Well, continuing on with my story of traitor, I wrote a sequel to it, this one is for azure blue espeon, darkangle1992, HeWhoCrys, Kye-kye cat, Ruon jian, Black cat angle, yugoma, Mwing, XDark FangsX, yenwi, and Richasa for being so encouraging before, so I'm going to try this again! You don't have to read the story Traitor, but the gist of it was Shuhei had turned traitor along with a few others to the soul society to help his childhood hero Kensei. Well, here's round two! I don't own anything by the way! By the way, there will be no fake deaths in this one, if any fake deaths disappointed anyone in the last one!

Lieutenant Shuhei Hisagi sighed, looking at the enormous pile of work he had to complete. Then his third seat came in and dropped off another stack. "Sorry sir, but this needs to be done by this evening for the monthly paper tomorrow." the third seat said leaving. Shuhei sighed then pulled the work to him. It was going to be a long night. He was a handsome young man, with black spikey hair and steel grey eyes. He had three scars that ran down the right side of his face and a blue-grey strip under his left eye, as well as a sixty-nine tattoo on his cheek. His uniform was lower cut without any sleeves and he had a chocker and two matching upper arm bands. He picked up his pen to edit when there was a knock at the door. Shuhei didn't bother moving as the person came in. It was Renji Abarai of the sixth squad. Renji had long crimson hair tied up and tattoos on his forehead, down his neck, and onto his chest. He smiled.

"Hey Shuhei!" he said. Shuhei still had yet to look up as he was doing his editing.

"Hi Renji, what do you want?" Shuhei asked flat out.

"Well, I was wondering if you wanted to come out drinking tonight. I'm going with Rangiku, Izuru, and Shunsui. Iba and Ikkaku said they'd probably be by too!" Renji said. Shuhei shock his head.

"I have to work Renji. Do you have any idea what that means?" Shuhei asked, knowing Renji is pretty lax in his job. Renji gave a grunt of displeasure at the comment.

"Well the invitation is still on the table. Rangiku would like to see you." Renji said as he left. Shuhei sighed. Everyone had fully adjusted to normal, or at least almost everyone. Shuhei still missed Kensei. He had been so happy spending time with his hero, but he didn't get that much time to talk, seeing as how they were on the run for their lives. He continued on through the editing and started on his paper work when there was another knock at the door.

"Renji, my answer is still no." Shuhei said, but when the door opened a different voice responded.

"So, what is it that your so hell bent against?" Kensei asked. Shuhei looked up, and he saw Kensei was in fact looking down at him. Kensei had white hair and piercings in his left ear an on his left eyebrow. He wore a purple tank top, cargo pants, boots, and had a combat knife in his belt. He smirked. "Well, you gonna answer me kid?" he asked.

"What are you doing here?" Shuhei asked. Kensei seemed to think about that for a second.

"The old man asked us to come, he said it was urgent. We're supposed to be at a Captain and Lieutenants meeting tomorrow morning. I really didn't have anywhere to go. The others are up at squad one's and Lisa went to seven." Kensei.

"And I'm here too!" said Mashiro. She jumped out from behind him, short lime green hair, hazel eyes, and a white jump suite. She carried her zanpakuto, unlike Kensei who always kept it in its shikai.

"Hi Miss Kuna!" said Shuhei but after a stern look from Kensei, changed it. "I mean Mashiro." he said. She beamed.

"You too little boy!" she said. Shuhei turned red at that, not liking being called a little boy, but then again, that is what he is to Mashiro. She's got a good number of years over him. He looked at her and tried not to laugh.

"So you're both staying here?" asked Shuhei, barely looking up from his work that he immersed himself in again.

"Yep! I hope that's not a problem, I mean we have nowhere else to go and…" she started, but Shuhei cut her off.

"You're both welcome to the Captain courters, they haven't been used since…anyway, it's all yours. If you'll excuse me I have work to finish." Shuhei said. Mashiro ran off with a smile, shouting in excitement. Kensei didn't move though. After a few seconds he moved forward to pick up some papers and go over Shuhei's work. Shuhei didn't say anything at first, but after a Kensei started doing some paperwork, he looked up. "You don't need to help me. I have it under control. If you want there are a few lieutenants that went out drinking, you can go join them." said Shuhei. Kensei laughed.

"So that's what you didn't want to go do huh, just don't work to late Shuhei, we have a meeting in the morning." he said as he left. Shuhei smiled.

The next morning Shuhei went to the Captains room to find that Kensei and Mashiro were gone. He looked at the clock and ran, realizing he was late. He must of slept a little to late! He ran as fast as he could, bursting into the meeting room, he was late and that wasn't going to suit well, especially when it's something that he has no clue about. Head Captain Yamamoto stood in the front with Sasakibe standing next to him. Along the sides was Captain Soi Fon, Lieutenant Omeada, Lieutenant Izuru Kira, Captain Retsu Unohana, Lieutenant Isane Kotetsu, Lieutenant Momo Hinamori, Captain Byakuya Kuchiki, Lieutenant Renji Abarai, Captain Sajin Komamura, Lieutenant Iba, Captain Shunsui Kyoraku, Lieutenant Nanao Ise, Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya, Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto, Captain Kenpachi Zaraki, Lieutenant Yachiru Kusajishi, Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Lieutenant Nemu, Captain Jushiro Ukitake, Shinji, Hiyori, Love, Rose, Kensei, Mashiro, Lisa, Hachi, Ichigo Kurosaki, Uryu Ishida, Chad, Orihime Inoue, Kisuke Urahara, Yoruichi, and Tessai. He was the last to come. Suddenly Hiyori lightly smacked him. Not as hard as she hits Shinji, but hard enough that he knew that he had disappointed her.

"Why are you so late dumbass! We were waiting for you!" she screamed.

"I was letting him sleep. He was up until three doing paperwork." Kensei growled.

"I see, Lieutenant Hisagi, Miss Hiyori, please tack your places. We have an emergency." Yamamoto said. Both hurry to follow. "We have a new enemy, one that we thought was taken care of, but it appears we were wrong. The soul society could not fight them alone, I brought you all here to ask for your help." Yamamoto said. The visoreds all looked at each other, and nodded as an agreement passed between them.

"Sorry old man, but we refuse." Shinji said.

Well, sorry about the wait. It's not a good first chapter, but I promise a better one next chance I get! Thanks for reading, and in case I forgot, I claim no rights, they all belong to someone else!