Is it Over?

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§ Sonic §

A few seconds later, Sonic reached his destination. He was standing right outside Tails' workshop door, thinking that the fox might be working on his inventions there. He hoped that Tails has been really busy in there, because no one has seen him for a week now, and Sonic didn't want to start believing that the worst has happened. After all, he had just gotten over Cosmo's death. Who knows what could've happened since then?

"Tails, it's me Sonic," the hedgehog called, rubbing his quills uncomfortably. Nothing happened whatsoever. There was certainly no sound of a fox scrambling out from under an invention, no sound of two tails swishing on the floor as he raced over to see who was at the door.

Sighing, Sonic knocked on the door loudly, hoping Tails would say 'Come in' at any second. He waited, crossing his arms and irritably tapping his foot on the ground for several long moments that seemed like years to the impatient hedgehog. Sonic rolled his eyes, though he was still concerned about the fox's mental stability. And Cosmo's death just shook him up so much, switching and rearranging his behavior around. When Tails was still moping, he was almost as insane as Eggman sounded whenever the evil scientist laughed.

You just couldn't trust that fox when he was mourning. It's a good thing Eggman didn't attack straight after the whole Metarex saga ended, or they would've been in trouble, for they might have needed Tails' and his flying expertise.

Sonic's gaze rested on the ground as he waited, nonchalantly inspecting his shoes as the gold buckles on the outsides gleamed in the early afternoon sun.

After a few more seconds passed, he sighed, turning the doorknob and opening the door, pouring sunlight into the dark room.

"Tails, are you here?" Sonic called to his friend. While looking for Tails, Sonic saw the X-Cyclone, looking relatively shiny, as if Tails had polished it recently. There were about ten different and unique parts placed on the workbench next to the plane. Sonic recognized a few of them, thanks to his experience of piloting and helping Tails with his inventions. After all, after Tails and Eggman, he was the most mechanically oriented.

Sonic felt a smile pop up on his face as he glanced at the X-Cyclone. Tails must have been tinkering with his plane, he realized, grateful that Tails still loved to work on his inventions. Then Sonic took a quick look around the room, his eyes narrowed dubiously.

But if he's not here, then where is he? Sonic didn't know the answer. He took one last regretful look around the workshop, turned around, and ran off in pursuit of his friend. But he stopped a millisecond later, somehow able to halt right in front of Tails' house, just in front of the door.

And that was the next place he looked, which was only about twenty steps to the right; Sonic just didn't feel like walking. But then again, when does he ever?

Though Sonic didn't know where else Tails could be, he guessed the two-tailed would be resting or other, since he obviously wasn't flying the X-Cyclone. Unless he went to Sienna City for groceries or something.

Certainly haven't been here lately, Sonic reflected as he gazed curiously at Tails' house, feeling faint pangs of homesickness burn in his heart. He's never had a real home. But that was something he was fine with. After all, the world was his home, and he was honored to be able to travel around it whenever he wanted to. But sometimes you miss home.

He didn't have a house, he never really needed one, and because of that, Tails had told him if he needed a bed to sleep in, he could use the one in the guest room for the times he wanted to. And he didn't mind when Sonic slept on the roof, which was what Sonic preferred when he didn't sleep in Mother Nature's territory. But sleeping on the roof doesn't really harm anything.

Not even bothering to knock this time, Sonic just opened the door and casually strolled in; Tails wouldn't mind anyway. "Tails?" he called as he walked in."You here?"

No answer. Great, just great.

Sonic shook his head worriedly, but stopped when he spotted a small fox sitting on the couch, staring at a flower on his glass coffee table. Sonic's heart sunk; he knew very well what that flower was.

"Tails, what are you doing?" the hedgehog asked curiously, his voice carefully neutral. Sonic knew the flower was once the seed he gave Tails earlier, and ever since Tails had begun nurturing it, it had bloomed into a beautiful rose. Whether or not it was Cosmo, Tails' crush, or her child was questionable.

Tails had actually asked him what he had thought when he had temporarily calmed down, and Sonic had given him his most honest answer: I don't know. Tails hadn't been too satisfied with that answer, but it was honest-to-goodness truth. Sonic just didn't know. Who did?

"What are you doing here Sonic?" Tails turned to look at him with a dull, lifeless glint in his eyes mixed in with a sadness Sonic couldn't imagine. It was almost as if Cosmo's death had caused Tails so much pain that he became a shell of what he formerly was.

"Well," the blue hedgehog began awkwardly, "Eggman's up to his old tricks again, and I thought you might like to come with me to stop him. He . . ." Sonic would've showed Tails the letter (Yeah, he's still holding it), but he trailed off when he saw the weariness in Tails' eyes turn into the unmistakable gleam of anger. Sonic stared back at him confusedly. What did I say that was so wrong?

"How can you even think of stopping Eggman at a time like this, while Cosmo's dead?" Tails screamed. Sudden understanding swept over him, like a wave pulling down a hedgehog that can't swim. It took all of Sonic's self-control to not sigh in exasperation and roll his eyes. So that's what this is about. Before he got too annoyed, Sonic mentally calmed himself down and thought out his next reply carefully. Although it was pretty difficult with Tails glaring at him like that.

"I know that, but there are still people, that are alive, that count on us to keep Eggman in his place. And we can't forget that," Sonic explained, making sure his voice was firm, but allowing a gentle tone at the same time. Of course his reasoning would've sounded sensible to anybody, but to Tails his words told a different story.

"So! Cosmo was once alive too, and did we save her? No, I killed her," Tails claimed, standing up. He started crying on his last words. True, Cosmo had been a friend to everybody, and her death had shaken them all, but Tails had been completely broken for a month after the incident. He had recovered shortly after that, but now it seemed as if he's going back to grieving.

