.

"Me too!" Hanna agreed, "Yeah Em, if I can't do what I planned tonight she's already getting a write off in my book," she grinned cheekily, indicating her joke, however, Emily's expression still turned grave.

"Emily, calm down," Aria offered," we're only kidding. If you like her, then we do too."

"Thanks guys," Emily let the smile come back to her features. Just as she finished her sentence, however, a giant bolt of lightning hit, making the dimly lit pub light up like a Christmas tree, and each of the girls to jump.

Out of nowhere, the chorus of the Justin Bieber song, "U Smile" began to play, severely contrasting with the oldies song that was currently playing over the pub's speaker system. All eyes from around the table were instantly on Hanna.

"Oh please," she rolled her eyes, smiling. She reached over to her bag and pulled her phone out, "It's just Caleb checking on me, making sure I'm okay."

"Awww," Aria and Emily chorused simultaneously.

"He wants to know if he can come see me, to make sure I'm okay," Hanna read the text she received, and then shifted her gaze to Emily.

"Go ahead," Emily agreed almost too enthusiastically and when her friends looked at her she explained, "It will take some of the attention off me and Maya, because no matter how much you deny it, I know you guys would be all gushy over us." To reply to her comment the three others merely nodded in agreement.

Hanna texted Caleb her location and set her phone back on the table. "I can't believe school starts in a week," she rolled her eyes exasperated.

"I know," Aria said, "I heard the new English teacher is really hot though," she stated, her tone a tiny bit suggestive.

"Aria!' Emily gasped, "You're not thinking of hitting on the teacher are you," she looked at her friend with a look of fake shock on her face.

"Psh, of course not," Aria giggled at her attempt at sounding guilty.

"I still don't get what's wrong with school?" Spencer asked innocently.

"Uhm, aside from being a complete waste of 6 hours of our lives every week day, everything," Hanna stated bluntly. "But we all know how you Hastings feel about school," she looked at her friend knowingly.

"Ok, it's not my fault my family is—"Spencer's voice trailed off as she glanced toward the door. She stood up slowly and as soon as she was on her feet she next to ran to entranceway.

Her friends all spun in their chairs just in time to see Spencer throw her arms around someone's neck and pull them into a passionate kiss. The PDA earned a couple jealous looks from various people who had come to the pub alone, in hopes of finding their soul mate.

After detaching their lips, Spencer grabbed onto her boyfriend's hand and led him to the table. "Hey guys, look who's here!" she smiled all too enthusiastically.

"Hi Toby," Aria smiled and gave him a friendly wave.

"Why don't you join us?" Emily offered, but Toby quickly shook his head.

"I don't want to interrupt your girls' night out," he explained, obviously not wanting to sit through gossip hour with a bunch of teenage girls.

"Oh, it's not a problem," Emily insisted, "Plus, Caleb and Maya are coming anyway."

"And it will be more distraction for us so we can't be all 'gushy' over you and Maya," Spencer smirked, using her hands to do air quotes around 'gushy'.

"Exactly," Emily confirmed and all the girls giggled as Toby sat there with a confused look on his face.