"But where is Adelaide?" Dorcas asked.

All of a sudden Timothy broke. He put his hand over his eyes and started to shake. Dorcas did not hesitate, "oh Timothy" she murmured softly. She rushed to his side and stood in front of him very close, blocking him out of Sidney's and Gabriel's view. "Timothy darling please look at me" she pleaded gently with him. He slowly lowered his hand from his eyes and stared back at her. Tears were racing down his cheeks and it broke Dorcas's heart to see it.

She cupped his face in her hands, placing her hands gently on his wet cheeks, his tears now running down over her hands. "It's going to be ok I promise, whatever has happened we are going to make it better, I am going to take you upstairs into my private quarters and we can talk and be alone together."

His chest was heaving heavily and she now moved her hands and laid them flat on his chest. "Does that sound good?" she asked him softly, he nodded slowly. She smiled tenderly and reassuringly and moved to the side of him, he was still crying and he placed his hand back over his eyes. She linked her arm through his and laid her other hand on his arm as well.

Watching them together Gabriel knew what he had to do. He didn't know what her relationship to this man was and it frightened him slightly but assuming this Adelaide was this man's wife, something bad had clearly happenned to her. Only one thing could make a man cry like that, and he knew exactly how it felt.

Exactly what it felt like to lose your wife.

He too had once stood in the middle of the street with his hand over his eyes, crying in front of Dorcas. In truth he had longed for Dorcas to come over to him, wrap him in her arms, let him cry on her shoulder and shield him in her embrace from their neighbour's watchful eyes. He therefore could understand exactly how this man was feeling and how much he needed Dorcas. He must let Dorcas go off with him and take him into her private quarters.

He would have to trust her. He did trust her.

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