"Tails, Cosmo knew what she was doing. She sacrificed herself willingly for us, and told you to shoot her! It's not your fault." Sonic desperately tried to keep his voice from rising; persuading Tails of something was difficult when the fox acted like this.

"It is my fault, and everyone knows it. Cosmo will never forgive me," Tails spoke in a quiet voice, cold as ice. He was still crying, but not as much as before, as if his eyes had grown used to punctuated sobbing. Tails looked away from him sharply, staring unblinkingly at the ground for about a minute.

Sonic stayed silent, allowing his friend to calm down, a sympathetic look in his eyes. No one as close to him as Cosmo was to Tails had died, so he didn't know exactly how he was feeling, and it wasn't really his place to judge him. After all, when Shadow had 'died' when they had used Chaos Control, Sonic had partially blamed himself, though he never said a word to anyone about, but he figured that those close to him knew something was up. But they knew better than to question him. Why not give Tails this space Sonic was allowed?

Sonic inwardly sighed as he already knew the answer: Tails had coped with this long enough. He needs help to really forgive himself. It wasn't his fault, and somehow, Sonic was going to make him see that.

As Sonic gained the confidence to speak up, Tails brought up his gaze from the carpeted floor to stare dead straight into Sonic's eyes.

Sonic couldn't recognize the fox standing there. The hedgehog felt like he was staring into the eyes of a stranger. He had never seen Tails' eyes so wild, so unfocused, as if he was staring straight through him, like he wasn't there. I shouldn't be surprised, Sonic thought to himself. If he's been mourning over Cosmo this entire week, Tails is bound to be jumpy and irritable.

"Tails, it's not your fault!" Sonic once again attempted to get through to the fox, even though he hated to argue with Tails, but he had to convince the young fox that he had no choice but to shoot Cosmo.

"Well then whose fault is it? Shadow's? Eggman's? The Metarexs'? The battle wouldn't have even started if they hadn't tried to take over the galaxy! And Eggman teamed up with them! And Shadow attempted killing Cosmo himself because she was a spy, but she still didn't deserve it! The Metarex forced her to!"

"I know Tails, it's no one's fault except for the Metarexs'. But we all knew Cosmo as well as you. And I know that she wouldn't want you to cry for her forever. I know she'd want you to live out your life and be happy. And move on."

§ Tails §

Tails again felt hatred in his heart, except this time it was directed at the blue hedgehog standing seven feet away, staring calmly at Tails.

"You wouldn't know that. Stop acting as if you do. No one knows what Cosmo wanted besides Cosmo, and she's dead, because you couldn't save her." Sonic looked completely bewildered by the accusation

"Tails, I know how you feel, but - " he started to protest, but Tails wouldn't let the hedgehog finish.

"You don't know how I feel. You haven't lost the one you love! Amy's still here; she's not dead, unlike Cosmo!"

"Tails, I don't love Amy!" Sonic objected, dropping the letter in surprise. Tails rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, right. Sonic, I know you love Amy and she loves you. You both have each other. But who do I have?! Oh yeah, no one!" Sonic was speechless at this point, shocked at Tails' outburst. "You don't understand me, you never did. You know what? Just get out," Tails uttered unemotionally, turning his back on his so-called best friend.

"Tails! I – " Sonic began, taking a step toward him, but was rudely interrupted. Again.

"Get out NOW!" Tails screeched in fury as he swerved around and grasped Sonic's shoulders and forced him backwards and out the door, Sonic too surprised to do anything, then shoved him down the few cement steps leading to the ground. Tails then slammed the door on Sonic and locked it.

§ Sonic §

Sonic , still on the ground after Tails had pushed him, stared at Tails' door, feeling hurt and confused. Sonic sighed dejectedly, and picked himself up from the ground. He dusted off his shoulders, wincing with slight pain. He stretched, making sure all of his arms and legs still functioned properly after, literally, getting thrown out of Tails' house. Taking his time, the hedgehog wondered what had caused Tails to act like that; the fox certainly had never spoken to Sonic like that, nor had he looked at the blue hedgehog with such hostility. Sonic understood that Tails loved Cosmo, but yet Sonic felt disappointed and anxious that he may have lost his friend's trust forever.

Sonic longed to return Tails back to his normal, perky self, but his instincts warned him that he had to stop Eggman as soon as possible; he couldn't hang around much longer. And, like always, he had to follow his instincts, no matter how much he didn't want to.

"I guess I'll sort out Tails after I stop Egg head and whatever idiotic plan for universal conquest he has now." Sonic silently cursed himself for talking to himself, especially since he didn't know why. He figured it was because Tails would typically be there for Sonic to talk to.

Before Sonic raced off towards Eggman's base, located on an island, as the directions say, he glanced back at the home that was slowly becoming Tails' private hideout.

"Oh Tails," Sonic muttered, then hit himself on the head for talking to himself once again. "I've always been much more of a thinker than a talker, so why am I starting now?!" Sonic mumbled before he realized he did it again. The hedgehog sighed, face-palming, and shook his head in frustration. Then he noticed something wet hit his fur. He looked up to see dark clouds reigning over the afternoon sky. He eyed the clouds wearily, knowing a storm would be upon them soon. They had already started pouring their load of rain onto the land below, giving plants and trees life, while soaking the hedgehog to the bone.

This is perfect weather for running in, Sonic contemplated sarcastically, narrowing his eyes in annoyance. Then at supersonic speeds, the blue hedgehog took off, dodging every obstacle in his way like a professional.

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