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Chapter 1

Loch Ness as you know the legend of the Loch Ness Monster Nessie was born then when it was spreaded out far and wide many people have came for pictures,videos,and proof.I may have never been to Loch Ness but,I have researched it by videos picture and known videos/pictures are fake including some of generations of nessie showing dead stone underwater life-size nessies.

I truly believe in the legendary cryptis day,in the Loch Ness waters Nessie nests some eggs that it layed over months waiting for them to hatch and grow into sea serpents and continue the Loch Ness Nessie world.

But sadly one hatched a month ago and was lost in the big waters and maybe was so sleepy it went to sleep while nesting her precious ,in a big cottage house filles with a animal hunters that hunts animals for a big leader was so cruel and heartless,he hunted Nessie for years but,fortunetly Nessie was never found by the army of hunters.

The army was furious and wanted to instead kill nessie time the army asked the leader said ''NO!''but finally the leader said ''Fine we can at least get other cryptises for the gold.''.So they used their leftover gold to buy military armed monster weapons and set off in their military submarine with underwater missiles.

~The next day~

Nessie woke up to find it's new-born babies hatched from the eggs which is now cracks of eggs on the place where her eggs were Nessie took one look at them she remembered about the other egg that hatched a month ago and knew that if it were alive he would be 20 feet long and a skilled fighter in case of danger.

Nessie knew that she must take care of her new babies and teach them about all her(Sorry if im wrong but i think Nessie's a girl because the name Nessie sounds like a girls name so instead of ''it'' ill say ''her'' for Nessie) knowledge as they grow the first thing she did with her babies was feed them and taught them how to swim with better stance and speed and she showed where to go and where not to go in the , the army was looking for Nessie while Nessie was with her babies(they were at least going for a week of finding Nessie).

Unfortunetly the next day when Nessie was training her babies the sub has reached Nessie with her babies!Nessie got the babies to hide while she holds them off long enough so they can be say and secure but,unfortunetly she would have to risk her life to save her battle with all their might with sea serpent vs military sub but, Nessie is seriously hurt with tons of missiles hit.

With just one more hit Nessie would die but, the leader shot the last missile then it went zooming as fast as possible!Then like a miracle the long lost baby who is now almost a teen somehow races across the water and with a mazing shot knocked the missile back toward the sub but,the leader escaped with a sharp dagger!

The leader shot the dagger towards Nessie but,with bigger power the teen shot the dagger away and knocked the leader up to the suface of the a tourist was at Loch Ness looking for Nessie and saw the leader he recognize his by his outfit he was an illegal animal hunter so the police took him to ,Nessie and the others grew died with her babies carring the traditon as the Loch Ness Monster.


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