Flying in the dark woods I noticed something catching my eye. Something red peering out from the gray dead branches of the forest. Not able to see clearly what it was, curious burning in me, I take a closer look seeing it looked like a round ruby that seamed to glow. Reaching out I tried grabbing it causing my arm to strain through the dead wood.

Struggling to reach the ruby through the tangle of branches it felt as though the branches were moving and taking shape of their own. branches that now looked like hands grabbed at me, pulling at all my limbs. fire ripped its way through me as pain shot through my back.

Lunging forward I finally take hold of the ruby, but also felt something prick my skin. I wince to the sting and rip away from the trees.

Dropping to the ground I roll away from the trees that are still clawing at me.

Pain scorched through my body like fire in the nightosphere. Almost like a fever i felt cold but so hot it hurt. my breathing kicked up to maximum over drive as though some one was giving me CPR.
But as fast as it came it was gone.


Now lying on the ground i pant with exposition and my heart pumping from the adrenalin of the sudden events. Slowly hovering having slight trouble and still lying down, I go up and up till I'm high in the safety of the sky from the woods below.

Siting up now i look to the new item that I obtained, now in my hands it took the shape of an apple.

'A ruby apple?' I thought, ' I am hungry now that I'm looking at it.'

Curious of the taste I take a bite of It and suck the color clean. My cheeks flushed from the tingling sensation I have never before felt in my mouth.

"Wow … that was …the best color red I have had." i said aloud to my self.

Feeling light headed, Cristal guards began to show up screaming from down below. "what have you done! You have eaten the forbidden fruit! Now you shall be cursed!"

"I'm already cursed. Hehehehahahaa."

'In a way'

Flying away my head began to spin a little. Leaving the Forest I notice prince Gumballs party had just ended and every one was leaving.

'I probably should have stayed longer, hehehe or maybe I should drop in for a scare right now.'

Flying down to prince gumballs room my head suddenly grew heavy as I came down and had to make an emergency crash landing in prince gumballs room.

'What? The ground is soft?'

"What are you doing in my room, Marshall Lee?" is all i hear from underneath me. looking dow i see gumball. feeling to week and sick i give up my plans of scaring him.

"I came … to scare you but… I'm not…. feeling too good."

"You don't look so good your skin is … peachy." he said in a questionable tone.

"What?" confused to his description of my skin i panic.

Getting up slowly I go to the mirror. 'My skin! My teeth!' I tried to float but to no avail. they were all gone.

"No!" i couldn't believe it.

"Are you-?"

"human." is all i could say, my mouth now dry and tasteless.

Looking at gumball my eyes began to tear up, falling to the floor; streams began to fall from my now rosy cheeks. I covered my face with my hands and turned away from gumball. Feeling a pair of hands wrap around my waist and through my fleshy fingers I see two legs on either side of me.

Gumballs arms slid up to my chest and pushed me back into his own. Leaning in close I could feel his breath on my ear, sending chills up my spine as he drew closer.

He then whispered in to my ear sounding firm and almost amused by my condition, "So … you're no longer a vampire, now you're just a weak …human." At that my cheeks grew hot, as I tried to break away from his grip, quickly failing at it.

"You know…" his breath was warm, his voice raspy almost desperate for something. I closed my eyes and tried to focus on something else than his words, every bit of movement and word turned my body limp. I could feel my heart beat grow faster at every word he spoke. In all the spots he touched my skin would grow hot.

"You seem to be tiered, why don't we go snuggle in my bead?" he said in an all to nice voice.

'Wait? Did he say snuggle? I can't tell …my head… is so … dizzy.'

"w-what did ... say?"

gumball leaned down and licked my neck causing a sound of pleasure to escape my mouth. Instantly I cover my mouth as my face blushed furiously.

Gumball grabs my hands rolls over on top of my back and pins my hands above me. "Ah! G-gumball?" I froze at the feel of gumballs hard membrane rub against me from behind I knew what it meant.

"Gumball what are you-Ahh!"

Gumball groped my shaft, I tried to pull away but could only push deeper into gumballs front. Caught between his hand and his hard stick I started to grow an erection.

'Head …it…getting… fuzzy… can't…think…straight.' I tried to think to my self but i was un-able to even understand or proses the thoughts.

Gumball thin moved his hand inside my boxers and a wave of heat shot thru my body.

"G-gum…ball pleas... nyah ... no more … too much ... for me… Ah!"

"Too much? But we just started Marshall Lee."

I could hear his smile in his voice as he fondled me. I could feel it building up the sweet liquid from inside.

Gumball kissed, bit, licked, groped, rubbed and grinded me to the point that I was about to explode.

"G-gumball…stop … I'm going to …Haa-ahh Nnn!"

Gumball took his hand out covered in my seed. He lets go of my hands and turns me back over to face him. Gumball was straddling me siting up he licked my cum and smiled.

"I will end hear for today but next time you'll need to be prepared for my big surprise."

'Big surprise?'

Gumball leaned down and kissed me gently on the lips.

I could feel my face flush.

"I love you Marshall Lee."

"….I ….l-love you too." I whispered low enough that he could only hear a slight murmur.

Gumball chuckled a little. I knew it my face was beat red. Gumball hugged me and said "don't be embarrassed in front of me that face just wants to make me eat you up."