Is It Over?

1) I'd just like to say thanks for reading this far, and waiting for, like, five months. But, you know, everyone has more than one hobby. But, yeah, thanks for reading, reviewing, alerting, and/or faving. My reviewers are definitely the reason I kept on writing, so special thanks to them, especially sagapaga, for she was my first reviewer ever, and she motivated me to continue when I was stuck on Chapter 2, and also the people who reviewed more than once. So there you go.

2) Next Stories: Two Sonic Game adaptions (Hint: They're two stories that hardly anyone has done, or the adaptions that people have written aren't good, or some people haven't finished them). Now, if I see that no one wants to read it, I will probably delete it. Just giving anyone reading this a fair warning in case they give it a chance.

After those two stories, I will probably write my story over my fan character in the Warrior series. But mine will be different from other fan characters, as she will have quite a big backstory.

3) Possible Stories: Something to do with Teen Titans and Sonic. In their respective stories, I don't like crossovers. Oh, and something to do with the Olympic Games, as in the Mario and Sonic series. And that's about it. I'll probably come up with more ideas as time goes on.

4) One-shots: I will write one-shots in between of multiple-chapter stories, to keep my readers entertained. They will be over various series, once I come up with ideas for the one-shots.

EDIT:5) But before I even start any of those, I'm going to edit this story all the way from the first chapter to the epilogue, and add things I may have missed. It goes the same for all my one-shots, so if you reread any chapters and you notice slight differences, that's why.

P.S. My best friend says hi to all of you in the U.K.!