Everyone must soon realize, death is only the next step in life.

...Chapter One: Reunion of Dragons

It was a hot day, night, afternoon, (take your pick), in hell. The former God King of Hueco Mundo trudged along the barren wasteland for the 14th day in a row now, Arrogante comfortably slung over his shoulder. He didn't remember his previous life, but he must have done something to deserve hell. "I wonder if anyone else is in this desolate place?" he thought to himself.


"Well well. It's about time something interesting popped up!" With that said, Barragan Louisenbarn sonidoed to the location of the monstrous roar. And what he saw was truly a sight to behold. Dozens upon dozens of Kushandana, all surrounding something, clawing, hitting, attacking from all sides, and in the middle, a very familiar spiritual pressure. Dark, like a harsh torrent, full of despair. "He-he-he-he… So, at last, a fellow dragon stands before me. I never thought you'd wind up in these dark depths, Ulquiorra! Hmmm… I wonder if I should lend you a hand, or can the Cuarta handle such mindless beasts?" The Segunda espada received an answer with a terrifying display of power. From the maelstrom of Hell Guardians, came a storm of dark-green spirit energy. "So, you're releasing, eh Ulquiorra? Within minutes, all the Kushandanas were cut to ribbons. Above the dissipating corpses, floating high upon dark wings, was Ulquiorra Cifer, the Cuarta espada. "Pathetic." Ulquiorra thought to himself. Is this all Hell has to offer? "Well, if you're looking for a stronger opponent, I'd be happy to reduce you to dust!" Ulquiorra noticed one of the few espada that out-ranked him. Barragan Louisenbarn, he who always believed that even while serving under Aizen, he was still the Lord of Hueco Mundo. But then again, Aizen was no longer his Lord, or anyone else's anymore. Ulquiorra landed next to his fellow resident of Hell. "Barragan… I'd never thought that you would be defeated in battle. It surely must have taken all the captains of the Soul Society to bring an espada of your caliber down."

Anger quickly filled Barragan. Remembering how he, the embodiment of time and death, had been taken down with his own power! "How I came to be here is none of your concern, child!" Ulquiorra realized Barragan's situation. "I see… so it was less than all the captains of the Soul Society, how unfortunate for the Segunda. But all that really matters is that we're here now. And, I doubt we can find a way out." "You unimaginative fool!" Barragan's uproar startled Ulquiorra. "Think! Think, boy, think! Think of all the dammed souls here in Hell! How many of our Hollow, and maybe even a few of our Arrancar brethren might be here in Hell with us?! They will need a savior! They will need a God! Let it be known that this hour, I Barragan Louisenbarn, God-King of Hueco Mundo, shall not be imprisoned in this prison of fire!" And you...Ulquiorra Cifer, I offer you this one chance to join me! Refuse, and I will leave you to rot, you rat with wings!" Ulquiorra pondered for a moment, a very brief moment "My, apologies, Lord Aizen, it seems as though I have found a new master." Ulquiorra, knowing how Barragan liked to be treated, kneeled before him in respect. "Master Barragan, I shall follow you from this moment forward. My sword is yours to command as you deem fit." Barragan touched Ulquiorra's shoulders with Arrogante's sharp edge, knighting him in a way. "Come then, let us see what lies on the road ahead of us. Let us see if this dreadful place has a way out.

"Lead on, Lord Barragan."

Ch.1 End.