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"Hanna what are you doing?" Aria demanded.

"What am I doing?" Aria's best friend smirked. "I think the question is, what are you doing?" she questioned, putting and excess of emphasis on 'you'.

"What do you mean?"

"What I mean is, I leave the table for a minute to go to the bathroom and the hot guy you were sitting with comes out, telling me there's someone else in there. So you know me, I don't like to ruin anyone's fun, so I patiently wait it out, and then guess who I see come out of the bathroom," Hanna didn't finish, she didn't have to, Aria knew exactly what she was implying.

"Hanna! We didn't do anything," Aria's statement warranted a look from her friend, "We just made out a little, but that's it!"

"Aria, I bet you don't even know the guy's name."

"Yes I do! Its…" her voice trailed off when she came to the realization that Hanna was right. Aria had no clue what this man's name was. "Ok, maybe I don't, but I really like this guy Han. He's sweet and funny and he likes all of the same things I do."

Hanna sighed and looked at her friend, "Look, I'm not out to ruin your fun, I just want to make sure you don't get hurt."

"I'm fine Han," Aria placed her hand on her friend's shoulder, "promise." She smiled reassuringly.

"We're leaving in fifteen minutes, so make sure you get any last minute fun in while you can," Hanna gave Aria a suggestive smile before disappearing into the bathroom.

Aria rolled her eyes and giggled at her friend's protectiveness. She turned around and made her way to the table.

"All set?" he smiled as she sat down in the seat next to him this time.

"Yep," she smiled back and she felt a shudder run through her body as he placed his hand on her leg, half way between her knee and her hip. "Is this a good book, I've always wanted to read it?" she asked picking up the novel on the table and examining the damage on it. "It looks like you've read it about a hundred times."

"Close," he grinned, "fantastic actually, one of my favorites. I'm going to have my class read it this year."

"I've heard that you either love this book or you hate it," Aria told him.

"I don't understand how anyone could possibly hate it," he told her, "That's why I want my class to read it, so I can show them how great the story actually is."

"Well, I don't think you'll have a problem convincing them," Aria smiled, her eyes sparkling, "you're very convincing."

"I try," he smirked and leaned toward her. She prepared herself for his kiss when her phone went off again, playing the same ringtone. Aria closed her eyes and silently cursed herself for not putting her phone on vibrate after the first time.

"Sorry," she apologized, then quickly dug through her bag then pulled her phone out. A new message from Hana, 'Let's go'. Aria turned and saw her friends standing in the doorway, each one holding hands with their respective partner and all staring at her. "I'm sorry, I have to leave."

He glanced toward the doorway and Hanna waved in his direction. He offered her a polite smile, and then turned back to Aria. "Well, listen, if you were serious about wanting to read it, why don't you take this." He took her hand and placed the book in it.

"Oh, no, I can't take this from you," Aria insisted, trying to hand the book back, but he refused.

"No, I want you to read it," he smiled at her.

"But then how will you get it back?"

"How about you call me when you've finished it, maybe we could go out for coffee and talk."

Her eyes flashed up to look into his, "Yeah," a smiled spread across her face, highlighting her features. "I'd like that."

"Great," he smiled and handed her his phone, and she gave him hers.

When they had given each other's phones back, Aria stood up to put her coat on, but the man immediately leapt out of his seat and held up the collar to help her put it on. Aria blushed, but accepted his gentleman-like offer. "Thanks –"

"Ezra," he filled in for her.

"Ezra." The name fell from her mouth smoothly and easily, as if it was made to be there.

"It was nice meeting you—"

"Aria," she reciprocated the favor for him.

"Aria," he finished as he looked into her eyes. "I'll see you soon," he told her then dipped down, and placed a soft kiss on her cheek.

As he pulled back Aria felt the corners of her mouth tug up higher, "Bye," she smiled at him then turned around to make her way through the mess of chairs and tables to the doorway.

"Ooo," Hanna cooed as the girls started to make their way out the door. Aria just smirked and rolled her eyes. Just as she was about to leave the building however, she looked back over her shoulder to see Ezra smiling at her.

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