Is it Over?

Disclaimer: I don't own any Sonic characters.

Author's note: This is my first story. I don't think it will be my best story ever, but I hope you enjoy it.

"Tails, please? You must shoot," a young Seedrian girl begged, her eyes closed as if she didn't want to see her friend, captain, and love.

"No Cosmo, I could never do that to you!" an orange fox screamed, tears streaming from his sky blue eyes, filled with pain. Their friends in the background, excluding Sonic, Shadow, Eggman, and the Chaotix were crying their eyes out

"Tails you have to!" Cosmo spoke more firmly this time." Trust me."

Tails closed his eyes, praying this was only a nightmare he could wake up out of. Even if Cosmo wasn't real when he did wake up, at least he didn't have to bear this overwhelming pain. "But-t-t C-C-Cosmo," the fox tried to reason with her, think of another way to win this battle, stuttering as he tried to hold back the tears that poured out uncontrollably. Finally giving in, he slowly lifted his heavy eyelids, revealing blue eyes unnaturally bright with sadness. "Alright Cosmo, I do. And good-bye!" Tails yowled the last words as he pressed the button that would fire the Sonic Power Cannon.

Tails screamed in horror as he woke up, glancing around frantically, trying to remember where he was. He was lying in his bed, out of breath, and trembling slightly. He was in a yellow-orange bedroom, his, with inventions lying everywhere; Tails never did a good job keeping his room organized. He never really had time to clean, nor did he always sleep in there. Sometimes he would fall asleep in his workshop. He was still shaking, so, to calm himself, he slowly looked around his room.

His window was closed, although the curtains were pulled back and the blinds were open, bathing the whole room in moonlight. Gazing at full moon in the starry sky now, after that horrifyingly familiar dream, reminded him of how he felt when he and Cosmo got caught in a trap set by Amy for Sonic.

That trap had been meant to send both Amy and Sonic into a lake, one he didn't remember now. That part was insignificant to his feelings while sitting with Cosmo, both of them staring at the moon in a sky the purest form of blue, the same shade as Cosmo's beautiful eyes. They had stood in the lake for a few moments, just enjoying each other's company, gazing at the moon in awe. It was then when Tails had realized his feelings for Cosmo. And ever since then, he had always felt this longing to be with her.

His nightmare, which had actually happened two months ago in real life, came rushing back into his mind and he shook his head, trying to forget these horrible memories, knowing he never would. Of course, the only horrible memories he had involving Cosmo was when he had to kill her with the Sonic Power Canon. And she had said she had always bothered him and the others, but mostly him.

There was light coming from somewhere outside his room, although very dim thanks to unchanged light bulb, and he figured he must have left the living room light on; he was so busy last night, and tired, that he probably went straight to bed. Great, there goes a lot of money toward the electricity bill.

When he tried to get up, his muscles, still stiff with remaining fear, didn't even budge. He sighed exasperatedly, forcing his arms and legs to move. After several seconds Tails was finally able to stand up and stretch, dragging his blankets with him. He grabbed them and threw them off of him. He did his best to make his bed, but it was difficult considering his entire body still felt clumsy and tired. After he finished he made his way toward his half-opened door. Tails nearly tripped on an invention sitting right in the middle of the floor.

This is ridiculous, Tails thought as he rolled his again, tails twitching in annoyance. After he picked himself up off the floor, Tails started picking up the various electronic devices one by one, and looked around the room, satisfied and sure that it was spotless.

"I guess I better put these in the workshop," Tails mumbled to himself. He then continued to make his way to the hallway, inventions in tow, shutting his maroon-colored door behind him, using his foot to pull the door with him since his hands were full.

Across the hall was the bathroom. The tiles on the floor had been scrubbed recently, and very carefully, and everything was in its proper place; the young fox didn't want any unexpected visitors to think his house was a mess. But his room was a different matter; none of his friends would snoop around his room without asking permission, and his door was always closed.

Even though it was only three in the morning, the faint light emanating from the lamp in the living room was enough to see the pictures that were hung in the hallway. They were pictures of him and his friends, including Cosmo.

One was a picture taken at that party Cosmo had prepared for them, as a way to thank them. It gave them an excuse to relax, as Sonic had put it, as farfetched as that sounds. Seriously, Sonic the Hedgehog, relaxing? Even more surprisingly, Sonic was actually relaxing, and stayed around to enjoy the party, as well as being tormented by Amy insisting it was a date. In the picture, Amy was holding on to Sonic's arm, with him looking slightly uncomfortable, a smile on his face nevertheless. The Chaotix stood in the back, their faces drawn on by Knuckles for revenge for what they did earlier to him. Chris and knuckles, having been in a conversation before the picture was taken, stood next to each other, a glass of punch in their hands, a sincere smile on Knuckles lips. That was about one of the few times Knuckles had actually smiled during that whole trip. Tails himself, was standing very close to a certain seedrian, her not minding whatsoever. Besides the transparent kiss they shared before she left him, that was the closest he had gotten to her.

That had been a fun party, for everybody.

Seeing the picture caused Tails to sigh sadly. He still remembered how happy everyone had been, knowing that they would eventually defeat the Metarex. They had beat them, but no one knew that the price would be Cosmo, sacrificing herself to save him and her friends. Wishing he could forget this awful memory, he casually strode in to the living room, shaking his head, a trace of regret in his light blue orbs. Like almost everywhere else in his house, it was clean and organized.

His stomach growled, a sign that told him he should eat since he's already awake. He shrugged and made his way to the kitchen. This part of the house wasn't exactly spotless; there were quite a few dishes that needed to be cleaned, a take-out bag from a Chinese restaurant stacked on top of a few pizza boxes, and trash piled up in the trash cans. Tails' nose recoiled up in disgust as a response to the horrid smell; he needed to take that out soon.

But for some reason, something gave Tails a bad feeling about the kitchen; it had almost as soon as he stepped in. He glanced cautiously around the sweet-scented room, and noticed nothing out of the ordinary. It was normal. Tails' head tilted to the side unconsciously, his confusion showing in his eyes.

Then he saw it. The lovely pink rose that had been only a seed when Sonic, Tails' best friend, gave it to him after Cosmo had died. Staring at it now, the fox felt the tears, and misery, that he had tried to keep at bay for the last month, flow freely. The fox dropped to the ground, collapsing and landing on his knees, head down, and all his inventions spread on the floor after he dropped them. H didn't seem to notice them as cracked sobs wracked his frame, tears pouring out hysterically, showing no signs of stopping any time soon.